NXT Review: 10/11/2017

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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector

This weeks episode of NXT is gonna be a good one. Johnny Wrestling will get revenge on Andrade Cien Almas. Plus a triple threat for the next spot in the Fatal 4 Way for the NXT women’s title will happen tonight. Let’s see what happens.

Qualifying Triple Threat Match for a spot in the Women’s Fatal 4 Way Match at TakeOver Huston

Peyton Royce  def  Liv Morgan & Nikki Cross

This match is the triple threat match to determine the next women who will be in the Fatal 4 Way for the new NXT women’s Champion. Since Asuka hurt her shoulder and had to give up the title (she also moved on to RAW) NXT is left with a vacant title. Kairi Sane has already been given one of the Fatal 4 Way spots and tonight, I have a weird feeling that Royce may take the next. We will have to find out. Royce comes to the ring with Billie Kay first and awaits her opponents. Morgan hits the ring next and I know most people count her out but I would never do that because that chick is tough as nails. Cross comes out next and she hits the ring like a crazed banshee. The bell rings and the three circle each other for a moment. Some words back and forth turns into Royce being sent to the floor and Cross and Morgan to battle a bit in the ring. Royce is back in and her and Morgan go at it now. Royce puts Morgan in a rope submission until Cross puts Royce to the floor hard. Kay tries to get involved but Cross takes her out. Now in the ring, Cross is on top of things as she hits a hangman’s neck breaker on Morgan. Royce and Morgan head to the top turnbuckle and with Cross involved, we see a sunset flip, superplex, powerbomb and all three women are on the mat. All of a sudden the attention is moved to the entrance as Undisputed Era comes out with a women, Taynara Conti, and as Adam Cole hypes her up a bit, he sends her to the ring to go after Cross. She tries to go after Cross but gets taken out quick. Cross gets Morgan with a swinging neck breaker off the top rope but her pin attempt gets stopped by Conti. Cross chases her around and through the ring but Royce catches Cross with a back leg taking her down and she pins Cross with a fisherman’s suplex. Royce advances to the Fatal 4 Way match. I know the situation between Cross and Conti is just starting.

The Velveteen Dream  def  Lio Rush

Last week Rush debuted and was supposed to face Aleister Black but he got attacked by Dream from behind so that match didn’t happen. This week he gets a chance for revenge on his long time friend and used to be partner. Rush is amazing in the ring and I, for one, am so happy to see him in an NXT ring. I just hope that he gets used the right way. Dream has been making a name for himself since he arrived in NXT so I don’t know how this match will go. Right away Rush shows his super skills as he explodes with speed. Dream doesn’t take it lightly as he comes back with power moves. Rush hits an amazing DDT but can’t get the pin. Dream heads to the top rope and with a bounce he hits the purple rain maker and pins Rush for the win. Dream sits in the ring mocking Black as he’s ready for their match at TakeOver Huston.

Lars Sullivan  def  Danny Burch

Sullivan has been on a destructive path as of late and last week he tried to beat up Oney Lorcan but Lorcan’s enemy came to his aide. So this week Burch will step in the ring against the huge Sullivan. The bell rings and Burch gets right in Sullivan’s face. Sullivan only takes it for a second and then explodes with power sending Burch to the mat. Sullivan pounds away on the basically helpless Burch. Burch can not get his footing as he gets crushed in the corner and then hit with a suplex. With a second wind, Burch comes with some European uppercuts but Sullivan just gets mad and finishes the match with a spine buster and a pin. The undefeated Sullivan moves on with the wins.

Street Profits (Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins)  def  Damien Smith & Marcos Espada

The Profits are set up with yet another squash match tonight. Their opponents are just jobbers and I’ve never seen them before. Smith and Ford start the match and all Ford really does is show off for the crowd. Dawkins in now, he takes Espada down quick. Ford runs around the outside of the ring barking like a dog as Dawkins takes Espada down again then Ford hits a frog splash and the Street Profits are now 4 and 0. They head into the crowd with a mic after the match.

Andrade Cien Almas w/Selina Vega  def  Johnny Gargano

This is Gargano’s opportunity for revenge on Almas as he beat Gargano at TakeOver Brooklyn 3. Gargano has gotten such a following ever since he split from his ex DIY partner Tommaso Ciampa. When he returns there will be one hell of a fight but tonight Almas is Gargano’s focus. Both men are in the ring and the action begins. Vega looks on from the outside but she still has a huge say in what Almas does in the match. Things start a bit slow but with the lock ups, Gargano gets a leg up first. He keeps Almas on the mat at first but they get back up and the heavier moves start flowing. Gargano goes for a submission but Almas runs away to the floor to get away. The crowd chants for Johnny Wrestling as the two paint brush each other. The fight moves to the apron and Gargano takes the brunt of the punishment. Back in the ring, Almas gets an armbar on Gargano between the ropes. Almas shows a bit of cockiness and Vega gives him the stink eye from the outside. Fists back and forth keep the match moving until Gargano tries to go upstairs but Almas takes down Gargano with a flat liner instead. Almas ends up outside and Gargano hits him with a suicide dive. In the ring again, Almas has control as he tries for a tornado DDT but Gargano hits a slam instead. I know that Almas may think he’s gonna take this match but Johnny Wrestling will never give up easy at all. He always has fight in him. When it seems like someone is gonna take the match, the other comes back with something to counter. The two are exhausted and on the mat and with Gargano up first he heads to the top rope but stopped quick. With a lawn dart to the middle buckle and a crucifix bomb, Gargano almost gets Almas to tap from the Gargano escape but Vega takes off her jacket and with a #DIY shirt on, distracts Gargano but he still gets a back and forth pin attempt battle but Almas was just too much and he hits the double knee in the corner and then with a hammerlock DDT Almas got the pin. That’s two wins for Almas now but it’s not over, not by a long shot for sure.

This week’s show was a good one. The start of the show and the end of the show were better then a lot of the filler in the middle. Oil Rush finally got his in ring debut even though he get beat. The Undisputed Era showed their faces and introduced a female in their ranks (maybe). NXT is always my favorite WWE show every week and I can’t wait until next week.      Until Then!

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