Smash Wrestling TV Review – Episode 11

By Lewis Carlan @PWSOTH

This week’s episode of Smash Wrestling TV featured two matches – Tyson Dux defending his Smash Wrestling Championship against Colt Cabana and Jay White makes his Smash Wrestling debut against Kevin Bennett.

Scott Hunter and Brad Myers are on commentary.

Match 1 – Jay White vs. Kevin Bennett (with Big Tank and The Muscle)

I was really looking forward to this match as I know both Jay White and Kevin Bennett are extremely talented wrestlers which normally translates into an amazing match. This is exactly what we had here. The match had basically everything a pro wrestling fan would want. Great fast paced action with numerous big spots and moves that lead to many near falls. Jay White had his hands full as Big Tank and The Muscle interfered on Bennett’s behalf a number of times. As stated, there were a number of big moves such as a Bennett springboard cutter on White and White hitting a huge clothesline then brainbuster on Bennett. Near the end, Frankie TM appeared on the screen which distracted Bennett. This allowed White to take advantage and hit a suplex then swinging reverse STO on Bennett for the victory. This was an outstanding effort by both talented wrestlers.

Next we a clip of Sebastian Suave cutting a promo in front of a Montreal crowd.

Match 2 – Tyson Dux (c) vs Colt Cabana for the Smash Wrestling Championship

Another solid match between two stars with the Smash Wrestling championship on the line. The match began with a feeling out process between the two with Cabana incorporating his trademark comedy bits into the match. Once the comedy bits were done, we had excellent back and forth action as the pace really picked up. Dux controlled a good portion of the match until Cabana made his comeback which saw a few near falls for both wrestlers. In the end, Dux nailed Cabana with a brainbuster to secure the victory and retain his title. After the match, Dux cut an in ring promo and called out former Smash Wrestling Champion Mark Haskins.

Final Thoughts – This was yet another solid and entertaining episode of Smash Wrestling. This promotion always seems to deliver in giving the pro wrestling fan exactly what it wants which is incredible pro wrestling action from incredibly talented in ring performers.

Until next time, thanks for reading.


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