Modern Vintage Wrestling : Ep 28 – 10/10/2017

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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector

Its Modern Vintage Wrestling time and this week we have the Master of the Ring finals. Its a Fatal 4 Way Elimination match to determine who will be the first ever Master of the Ring. Let’s see what happened.


This weeks show shows us the four matches that led up to tonight’s Fatal 4 Way. Those matches were C.W. Anderson versus Mecha Mercenary and Anderson won the match to advance. Next it was a triple threat between Chet Sterling and Alex Daniels but before the match John Skyler put himself into the mix which made the match a triple threat. Chet Sterling over came the odds and won the match anyway so he moved on. The third match was Aaron Biggs against one half of the MVW tag team champions Dave Dawson, Biggs won the match and moved on. The final match was between the other MVW tag team champion Zane Dawson and the MVW Heavyweight Champion Jason “The Gift” Kincaid. Kincaid could not pull this match off and with his first ever Modern Vintage Wrestling loss, Kincaid was beat by Zane Dawson and Dawson advanced as the fourth and final participant in tonight’s Fatal 4 Way main event.


Master of the Ring Fatal 4 Way Elimination Finals Match

Chet Sterling  def  C.W. Anderson, Aaron Biggs & Zane Dawson

The time has finally come for Modern Vintage Wrestling’s first ever Master of the Ring Tournament finals. This, the final match, is a Fatal 4 Way Elimination and in my opinion all four men participating have one hell of a skill set and a chance to win this thing. For the past two weeks we have seen nine men wrestle for a spot tonight and with Biggs, Sterling, Dawson and Anderson, this is gonna be one hell of a fight. Its our only match on this episode so with that its our main event and it will take up 20 of the 30 minute episode. I’m excited for this one, ever since the tournament started. If you are a MVW fan I can’t see how you wouldn’t be. All four men have come to the ring and the action is about to start. Before the match starts, Arik Royal comes to the ring. He takes the mic and wants to know why he was forgot about in this tournament. He says that after whoever wins this match, that he’s just gonna beat them anyway. After Royal finally leaves the ring, the bell sounds and the match starts. Sterling and Anderson lock up as Biggs and Dawson do the same. Things are a bit slow to start but when things get going the fists, and bodies, start flying. Biggs takes charge using his size, even on Dawson, to take everyone down. Dawson and Anderson get Biggs down and double team him a bit. Sterling, being the smallest in the match, tries some high flying but it only gets him caught in mid air and slammed hard. It almost seems that there is two teams in there for a bit but that doesn’t last long because all four men want to win this match. Biggs takes over again until Sterling does a crossbody taking the pile down in the middle of the ring. Dawson takes Biggs down and gets the pin on him and Biggs is the first to be eliminated. The crowd comes alive as they get behind Sterling. Anderson and Dawson gang up on Sterling but Sterling finds a way to roll up Anderson and now we are down to two men left in the match. Dawson is on his feet standing over Sterling like a giant. He goes at Sterling and things kind of slip up a bit but Sterling gives Dawson a boot to the face and pins him to win the match and the first ever Master of the Ring Tournament. What an upset that was but Sterling deserves it for sure. Sterling is presented with the Master of the Ring ring and that gives him the opportunity to go after any title that he wants to. Its not a chance to cash in, it’s a name the place opportunity. As Sterling is enjoying his win with the crowd, Arik Royal runs in and attacks him and takes the ring. The Dawson’s and C.W. Anderson attack Sterling also. The Sandwich Squad comes to Sterling’s rescue. As things clam down a bit, Sterling gets a mic and announces that the Sandwich Squad will be his partners for War Games.


This week was Awesome! The final of the Master of the Ring Tournament went so well. The match was great, there was so much action. We got to see how the two teams for War Games came together too. Modern Vintage Wrestling is such an amazing show each and every week and I know I always say it but its amazing.                  Until Next Week!

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