WWF In Your House 1: A Retrospect

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By Andy Williams @MrAWilliams89

In May of 1995, the WWF tried something different. Up until this point the WWF had only broadcasted 5 regular Pay Per Views a year. These included the Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, Summerslam, Survivor Series (known as the big 4) and two annual showings of the King Of The Ring. There were a few one off PPVs before, but In Your House would be different. It would be a series of PPVs much like NXT’s Takeover, and would consist of 16 monthly editions, before each PPV would get a permanent name.

In this series, I will look back through each event, report a little on each match and review each In Your House as a whole. It will be a large undertaking, but one I’ll certainly enjoy as I hope you enjoy reading about them.

So to begin,

May 1995, Syracuse, New York, It’s In Your House 1

Hakushi vs Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart.

The first match gets underway with a test of wrestling prowess, which Hakushi fails in against an opponent the calibre of The Hitman. Moments later with help from his manager Shinja, Hakushi has the upper hand and with use of his high flying abilities, stays on top of Bret, but not for long. After a huge suplex from inside of the ring to the outside and with a bit of luck, Bret is able to roll up Hakushi for the surprise win. Overall this was a good opening match for the event and one of the best matches on the card.

Match rating: 3.5/5

‘The Bad Guy’ Razor Ramon vs The IC Champion ‘Double J’ Jeff Jarret and The Roadie.

The match starts of with Razor getting the upperhand early on. Not long however until the nature of the handicap match rears it’s head and the numbers game begins. Every now and then, it would appear like Razor was gaining the advantage until the numbers game catches up and knocks him down again. It would continue like for the entirety of the match until Jarret attempts a figure four leg lock on Razor, only to get pushed in to Roadie (who we’d later know as the Road Dogg), and then get hit by Razor’s edge, giving the bad guy a win. It is post match that we get our first look at Juan Rivera as Savio Vega. Pretty basic handicap match, nothing out of the ordinary

Match rating: 2.5/5

Mabel vs Adam Bomb.

Bomb comes out with some high risk manoeuvers but pushed it one too far as Mabel catches him and hits a Front powerslam that Mark Henry would be proud of and gets the pin. Good showing from Adam bomb, albeit a very short one.

Match rating: 1.5/5

The Smoking Gunns vs Tag champions Owen Hart and Yokozuna

Billy and Bart Gunn really come out swinging in the early moments of this match up with military presses, Badass (Some fans will see the reference there) clotheslines and other high impact moves. Lots of comebacks and momentum shifts in this one. The fat lady was singing too early on this one for me as Yokozuna hit a leg drop on Bart Gunn on the outside of the ring and rolled him in the ring for Owen to secure the victory. Very good match but I would’ve loved it to last longer.

Match rating: 3/5

Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler vs Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart

It begins here with, if I’m honest, a beatdown for Lawler who was expecting an injured Hart due to a fiendish scheme hatched by Bret earlier in the night where he faked an ankle injury. The beatdown continued for a few minutes until Shinja arrived distracting Bret. During the distraction, the referee went over the top rope, getting his foot caught in the ropes. It was here that Hakushi appears and attacks Bret with the help of The King. A number of kamikaze headbutts later and this one was over with The King having the last laugh. A dramatic end to a dramatic match up

Match rating: 3/5

‘Big Daddy Cool’ Diesel vs Sycho Sid

The main event kick off in true giant versus giant fashion, big slams and hard hits. A good start from the two big men as we continue the back and forth action for a few minutes, eventually leading to Sycho Sid gaining control of the match. Sid stays in control for the majority of the match making good use of the camel clutch and finally hitting his powerbomb on Big Daddy Cool. Diesel rallies and hits his own powerbomb on Sycho and goes for the cover. The pin in interuptted by Tatanka, thus disqualifing Sid and giving the win to Diesel. Quiet a typical battle of the giants, a good match overall.

Match rating: 3.5/5

Not a bad Pay Per View at all. The matches weren’t groundbreaking, they weren’t bad either. The star of the show has to be Bret Hart for me, though he did get two matches so plenty of time to steal the show and Jerry Lawler was very entertaining throughout. The card itself was somewhat over shadowed by the significance of the first In Your House.

Overall event rating: 3/5

The next In Your House will be from Nashville, Tennessee.

If you have seen this event, let me know your thoughts and opinions and this groundbreaking event.

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