Smash Wrestling TV Review – Episode 12

by Lewis Carlan

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This week’s episode of Smash Wrestling TV featured two matches both of which were grudge matches between former tag team partners as Sebastian Suave took on John Greed and Braxton Sutter went one on one with Mike Rollins.

Match 1 – “The Endorsement” Sebastian Suave (W/ Anthony Kingdom James) Vs. John Greed

This match was a solid match between two former partners as they have developed quite a feud in Smash. While it was solid it did have a few sloppy moments that may have been the cause of miscues. One thing I did not like was the poor timing of the first commercial break. Suave and James were in the ring talking for about five minutes or so, Greed finally comes out dives onto Suave and they cut to a commercial which was very irritating. I will say that endorsement character of Sebastian Suave is a great one. I love the “endorsements” of companies prior to the match and having a singer come out and sing praise for Suave was excellent. The singer called Greed an “overweight Marty Janetty” which was implying that Suave is the Shawn Michaels of their former team. This match was a back and forth brawl from the start. It had some big spots such as a Greed sit out powerbomb on Suave off the top turnbuckle, Greed powering out of Suave’s version of the Gargano Escape and turning it into a Samoan drop, and Suave getting the big Greed up for a suplex which was no sold by Greed. Anthony James got involved but was hit with a TKO and taken out. In the end Suave hit his finisher the “Brought To You By” twice, once from the front and once from the back, to secure the victory over Greed.

As stated, this was a solid match between the two that could have gone either way with many near falls. After the match Greed thanks the fans as they give him a standing ovation and placed his elbow pad in the middle of the ring which suggests that he is walking away from pro wrestling. I, for one, hope John Greed is NOT leaving Pro Wrestling.

Backstage correspondent Alicia Atout gave info on a few upcoming house shows. On Oct 29 in Toronto, Tyson Dux defends the Smash Title against Petey Williams. On Nov 18 Smash Wrestling makes its debut in Montreal as Matt Sydal takes on Tarik. And on Nov 19 in London, ON a triple threat match is featured as its Matt Sydal vs. Brent Banks vs. Sebastian Suave.

Match 2 – Braxton Sutter vs “Psycho” Mike Rollins

Former Well Oiled Machines tag team partners were ready to do battle when Mike Rollins tells Sutter he has one more gift and challenges him to a “What’s in the Box” match. A giant box is shown at the top of the ring ramp.

When I started watching Smash Wrestling, I knew sooner or later I would eventually see a match that I thought was horrible. This match was that match. I thought it was terrible from start to finish. The “What’s in the Box” gimmick was silly. Even one announcer called it the most ridiculous thing he has ever seen. I agree. Sutter used rolls of wrapping paper as a weapon and Rollins dump a bag of wrapping bows in the ring. The crowd chanting “You Sick F**k” when the bows were introduced was the highlight of the match. When Sutter hit a neckbreaker on Rollins into the wrapping bows, it was sold as it if was thumbtacks. Sutter eventually brought the box down to ringside as Rollins introduced a 2nd bigger box. The end of the match thankfully happened when Rollins suplexed Sutter off the top turnbuckle through both boxes and pinned him for the victory.  And we found out that it was a bunch of balloons in the boxes. Yes, a bunch of balloons.

Sutter gave a gift to Rollins post match, Rollins opened it and revealed that it was a bottle of oil. The two hugged and the Well Oiled Machines are apparently reunited.

This was just terrible. Plain and simple. Just terrible. Even if I knew a little more of the back-story between these two and what led up to this, I would still think this match was awful. Braxton Sutter and Mike Rollins are two extremely talented wrestlers and we should have gotten something special here. Instead we got a bad match with an awful gimmick.

Final Thoughts – This was my least favorite episode of Smash Wrestling to date. That’s all I have to say.

Until next time, thanks for reading.


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