GFW Impact Review – 10/5/17

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          It’s Thursday night, 8 o’clock and its time for fun in the only six sided ring in wrestling. Not sure what to call the company anymore but the show is still Impact and I’m ready for it so let’s go!  (This show is dedicated to Lance Russell 1926 – 2017)

        The show starts off with the Global Champion Eli Drake and Chris Adonis coming to the ring to talk about his match with Johnny Impact and what’s going on with the match that he set up for Adonis tonight.


Chris Adonis  def  Garza Jr.

As Drake and Adonis are talking about Adonis match tonight, Garza Jr. heads to the ring. Adonis isn’t even in wrestling gear but he’s ready to fight anyway. Garza is getting controlled by his hand as Adonis is twisting the hell out of it. Adonis does his typical posing and that let’s Garza get a kick and it sends Adonis to the floor. A couple dives over the top rope gives Garza a nice takedown on Adonis but the second one puts him on the floor. Back in the ring the two are attacking each other but Adonis takes control yet again. The crowd gets behind Garza and that keeps him in the match. Using stomps and submissions, Adonis does what he can to take out Garza. Going for the Adonis lock, Garza breaks the hold and finds a way to come back as he rips his pants off. Impact shows up on screen and Drake, who was sitting at the announce table takes off. Impact races to the ring and attacks Adonis causing Garza to get disqualified but Impact attacks Garza too. Cornette comes out and makes a match next week between Garza Jr. and Johnny Impact and the winner will face Eli Drake at Bound for Glory for the Global Championship. Impact and Garza attack each other and all hell breaks loose.

        A video of the feud between Lashley and Moose is shown next. We see Moose in his car on a hunt for payback on Lashley and the American Top Team. We also see how O.V.E. won the tag titles last week. LAX is in their clubhouse and Johan is in a rage because Ortiz and Santana lost the titles.


O.V.E. (Dave & Jake Christ) (c)  def  Trey Miguel & John Bolin

Jake starts the match with Miguel. If you know Rockstar Pro Wrestling then you know their champion Trey Miguel aka Lisa Coleman. It seems that ever since O.V.E. showed up in Impact, we have seen quite a few Ohio guys in the ring. It doesn’t take long for a double team on the outside to happen from the champs. A double team on Miguel inside the ring lays him out on his neck and Jake gets the pin. This was of course a squash match but its nice to see guys like Miguel get some tv time. O.V.E. is one of my favorite tag teams out there today….OI4K!!


        Knockouts champion Sienna and her cousin KM head to the ring to talk about Bound for Glory. She wants to know why she doesn’t have a match yet. Thinking that she’s gonna get inducted in the Hall of Fame, she’s interrupted by a real Hall of Famer Gail Kim. Kim wants her rematch at Bound for Glory. Taryn Terrell heads to the ring next to talk about how shes the longest ever Knockouts champion. Allie comes out next and she says that she deserves a title shot too. Karen Jarrett comes out with answers and she makes a match at Bound for Glory between all 4 women, a Fatal 4 Way for the Knockouts title. Grado and Joseph Park are at a meet and greet where Grado is signing autographs and taking pictures with fans.


6 Man Tag Team Match

Sonjay Dutt, Petey Williams, Matt Sydal  def  Trevor Lee (c), Andrew Everett, Caleb Konley

Lee and Everett used to hate each other but somehow Lee got him to fight with him tonight. This match is gonna be one hell of a high flying frenzy for sure. All six of these men are amazing in the ring, six of the top in the business. Dutt and Konley start the match and things start low on the mat. Dutt controls things and as Lee tries to interfere, that gives the signal for everyone to get involved. Lee’s team gets slammed into each other in the middle of the ring and they all head to the floor and right behind them, Dutt’s team, all three, do a suicide dive at the same time. All six men on the outside and the excitement takes control. Dutt and Konley are in the ring again until Sydal tags and attacks Konley as Dutt attacks Lee at the same time. It seems like Dutt’s team has controlled this match most of the time but I would never put any kind of cheating past Lee. Dutt is now the victim as Lee kicks him and then tags in Everett. The crowd gets behind Everett and a triple team on Dutt gives Lee’s team a leg up. Every time Dutt gets ahead, Lee comes in and gets involved. So much action going on now its hard to keep up with everything. Sydal takes over and as he gets Everett on the mat, Sydal hits a shooting star press and wins the match for his team. After the match, everyone wants a shot at the X-Division title at Bound for Glory so they argue over the microphone to say they want a shot.

     Laurel Van Ness rides through the crowd on a rascal scooter. She’s still looking for a man. Moose heads to the American Top Team gym to confront Lashley. When he gets there he gets attacked and thrown out of the building.


El Hijo Del Fantasma & Texano  def  James Storm & EC3

Team AAA versus Team Impact is up now and its gonna be a fight for sure. Texano is new to Impact but he has made one hell of an Impact, no pun intended. Storm and EC3 teaming up is a bit unusual but tonight they are fighting for the same cause, go keep Impact on top. Texano and Storm start the match and Storm is taking a beating. The crowd gets loud when Storm gets ahead and he takes Texano down. The cowboy from both sides are taking it to each other. EC3 and Fantasma are in the ring and EC3 has control. Storm tries to tag in but EC3 moves his hand so Storm tags himself in. Him getting in the match only puts him into a double team from Fantasma and Texano. A back and forth tag by both teams keeps the match fresh and they take turns with getting ahead. Pagano comes out to distract Storm and as he does Fantasma stomps out EC3. With Pagano at ringside now, he calls the shots. All four men set up in the corner and with a powerbomb, suplex, superplex mix, all 4 men hit the mat hard. Storm tries to suplex Fantasma back in the ring but Pagano holds his feet and Fantasma pins Storm and gets the win for AAA.

        LAX is in their clubhouse and we find out what kind of match they will have to get their tag team titles back, a 5150 Street Fight at Bound For Glory.

      This week was awesome. We got to see so much action in the ring and some build up to Bound for Glory only a month away. I enjoy Impact so much more these days its just better in my eyes then a lot of other wrestling out there. I can’t wait for next week.    Until Then!

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