NXT Review – 10/4/2017

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It’s a big show this week as Roderick Strong finally gets a shot at the NXT champion Drew McIntyre’s title. Also tonight it’s the return of Aleister Black and he will be in action. All that and more makes me excited for the show so let’s get to it.

Ruby Riot  def  Billie Kay & Peyton Royce

Yet another tag team/handicap match between these three women. Kay and Royce have been trying to take Riot out for weeks. Last match they had, Nikki Cross gave Riot a hand in the match but with this match and Riot on her own, will she get help again. Kay starts the match for the Iconic Duo and it doesn’t take long for Riot to chase her away. Royce in now still doesn’t give them a chance as it looks for the moment. Kay and Royce get the double team taking Riot to the mat and in the corner. The crowd gets behind Riot, trying to give her some momentum. With all the attention on the match, no one notices that Nikki Cross has shown up at ringside. She’s there just hanging out but we don’t know if she’s in the match or not. Cross climbs to the corner and she sticks out the hand and the tag is made. Cross comes in the match like a banshee. She goes for a pin but Royce saves it. The double team on Cross almost costs the mat h for Riot but with Riot pitching in, things go on their side and with Riot back in with a tag she takes out both women with a double dropkick from the top rope and she pins Kay for the win. What’s up with these two? What’s Cross’s game? I’m sure we will find out soon enough.

Lio Rush  vs  Aleister Black

Finally it’s Rush time! I have been waiting for Rush to debut ever since I found out he was signed. Rush is amazing in the ring but the higher ups put him against Black. The most dominate man in NXT in my opinion. As Rush waits for Black to come to the ring, he is attacked from behind by the Velveteen Dream. Some people may know that Dream and Rush used to be partners in the Indy scene, Maryland Championship Wrestling was one place they wrestled. Black watched on as Dream destroys Rush, never taking an eye off of Black. This rivalry between Black and Dream has been heating up every time Dream can interfere with Black. Also it seems that NXT has been putting all the new signee’s up against Black, and they have all been loosing, O’Reilly and Fish both did. Maybe Rush would have too but we won’t know now unless in Rush’s next match he goes against Black but I see him facing Dream instead.

Kairi Sane  def  Aliyah

This is Sane’s NXT TV debut and the crowd is going nuts for her. She did amazing in the Mae Young Classic as she won the whole thing. Don’t sell Aliyah short though, she has some great skill in the ring and she has a strong force behind her. Aliyah is taking control as she kicks and slams Sane around the ring then puts her in a back breaker submission. Sane goes for a spear but Aliyah moves out of the way but with a second one, she connects and climbs to the top and hits her insane elbow taking out Aliyah. Sane wins her NXT TV debut.

NXT Championship Title Match

Drew McIntyre (c)  def  Roderick Strong

Strong has been chasing the NXT title ever since his feud with Bobby Roode. He could never get the job done but he has never given up. When McIntyre stepped up and did what Strong couldn’t, he told Strong that he will get his shot at the title and tonight is the night. I don’t see Strong winning the title any time soon but one day it will be around his waist. These 2 have a mutual respect for each other so maybe we will see a clean match tonight. McIntyre is the 11th man to hold the NXT title and Strong wants to be number 12. The match begins and right away, McIntyre shows how tough he is as he takes Strong down over and over. Strong gets a nice kick in, but McIntyre comes back with a toss to the outside. Using his strength again, McIntyre beats the hell out of Strong on the outside. Both men are getting some awesome moves then, Strong drops McIntyre on his back right on the steel steps. A “holy shit” chant starts as the madness moves back into the ring. Strong takes charge in the ring, just kicking and stomping on the champ. Strong takes McIntyre down hard a few times, but he kicks out of Strong’s cover. There is no way that McIntyre will give up that easy. A second commercial interrupts the action, but when we come back, McIntyre is back in charge as a catapult slam takes Strong down hard. The back and forth is pretty much even and the kick outs are as well, but the champion may keep the title. Going to the top rope Strong hits a superplex taking McIntyre to the mat but can’t get to the win. Fists back and forth keep the action going. To the top rope again, McIntyre hits an avalanche Celtic cross taking Strong almost through the mat. Over and over Strong uses every single thing he has, but with respect in his eyes, McIntyre takes out Strong with a claymore and retains his title. After the match, McIntyre shows respect to Strong with a handshake. As Strong leaves the Undisputed Era stops him and they have a few words. What? We don’t know, but I’m sure that Adam Cole has something up his sleeve.

        Another excellent week of NXT. We got to see one hell of a championship match and with Lio Rush almost debuting, I see a feud in its infancy between him and Velveteen Dream. Kairi Sane was great this week too and what’s going on with Riot and Cross? Next week is gonna be great and I can’t wait.         Until Then!

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