Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling Present: Global Wars 2017 Buffalo

By Luke Dorsch @Luke_Dorsch

Over the next few days, ROH and NJPW will be hitting the road for the annual Global Wars tour making stops in the following cities: Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Columbus, and Villa Park.  The first show was held on the 12th of October at Buffalo Riverworks in Buffalo, New York.

The night kicked off with a Women of Honor match:

Deonna Purrazzo defeated Sumie Sakai via submission with an armbar (cross arm breaker).  These two are featured prominently on WOH YouTube and ROH television.  After the WOH opener, the main card began and the crowd was ready.

Match 1

The Dawgs (Will Ferrara & Rhett “The Big Dawg” Titus) defeated Coast 2 Coast (LSG & Shaheem Ali) when Rhett pinned Ali.

-If you’ve not had the chance to check out Coast 2 Coast you’re missing out.  Although they’ve yet to win a match in ROH these two could very well be a true contender for the tag titles in the future.  Ali and LSG are a lot of fun to watch, they had a killer match on ROH TV not long ago against the Best Friends and dominated the bulk of the match.  They have a lot of great offense, hit some crazy spots, and have solid chain wrestling.  Ferrera recently turned on his longtime partner Cheeseburger becoming a heel and he himself has been looking good as of late.  Titus is still one of those guys ROH just doesn’t know what to do with, so hopefully, their tag team can get some steam and they stay together for a while.


Match 2

KUSHIDA defeated Adam “Hangman” Page via submission with the Hoverboard Lock (Kimura)

KUSHIDA recently dropped the TV title to Kenny King at the last PPV and the IWGP Jr title to Will Osprey at the last NJPW show.  Regardless if he wins or loses in my opinion KUSHIDA should be considered in the top 5 of the best wrestlers on the planet.  Hangman since he became part of the Bullet Club was sort of the odd man out, but since Adam Cole left ROH Hangman has stepped it up, and is being booked much stronger and his matches with Cole, and Frankie Kazarian as well as his appearances on “Being the Elite” have turned him into a favorite of the ROH audience.  He’s been given the chance to allow his personality to shine and his in ring work continues to impress everyone.


Match 3

Jay Lethal defeated “The Heavy Metal Rebel” Frankie Kazarian with the Lethal Injection.  

Another fantastic match better than it was expected to be.  The crowd was really into this match and both guys put in a lot of work.  Frankie has been busting his ass as of late to really show the crowd and probably the ROH booking staff that he’s still got it and is as good as ever.  Frankie was the very first PWG champion and has spent a lot of his career with his partner Christopher Daniels as The Addiction tag team.  He’s achieved success as a tag wrestler but never has gotten much of a push as singles guy.  Lethal is coming off of his lengthy feud with Silas Young and after he defeated Frankie he climbed the turnbuckles and made the belt around the waist gesture and yelled “next world champion”.  Since dropping the title to Adam Cole last year, Lethal hasn’t really been in the championship picture too much aside from the triple threat match w/ Cody and then champion Christopher Daniels at the War of the World’s PPV.

After the Lethal match, Silas Young came out and wanted to get a closer look at his upcoming opponent Minoru Suzuki and joined the commentary team.

Match 4

Suzuki-Gun (Minoru Suzuki and The Killer Elite Squad) defeated War Machine and Mark Briscoe

Harry Smith aka Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Lance Archer/Hoyt are the current IWGP Tag Team Champions facing G.O.D. and War Machine quite frequently in NJPW in triple threat matches, and of course the great Minoru Suzuki is the current NEVER Open-Weight Champion in New Japan.  Good match, Harry Smith is looking more and more like his father even wearing the jeans and boots his father wore during one of his final runs in WWE.  War Machine have been killing it everywhere they work but it seems as if they’re more over in Japan than in the states.  The finish comes when Rowe and Hanson hit duel suicide dives taking out the Killer Elite Squad leaving Mark and Suzuki in the ring alone.  After trading brutal stiff chops to one another, Suzuki is able to lock in the sleeper and hit the Gotch pile driver for the win.

After the match Bully Ray came to the ring and received a huge pop.  ECW chants were echoing thru the arena as Buffalo was one of the major cities of ECW back in the day.  He circled the ring and slapped hands with all the fans at ringside and made his way into the ring to speak from the heart.  “Thank You Bully” chants made it kind of emotional and he appreciated it.  Obviously, emotional it took him a moment to collect himself and he said that the ROH staff told him he didn’t need to be on the tour due to his legit injury he received at the last PPV but he wanted to make sure he came to Buffalo because as I mentioned ECW and The Dudley’s had a lot of history in the city.  He said he wasn’t sure if he would be in Buffalo again as a wrestler but was glad that he was in ROH and loves the interaction between ROH talent and their fans.  He also said that his wrestling career may be over and dropped to his knees and spread his arms as if he was embracing the crowd.  Once he left the ring he stood on the ramp and stared at the crowd, reminiscent of what Cena did at No Mercy.  


Match 5

Mandy Leon defeated Jenny Rose in another Women of Honor match


Match 6

Hiromu Takahashi defeated Christopher Daniels with “D” (triangle choke assisted by Darryl the cat)

Really fun and good match with a veteran like Daniels who can still move quite well with his younger counter part.  Enjoyable lighthearted sequences, and boy was the Timebomb over in ROH just like the rest of his LIJ counterparts.  After the match Daniels and Hiromu shook hands and embraced only for Hiromu to hit Daniels over the head with Darryl the cat….who coincidentally is just as over as Takahashi.


Match 7

ROH World Champion “The American Nightmare” Cody and “The Villain” Marty Scurll defeated Toru Yano and YOSHI-HASHI

This is pretty much exactly what you would expect.  Yano did his spots to the jubilation of the American audience, Cody and Marty worked a comedy style as they can do sometimes, YOSHI-HASHI and Marty had some great in-ring moments, Yano hits the Bullet Club with low blows, exposed the turnbuckles, manipulated the referee, and used quick roll ups to try to steal a win as he is prone to do.  After Cody is rammed into the exposed turnbuckle, Yano had him down for the count but Marty pulled the referee out of the ring which gave Cody a chance to hit a low blow of his own followed by Cross Rhodes for the Bullet Club to get the win.


Match 8

Punishment Martinez defeated IWGP Jr Heavyweight Champion Will Osprey

Really good match as you would expect from both of these gentlemen, lots of hard hitting and fast paced action.  For a big man, Martinez sure can move, and Osprey for being the smaller man, sure could eat some stiff forearms and chops.  Osprey always looks good in the ring, and all of his matches in every promotion he works has been stellar this year.  The match at Kings of Wrestling w/ KUSHIDA was fantastic, as well as the recent classic with Mike Bailey in WCPW.  While they’re doing the false finish sequences the crowd is chanting “this is awesome” which it was, but although Osprey showed tons of resiliency he succumbed to a giant choke slam and Punishment Martinez gets the win.  I don’t know when, but sometime in the future expect Martinez to be in WWE.  He could 100% be a better Baron Corbin than…Baron Corbin.


Match 9-Main Event

The Elite (IWGP US Champion Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks) defeated The Kingdom (Matt Taven, TK O’Ryan, Vinny Marseglia)

Before the match began and before anyone even approached the ring, the entire crowd was chanting “Be Elite, Be Be Elite”…perhaps these guys are a tad popular.  Matt Jackson before the match said that no longer would it be called “Freebird Rules” (which means any member of the faction can take part in and defend titles) it would be called “Elite Rules” and said that since the ROH Six Man Tag Titles belong to the Bullet Club, that any member of the Bullet Club can defend the titles.  Since the cease and desist bullshit from WWE The Bullet Club has had to switch up their gesture to a “One Sweet”…I’m dying a little inside.  This match was ridiculously good, and tons of fun.  As I state every time I review ROH, Matt Taven looks great out there, and him working with Kenny Omega further proves this.  They were going hold for hold at a very fast pace, Taven could easily keep up with the Best in the World and there was a great spot when Kenny tries to shake Taven’s hand, but Taven offers to give Kenny the “Too Sweet” and Kenny and the Bucks’ faces were hilarious for this.  The crowd started chanting “You Can’t Do That”.  This match had it all, tons of great highspots, hard hitting action, comedy, and the crowd was eating it up hand over fist.  If you’re familiar with some of Kenny and The Bucks’ “house show” matches where it’s more comedy than drama they do a two boot and four boot spot, well this time they did a record breaking  10 boot spot after the 2 and 4 failed, when Cody, Hangman, and Marty all come to the ring and get in the corner to put their boots up on the turnbuckle for the hilarious 10 boot spot….of course someone in the crowd started a Tye Dillinger “10” chant.  The Bullet Club was ejected from ringside and the match resumed.  After a referee bump they would return once again leading to the finish which was a three man Super Meltzer Driver on poor TK O’Ryan.  After the match the Bullet Club cut a promo which I believe is available on YouTube at the link below where they’re discussing WWE’s cease and desist order and the whole issue regarding Jimmy Jacobs.

Great show for ROH and NJPW the crowd was electric and it was the perfect way to kick off the Global Wars Tour.


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