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By Nick Whitworth @pwpitstopnick

Well, well, well, here I am, posting my debut Rant with Kayfabe Today. After 6 articles on the Indy scene, I have inked up with the big dogs. A lot of pressure? Not for me and you will see why.

Quick little rant about who I am. My name is Nick Whitworth and I am married with 3 kids, 11 year old girl, 16 month old girl and a 3 month old boy. Yes, you did read that correctly. 2 kids, 13 months apart. So basically we are really smart to have them so close in age or really crazy…… I am from Halifax, Nova Scotia and a proud Canadian. I have been a huge wrestling fan since I was around 7 years old (I am 36 now) and am proud and excited to be writing about this business. Ok, enough about me, on to business it is.

The debut of The Rant Of The Day topics will be:

– Will Kenny Omega sign with WWE?

– WWE’s continued talent raids of Ring Of Honor

– What match needs to happen at Wrestlemania 34?

– The Shield reunited

1: In late 2016 the wrestling world was buzzing with excitement over the rumours of Kenny Omega being a surprise entrant in WWE’s 2017 Royal Rumble. A debut much like the former Bullet Club leader AJ Styles did earlier that year. The Cleaner himself posted on his social media pages that he chose not to re-sign with New Japan Pro Wrestling and wanted to see what else is out there for him. That is when the rumours began.

Now The Rumble has since came and went and Omega had indeed chosen to stay with NJPW. Disappointed fans? Yes, but I truly think it is now or never for Kenny to ink a deal with WWE and really show the world just how good this guy really is.

It of course wouldn’t be Omega’s first WWE run. In 2005 he was in WWE’s developmental territory called Deep South Wrestling. The run only lasted a year and he requested his release. Now of course, time has passed and Kenny has worked his tail off to become one of the hottest stars not signed to WWE.

Signing Omega would bring electricity to the company that they truly need. WWE had that with AJ Styles, now it is time to do it again. With a guy like The Cleaner, you need to bring him in and give him a mega push. Really make him the star he is because there is so much money to be made off of this guy, it is crazy. Give him the freedom to be exactly like how he is with New Japan and watch him perform match of the night day in and day out.

So, will we see WWE sign Kenny Omega? 100%. When? Real soon and I will be shocked if within the first 6 months of this run, he isn’t champion. WWE locker room…. you have just been put on notice that Omega is coming to “Clean” up the place.

2: Ring Of Honor has been around for 15+ years, really making a name for its self. ROH became the new ECW but with a heck of a lot more talent. Their roster continues to be stacked with the “who’s who” of today’s wrestling. They have secured television deals and go on tour quite frequent. Ring of Honor has become competition to WWE.

With the noise ROH has been creating, WWE has seemed to of taken notice. Every year they seem to sign a few ROH guys and always come out with new mega stars. Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Seth Rollins, Cesaro, Kassius Ohno…… See where I am going with this? Most of WWE’s recent stars have come through Ring of Honor. WWE must even have a deal with ROH because they show footage of their new star’s old stomping grounds.

Just within the past few months WWE has signed Bobby Fish, Kyle O’Reilly, Adam Cole, Lio Rush and Donovan Dijak. They signed Steve Corino as a trainer down at the performance centre and signed Nigel McGuiness as a commentator. Even Mike Bennett and wife Maria Kanellis came through ROH before their jump to Impact Wrestling (then to WWE). That is a lot of talent to loose in just a short period of time. Can ROH survive this?

ROH’s roster is still so deep in talent that these raids, while might sting, don’t cause too much damage. See, they always have stars lined up, ready to take that top spot and lead the company on their continued path of success. For WWE to do these raids, it shows just how good ROH is and shows just how nervous WWE is of them. Don’t worry Vinny Mac, unlike when WCW raided you guys, ROH continues to stand tall and go toe to toe with the biggest company of them all. ROH says “Just Bring It”.

3: With only about half way to go until Wrestlemania 34, WWE is busy putting together possible match ups and scenarios for the lustrous event. One match that needs to happen and needs to high up on the card is none other than AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura. This match needs to be for the WWE Title as well, to really make this match that much more important.

They did the little stare down at the Money in the Bank PPV which brought the crowd to their feet. That moment showed that this is what the fans want and what the fans need. WWE needs to take their time in setting up this match. Use little teases like the stare downs and awkward walk by’s, gaining the fans interest and building up that excitement. By Royal Rumble, really kick this thing into high gear and watch the reaction from the world at the fact this is going to happen.

Yes they have squared off before, but never inside a WWE ring. WWE should really highlight this by showing clips from NJPW and make this match happen. I am telling you right now… If done correctly, if allowed time to be themselves and really get the match into high gear, this match could become one of WWE’s greatest matches of all time. I am 100% serious.

By doing a slow build to this match, showing clips from their previous encounter, adding in the WWE Championship to the mix, the excitement for this match would be what has been lacking

From the past few Mania’s. This needs to happen. This needs to be done right. This will be Match of the Night, Match of the Year, and Match of the Decade…. Make this happen…

4: Over the past few months we have seen the possibility of a Shield reunion and that recently has come to light. Am I excited for this reunion? Yes I am… Let’s be honest here. The Shield were extremely hot and only together for a little over a year before having the rug pulled out from under them and having them go their separate ways. That split happened way too soon but left the door open for a reunion that the fans would embrace in a heartbeat.

The timing of getting the band back together comes at a time where WWE is heavily behind Roman Reigns and Reigns struggling to connect with the fans. If you recall, the fans loved Roman with the shield and would go bananas for him when he would show up. Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose are spinning their wheels growing stagnant in my eyes. So this is a win-win situation for all.

The reunion needs to not be short lived and really rally behind this group. All 3 are stars, should be showcased as stars and by having them together they are more powerful than on their own. WWE could even add a another star to the group like an NXT star looking to make a name for one’s self, just like Evolution did by pairing Triple H and Ric Flair with the young and green Batista and Randy Orton. It would give that star the instant spotlight to shine and also the chance to learn from 3 talented individuals.

This would give WWE what they are hoping for…. Roman Reigns and the fans connecting. The Shield bulldozed their way through anybody and everybody in their way and the fans believed what they say. Fans believed Reigns was a bad ass tough guy who could put a beat down on anyone at any time and they rallied behind him. By having the group back together it gives Roman a second chance at having fans believe he is WWE’s top guy. It’s not too late to make this happen; WWE just needs to make this reunion seem like a big deal and the fans will follow. Believe that.

Well folks that is it for the 1st but not last edition of The Rant of the Day. It will not take me as long as this one did largely due to a bug spread through the house like wildfire. Having infants sick…. Not fun. But, but that is behind me for now and you will see a new Rant real soon. Until then, make sure you support your local wrestling and its talent. You never know who could be the next to ink a scholarship to Full Sail University.


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