NXT Review – 10/18/2017

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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector

Time for this weeks NXT and tonight we will see the Undisputed Era take on Sanity in a 6 man tag match. That along with a triple threat woman’s match for a spot in the fatal 4 Way women’s NXT championship match at TakeOver Huston should make this week amazing. Here we go.

TripleThreat Women’s Match for a Spot in the Fatal 4 Way Match at TakeOver Huston

Ember Moon  def  Sonya Deville & Ruby Riot

This match is the next match for a spot in the fatal 4 way women’s match at TakeOver Huston for the NXT women’s title. With all three women in the ring the match is underway. Right away the pin attempts start. Riot gets some kicks on Deville sending her to the floor. Now its Riot and Moon in the ring. These two women go at each other with gusto. Forearms and takedowns fill up the action until Deville comes back in the ring. With fists and kicks flying from all three women, the fight heats up. Riot gets sent back to the floor and Moon and Deville lock up. Riot comes back in and Deville throws both Moon and Riot around the ring a bit. Deville almost gets the pin on Moon but Riot saves it. Deville, with some devastating fists, puts Riot on her knees. On the floor, Deville attacks Moon but Moon comes back with a weird looking kick. Riot gets a dive taking both Moon and Deville to the metal ramp but she hurts her own ankle. Deville notice’s that Riot is hurt so she puts Riot in an ankle lock but Riot refuses to tap out. Moon climbs to the top buckle and hits Deville with an eclipse, sending her rolling to the floor so Moon goes at Riot, and pins her instead for the win. Moon is the third women in the fatal 4 way women’s title match at TakeOver Huston.

Aleister Black  def  Raul Mendoza

Black is back tonight and against Mendoza, this may be a quick match. Black is so devastating in the ring all the time. Before the match really gets moving along, we see Velveteen Dream up on the ring apron and he takes Black’s vest and puts it on. This distracts Black and Mendoza takes advantage of it as he attacks with some knees and a dive to the floor. Back in the ring, Mendoza goes for a pin but Black kicks out of it. Mendoza gets a springboard senton on Black but it only makes Black mad. He turns things around with some devastating kicks and a flip off of the second rope. Black then hits a Black Mass on Mendoza and he gets the win. Even with the Velveteen Dream’s distraction, Black still pulled off the win.

Next up we have an exclusive interview with NXT champion Drew McIntyre. He talks about how it feels to be champion and how hard it was to get there. He also says that the NXT was his end goal but now that he’s there, his next step could be anything. All of a sudden Selina Vega steps in and talks about how Andrade Cien Almas will be coming for the NXT title.


 Kassius Ohno  def  Cezar Bononi

I love seeing Ohno in the ring. Ohno has held 40 titles in the industry and I’m sure he’s looking for number 41. Bononi has been in the ring a few times lately and I know he’s hungry but Ohno is no slouch. The match starts and Bononi takes charge right away but Ohno will not give up. Bononi sends Ohno to the floor with a huge dropkick. Back in the ring, Ohno tries to come back and the crowd gets behind him. Just like Bononi sent Ohno to the outside, Ohno sends Bononi to the floor too. Back in the ring again, Ohno throws a rolling elbow to the back of Bononi’s head and lays him out. Ohno picks up yet another win.


6 Man Tag Team Match

Sanity (Killian Dain, Alexander Wolfe & Eric Young)(c) w/ Nikki Cross  vs  The Undisputed Era (Bobby Fish, Kyle O’Reilly & Adam Cole)

The new entrance for The Undisputed Era is pretty bad ass. The Era hits the ring and they are ready for a fight. Sanity comes out next and, like always, Nikki Cross comes out with them. Cole has only had one other match in NXT and he won that one (against Young). Tonight he doesn’t work alone. Fish and Wolfe start the match and Wolfe uses his size to his advantage. Fish goes for Wolfe’s legs but it only stuns him. O’Reilly tags in and with a body slam and some punches from Young, O’Reilly gets taken down. Dain comes in for a few but Young tags in again quickly. Fish and O’Reilly take Young down for a moment but he comes back with an attack on Cole. O’Reilly takes Young out with a huge roundhouse kick and puts him on the floor. Cole’s in now and he has Young in a bad spot. Young is the only man that Cole has faced in NXT so far and Cole won that match. The Undisputed Era tag in and out so smoothly that a fresh man is always in the ring. Young tries to get to his corner but is held back. One thing though, Young will not give into a pin attempt. A huge forearm from O’Reilly is missed on Young but Young still can’t get the tag. As Cole comes in, Young finally tags Dain in and the monster goes nuts in the ring. A few takedowns by Dain is followed up with him taking two men down with a Samoan drop, Fallaway slam combo. O’Reilly and Fish are out and Sanity stalks Cole on the outside, trapping him as he gets pulled back into the ring. As Sanity is ready to take out Cole, out of no where, the Authors of Pain’s music hits and the AOP head to the ring to take out Sanity. Its been two months since we’ve seen the AOP but as the Undisputed Era escape unhurt, Sanity doesn’t. The match is thrown out as AOP destroy Sanity in the ring. They want their NXT Tag Team Titles back and now everyone knows it.


This weeks episode was a good one, we had a few great matches and the AOP are finally back. We also know that Andrade Cien Almas wants a shot at the NXT Heavyweight Championship. Also next week we will get a battle royal involving the rest of the NXT women for the last spot in the fatal 4 Way at TakeOver Huston for the NXT women’s Championship. I can’t wait for the action next week.          Until Then!




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