GFW Impact Review: 10/12/2017

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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector

           This weeks episode of Impact is underway! With Bound for Glory around the corner, all the Impact stars are getting ready for their matches. Tonight we will see Johnny Impact take on Garza Jr. to find out who will face Eli Drake at Bound for Glory for his Global Championship. Also tonight Rosemary will be in action and their will be a mixed tag match. With everything else going on tonight, the show should be great! Let’s get going with the show.

     LAX comes to the ring to start off the show and Konan gets a mic and talks about O.V.E. and the tag team championship’s. Konan envokes LAX’s rematch clause at Bound for Glory. LAX calls out O.V.E. and the Christ brothers head to the ring. They grab some chairs as an insurance policy. The match at Bound for Glory is made a 5150 Street fight. Konan has a few words and then all hell breaks loose. LAX beatdown O.V.E. and they send Jake through a table on the outside. Impact invades Pro Wrestling NOAH and we see Eddie Edwards signing the contract to fight for his title. We then see the other Impact stars doing their press for the Impact invasion of NOAH. Next up is coverage of Moose and Lashley’s on going feud. We see everything that has happened between them over the past few weeks.

Rosemary  def  Hana Harper

Tonight Rosemary has herself a squash match. Harper has no idea what’s coming as right away Rosemary hits a red wedding and pins her in about one minute. Rosemary grabs a mic after the match and calls out Taya Valkyrie. Valkyrie comes to the ring to confront Rosemary. Rosemary goes for an attack and Valkyrie spits a red mist in her face then hits her with a road to Valhalla.

      Taryn Terrell comes to the ring and grabs a mic to talk about her title shot at Bound for Glory. She also talks shit about Gail Kim until Kim makes her way to the ring. Kim has a mic and she gets in Terrell’s face and then slaps her and gives her some stomps. Terrell runs away as quick as she can. Grado is walking through the parking lot as Joseph Park pulls up in a nice car with a bunch of girls. I think Grado has finally found out that he has been being used as Park’s meal ticket.

6 Person Mixed Tag Team Match

James Storm, Allie & Dezmond Xavier  def  Sienna (c) w/KM, Texano & Caleb Konley w/Trevor Lee (c)

What a mix of talent on both teams this match has. We have Storm up against Texano then there’s Allie against Sienna, those two have been at each other for a while, and finally we have Konley against Xavier. Xavier won the Super X Cup and I’m glad to see him get some ring and TV time. I know him and Konley will fly around the ring for sure. Allie and Sienna start the match and they fight for a moment but then Texano tags in and Storm follows. Texano runs away and Konley comes in instead. A lot of tagging in and out so far, everyone has been in the match except for Xavier. Of course Lee gets involved as he helps hold Storm in the corner so him team can do some damage. Texano and Storm battle in the ring for a bit. Storm has gotten the worst of things so far as he can’t seem to get out of the wrong corner. Xavier finally gets tagged in and he explodes right away. Konley and Xavier go at it until Sienna comes in then Allie then everyone is fighting all over the place. Xavier tries for a top rope move but again Lee gets involved. Storm gets a superkick on Konley and then pins him for the win.

       The Global Champion Eli Drake has some words about how he can be sent anywhere in the world and he will never loose his title. Eddie Edwards talks about his title win in NOAH and to be the first ever foreigner to hold the GHC championship. Garza Jr. talks about how being in Japan on NOAH will boost his career. He also wants to make his family proud. In ring clips of these matches are shown while everyone talks.

         Global Forged episode 5 is up and Jon Bolen is looked at. We see how he trains others in the ring and how himself tries to get other’s going. LAX is in their clubhouse, as usual, and they talk about what they did to O.V.E. at the beginning of the show. Moose goes back to the American Top Team’s gym but this time he has some back up, Stephen Bonner, UFC legend.

#1 Contendership for the Global Championship

Johnny Impact  def  Garza Jr.

Both of these men are fairly new in Impact but they are both hungry, for sure. Garza was in tag team competition when he arrived but all of a sudden he was thrown into the running for the Global Championship. Impact showed up and was kind of given a shot at the title. I guess if your a big name in the industry you can do that. The match starts and the action gets heavy right away. Move for move, both men know each other very well. Their feud started a few weeks back and ever since the two have been trying to take each other out. They both want a shot at Eli Drake’s Global Championship. It doesn’t take long for things to head to the floor. Garza slams Impact into the steel steps but Impact comes back with a flip over those steps. Again, Impact has commercial’s in their main event and I think that is stupid but what can you do. Back to the match, we have action back in the ring and Garza is in charge. Impact kicks out of every pin attempt by Garza but Garza keeps trying. The crowd gets behind Impact and that gives him a second wind and he goes at Garza. Drake is watching on from Japan as he wants to know who he will face at BFG. Impact misses with a starship pain but Garza can’t capitalize on it. The two struggle back and forth but Impact pulls it off and wins the match. He will face Eli Drake at Bound for Glory for the Global Championship. Jim Cornette comes to the ring to congradulate Impact but Chris Adonis comes in and hits Impact with a board across the forehead laying him out.

         Moose and Stephen Bonner go to American Top Teams gym and since no one is there, the two take all of their belts and they smash up the place with metal pipes. That will definitely cause some major problems.

      This week was a bit weird. With only three matches, and one was only a minute long, the show was very slow. I know BFG is all the talk but this weeks show was all talk. I hope next week things change. I’m sure it will be better.                  Until Next Week!


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