Lucha Underground: Ultima Lucha Tres – Part 3

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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector

Ultima Lucha Tres rolls on this week with part 3 and tonight is gonna be a big one. The three matches tonight are gonna have everyone out of their seats and cheering their heads off. Let’s get straight to the action!

Last Luchadora Standing Match

SexyStar  def  Taya

These women have been at each others throats for awhile now and tonight it comes to a head. Taya comes to the ring first with brass knuckles around her neck and a baseball bat in hand, she’s ready for a fight. SexyStar comes to the ring and since Taya cost her the Lucha Underground Championship and the Gift of the Gods title before, SexyStar is hungry for a win over the women she hates. The believers chant for both women back and forth. Taya attacks first but SexyStar comes back quickly. SexyStar goes for a head scissors but Taya holds her and slams her into the cage in front of the seats. The match stays on the outside and Taya gets thrown into the chairs hard. The two fight back and forth until SexyStar goes for any weapon she can find. Taya, busted open now, can hardly get to her feet. SexyStar gets a table but Taya takes charge and they head up the bleachers. SexyStar is on the floor as Taya sets another table on top of the one SexyStar set up. Kicks and punches back and forth guide the two to the second floor of the seats. The believers scatter all over as the fight moves all over the temple. Taya tries to send SexyStar through the tables that are set up but SexyStar takes Taya with her through them too. As she stands up at a nine count, SexyStar wins the match and Taya just lays there in the destruction.

Lucha Underground Trios Championship Title Match

The Mack, Dante Fox & Killshot  def  Drago, Vibora & Pindar (c) w/Cobra Moon

Fox and Killshot just had a one crazy match and they hate each other with a passion. In this match they have to get along and if they win the titles then they will have to get along a lot longer. Fox and Pindar start the match but we can see that Fox is in so much pain. Vibora comes in and takes Killshot and Fox down hard and it ends with Killshot in the ring. Pindar, the bruiser of the team, is in the ring beating the hell out of Killshot who is in as much pain as Fox. The Mack gets tagged in and takes over the match as he takes everyone of the Reptiles out quick. Both teams work well together and you would think that Fox and Killshot wouldn’t because of their past. With things ending up on the floor, Killshot tries to get a dive in but Vibora stops him. With Fox getting a dive you can see that his wounds have been split open again as blood starts to soak his bandages. Drago and Vibora are out on the floor and with Pindar and Mack in the ring battling, Fox hits a nice takedown then Killshot gets a double stomp then the Mack dives on Pindar and rolls him up and wins the titles for his team.

Gift of the Gods Championship Title Ladder Match

Pentagon Dark  def  Son of Havoc

These two men were part of the Gift of the Gods 7 way match where they both got a pin at the same time. Dario Cueto made this match to determine the Gift of the Gods but he made it a bit crazier as he added ladders to the mix. The bell rings and the two men get right in each others face. It takes but only a moment to head to the floor as Havoc gets a great dive. Things move to the announce table and Dark eats some wood as his head hits it hard. Havoc gets the first ladder but gets hit in the mouth with it. The believers are so loud that you can hardly hear Matt Striker. With Havoc laying in the ring, Dark goes for the largest ladder and he throws it in the ring. With ladders all over the ring, Dark sets them all up in the corners. Havoc comes back and he gets a chair. He puts the chair in the empty corner and drives Dark’s head into it. With a ladder between his legs, Dark is in big trouble as Havoc hits it with a chair right into Dark’s nuts. Finally a ladder is set up and as Havoc tries to climb it, Dark stops him with a chair. Dark brings a table into the ring and as he tries to put Havoc through it, Havoc turns the tides and puts Dark through it instead. Havoc tries for a shooting star press but Dark catches him with a cutter and both men are out. Havoc gets to the outside and gets more chairs and as they are set up, Dark hits a package pile driver putting Havoc through the chairs. Table after table, chair after chair, ladder after ladder, both men try to destroy each other with what ever they can. As the two are standing on a ladder set between another ladder and the ropes, Dark throws Havoc through a table then climbs the ladder to retrieve the Gift of the Gods Championship Title.

This weeks episode was great! Ultima Lucha Tres is heating up as next week we will see, in the two hour finish, what will become of the Gauntlet and the Lucha Underground Championship. Plus we will see a steel cage! The past three weeks have been hard to top but just wait, I think things will be top notch.           Until Next Week!

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