Kamikaze Pro Present’s Air Raid Siren, The Review, 30/09/17

By Ciaran James @TheCiaranJames

Cadbury Club, Birmingham

Already Famous (Scott Gibson & Tony Clements) def. Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis)  

The evening kicked off with two of the most obnoxious wrestlers on the roster, going against arguably the hottest tag team in the UK right now, Aussie Open. The action came thick and fast, spilling out around ringside at first, Already Famous through dubious tactics managed to subdue Kyle Fletcher and alienated him from Davis. The audience were firmly behind the Aussie’s as Gibson & Clements worked down their opponents. Mark Davis called for the audience to get behind Fletcher who eventually made some space and got the tag, Davis came in like a juggernaut, blasting everything that moved, and he caught Scott Gibson with a sweet right hand. Aussie Open seemed to have momentum swinging their way that was until Gibson struck Kyle with a viscous low blow and rolled him up for the victory.

Charli Evans def. Veda Scott  

Next up the females of Kamikaze looked to continue the trend of hard hitting women’s matches, and they didn’t disappoint. Veda took the early advantage before the spirited Charli Evans fought back and had Veda reeling, they went back and forth with stinging chops and slaps, these women were not holding back at all. Veda was exuding confidence as she grew dominant over Evans, and that would be her downfall. Charli came back into the match as the audience got behind her; Veda was on the back foot as her challenger changed the direction of the match and ultimately scored a hard-earned victory against an experience opponent.

Jack Starz def. The Elliot Jordan Experience  

The young, up and coming Jack Starz took on the returning Elliot Jordan is a competitive match. These two although less known to some of the audience put on quite the display and will soon be names to watch on the Kamikaze roster. Elliot is a great performer and a showman, in contrast to him Starz is a technical brawler with a never give up attitude. I first saw Jack back in June and he impressed in a tag team match against the Hunters, he has all the tools and looks to be another gritty wrestler coming out of the Midlands. Elliot Jordan looks the complete package; he can work the crowd, has the look and wrestles a great style. Jack Starz looked good here and came out with the win, good showing from both.

Kamikaze Pro Championship – NO DQ

Clint Margera © def. Eddie Dennis  

A highly anticipated contest, this was everything we all thought it would be. Both decked out in street clothes, Eddie Dennis was the first to steal the spotlight, his interaction with the audience was great and even Clint could be spotted with a grin. When the bell rang the fun stopped and violence took over, these two didn’t hold back as they went toe to toe with chairs, forearms, fists and thumbtacks. The action didn’t stop as they hurled each other around the ring; the match went ringside as they fought through the fans. Eddie floored Clint with some huge forearms; the Welshman had come to claim another title. The UK’s king of hardcore rallied with the support of his home promotion, he had Eddie cowering as he reached for drawing pins, he sprinkled them over the mat readying them for Eddie Dennis. Both were up on their feet, Clint went to back-body drop Eddied, but it was revered as Clint landed back first. With the Champion down Eddie brought a table in the ring, he propped it in the corner but for him that would lead to his demise. Margera recovered and laid out Dennis with a Death Valley Driver through the table to retain.

Chris Ridgeway def. ‘Flash’ Morgan Webster  

This was arguably the best wrestling contest of the evening, the submission/strike specialist against the high flying, technical Mod. These two Junior Heavyweights were well matched as they absorbed the atmosphere from the audience; duelling chants went back and forth. They hit each other with everything they had; Chris lay in with some hard kicks before Flash rocked him with stiff head-butt. These two were exceptional; they complemented each other’s styles so well and produced a stunning contest. Webster attempted to break his opponents Jaw with some stiff Knee strikes and on more than once occasion tried to lock in the Strangler. Ridgeway was more than equipped to deal with Flash, he fought him off and on the second attempt wrapped his legs around Webster’s body and applied a Rear Naked Choke for a big victory.

Joel Redman def. Sean Kustom  

Former NXT Tag Team Champion Joel Redman faced off against the impressive Sean Kustom in a very entertaining match, these two bridged the gap between two very good matches. The experienced Redman looked to manhandle his opponent; however to his credit Kustom looked as equally good as the former WWE superstar. Joel looked good and overpowered Sean at times during the match, to his credit Kustom fought back and exhibited his speed and strikes. I first saw Kustom at Lucha Forever and his speed and striking ability is impressive, he has the style to suit the UK scene and will go far. After some exciting exchanges and near falls Joel got the better of Sean and defeated him with a hard-hitting cradle Piledriver.

The Hunter Brothers (Jim & Lee) & ‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey def. The Bigger Picture (Damian Dunne, Robbie X & Marshall X)   

This main event had it all, from start to finish this match had the audience on their feet. Featuring international talent Mike Bailey and the Hunter Brothers against the heel faction The Bigger Picture there was some unfinished business, the atmosphere at the venue was amazing. After an early flurry from the Hunters and Speedball, Bigger Picture gained an advantage and began dividing the ring off from their opponents. The match flowed well and there seemed to be no periods where the competitors or action slowed down. When Damian Dunne entered the match he took full advantage as he taunted his opponents and audience, that was until ‘Speedball’ entered the ring and floored him with one of the hardest kicks I’ve ever seen. From there the tempo of the match went through the roof, the actions of Bigger Picture forced the Hunters to jump the ropes and get involved, the match spilled out to ringside where Marshall X took a dive over the top rope…….and survived. The competitors returned to the ring as the closing moments of the match drew nearer, The Hunters and Bailey took over and with victory close finished off the match in amazing fashion. ‘Speedball’ climbed the top rope and hit his Shooting Star Knee Drop for a stunning victory to send the fans home happy.

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