Modern Vintage Wrestling Ep. 29 Review – 10/17/17

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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector

Time for this weeks Modern Vintage Wrestling episode. This week we will see the MVW Heavyweight Champion, Jason “The Gift” Kincaid, defend his title. We will also see Trevor Lee defend his CWF Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title this week. A show full of title bouts is about to begin. Let’s go!


Modern Vintage Wrestling Championship Title Match

Jason “The Gift” Kincaid (c)  def  Chip Day

This match is gonna be an amazing high flying match for sure. Both of these guys have the ability into bounce around the ring. Kincaid has been successful in defending his title every time he has gotten in the ring and I’m hoping that tonight will be the same. The match starts off with Kincaid getting some nice bounces off the top rope but Day comes back pretty quick. Using his yoga like spirit, Kincaid attacks Day with a nice slam on his head, standing him straight up in a stalled head stand. Slaps back and forth from both men fill the Sportatorium like loud gunshots. Day gets a submission on the champ but Kincaid reverses it and in 8 minutes and 30 seconds Kincaid retains his title. With that the MVW Championship open challenge continues. Next week John Skyler will try to win the title from the Gift.


CWF Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship Title Match

Trevor Lee (c)  def  Mecha Mercenary (Sandwich Squad)

Mercenary will fight without his Sandwich Squad partner Aaron Biggs tonight but the big man can definitely hold his own. Lee has such a long list of accomplishments but tonight he defends the big one. Slaps start right away and Lee mouths off to Mercenary but then gets later out. On the outside of the ring, Mercenary carries Lee like a ragdoll. Back in the ring Mercenary uses his weight to his advantage. Taking control by throwing the champion into the turnbuckles, Mercenary gets a leg up and looks like a monster over top of Lee. The crowd gets behind both men as they are both loved by the fans. Mercenary tries to it an elbow drop but Lee grabs his arm and puts it right into an arm bar. Escaping the hold, Mercenary hits another elbow but connects this time. Lee lays out on the mat and Mercenary heads up the turnbuckle but misses with yet another elbow drop as he took too much time. Lee, back on his feet, kicks the hell out of Mercenary. Lee fights to stay in the match but you can see that both men are pretty much tapped out. With a nice punt kick, Lee slows up the big man. It’s amazing how Mercenary throws a smaller man around the ring but he’s always slow to follow up with things. Coming back with a lot of power hits, Lee tries taking the big man down and amazingly hits him with a suplex. The crowd goes nuts over Lee getting the huge Mercenary over his head. Lee tries for a sleeper hold and it takes Mercenary to his knee’s. A huge choke slam almost wins it for Mercenary but the champ is resilient and he kicks out once again. Every pin attempt by Mercenary gets kicked out of by Lee at the last second. With one last burst of energy, Lee takes Mercenary down and gets the win and retains his title once again. After the match we see Abyss challenge Lee in a Monsters Ball match.


This weeks episode was great. With two title matches taking up the entire half hour, the action was incredible! Both Kincaid and Lee are tremendous champions and Day and Mercenary are amazing opponents. Next week we will see Kincaid take on John Skyler and sooner then later, Abyss is coming for Lee’s title.      Until Next Week!



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