Dragon Pro Wrestling Present’s The Long Winter

By Ciaran James @TheCiaranJames

Newport, Wales, 15/10/17

Brendan White def. Mark Andrews – (The winner becomes the final entrant in the Rumble match)

There was huge anticipation for this match, Mark Andrews is an established UK independent, former TNA and current WWE superstar, and Brendan White is currently building his reputation. This match didn’t disappoint, both went back and forth in a very competitive match. Mark used his speed and high-flying skills to deter his opponent; however, when Brendan caught Andrews the punishment was brutal. Brendan’s plethora of Suplexes and throws is amazing to see, what was unfortunately was the way in which he won. Mark withstood a lot of the hard-hitting offence and looked to turn the momentum, but Brendan in an act of desperation low-blowed the Welsh star and walked away victorious.


Sofia Ari & Sierra Loxton def. Jetta & Kaggy

The female division in Dragon Pro is booming and on Sunday the four ladies exhibited exactly what they can do. Sofia Ari continues to impress as she gains more experience in front of bigger crowds, Sierra Loxton looked comfortable in her home promotion and looked very good. Kaggy is name which I think will be making waves next year, between her character and ring skills she will go far, Jetta always impresses; she’s got the experience and the knowledge. This was a really good match, fast, fun and non-stop, the action came thick and fast before Sofia finished off the heels with her wonderful looking Moonsault.


Oliver Sudden def. Wild Boar

Wild Boar stepped from behind the desk to take on Oli Sudden in his biggest singles match to date, the match was passable, and Boar worked his style well and sold for Sudden. Oli who I recently interviewed for Kayfabe Today, comes across as a comedy character, however when going against a competitor like Boar the act soon diminishes. In a time where hard hitting matches are routinely seen, Oli’s act is refreshing, but against Wild Boar the more serious approach needs to be taken. A competitive match overall and a surprise victory for Oli seemed to please the audience.


Dragon Pro Tag Team Titles

The Brotherhood (Joe Mezinger & Elijah) © def. Beano & ‘Sparky’ AKA Charlie Sterling

Brendan against Mark was a hard act to follow, however these four men maybe just tipped it as the match of the night. The special appearance of Sterling added something a little extra nice, his character work and in ring work is flawless, the guy is money for which ever promotion uses him. Beano too continues to mature into a very good worker, his style in the ring, and interaction with the crowd has him earmarked to be a huge face in the future. The Brotherhood (without Nathan Bane) are amazing, Joe and Elijah have an unspoken language that enables them to flow so well and work like one person. The timing, offence, selling, teamwork from all four men but especially the champs was so slick, this stole the show. After many near falls and mistake by Sterling the champions retained in an excellent match.


Dragon Pro Rumble Championship Match – VACANT

(Prior to the match Dragon Pro stripped Danny Jones of the title)

Featuring a plethora of Dragon Pro trainees, Eddie Dennis, Mike Bird, Big Grizzly, Dean Winter, Split McPins, Matt Horgan, Edwin Ricci and many more the Rumble was a great main event. There were no rest periods and the action came thick and fast, everyone got a chance to shine and there was a surprise twist to end the evening. As bodies flew over the tope rope we all awaited the entrance of Brendan, as the numbers went down the odds stacked in his favour. Due to a double elimination the ring was empty when Brendan finally came out, he more or less crowned himself the winner before it was announced that Mark Andrews was in fact the final entrant. After a few minutes of action Mark managed to eliminate Brendan to become the Dragon Pro Champion!


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Once again Dragon Pro produced a great show, featuring current talent and the future stars of tomorrow the staff and wrestlers should feel very proud. Congrats to all. 

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