Kayfabe Today, US Independent Results W/E 1/10/17

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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector

“9/23 thru 9/29”

Rocky Mountain Pro : Milestone 7 9/24

Dallas Murdoch & Manny Lemons def 2 Cool Dudes ( Zero Cool & Dustin Urich)

For Control of the Rocky Mountain Pro Tag Team Championships

Humphrey Jacobs 1st (c) def Curtis Cole (c) (Jacobs controls the tag titles)

Contract in the Crows Nest Triple Threat Match (The Contract is for a title match at Shocktober)

Tyler Stinson def Hunter Grey & Filter

Nick “Eugene” Dinsmore (WWE Alumni) def Jeff Mcallister

Anaya def “Rolls” Royce Isaacs

2 Annual Colorado Cup Battle Royal (Two participants start,every 30 seconds a new one enters)

Duane Douglas def Vlad Melashon, Anthony Cutina, Rochelle Rivers, Sarge, Tremaine Island, Johnny Casanova, HR Nightmare (Big Vic & Jason Jackson), KSO, Kadin Koyama, CJ Pricefield, Aria Arura, Daisy, Hazard, Zuma

Al Snow (WWE/ECW/TNA Alumni) def Jason Noel

Rocky Mountain Pro Lockettes Championship Street Fight Title Match

Allie Gato (c) def Unholy Trinity

Title for Title Championship Title Match (Winner Takes All, Charged & Pro Championship titles)

Mario Vanjur (c) def Stephen Ashburn (c) (Vanjur is the first ever duel champion)

Steel Cage Match for Control of Rocky Mountain Pro and Mercury Pro Wrestling Academy, if Yaden wins then Titus Machiaveli is fired

Mercury Yaden def Hoodlum (Titus Machiaveli is fired, Yaden takes back control of everything)

HoB Turnbuckle TV S2Ep28 House of Bricks Pro Wrestling 9/28

King Leon The 6th def “The Brick” David Baker

Reality of Wrestling Ep178 Summer of Champions 4 9/24

11 Karat Diamonds Division Battle Royal for the Diamonds Championship

Ivory Robyn def Kylie Ray, Cinema, Hyane Young, Sara Paloski, Delilah Doom, and 5 others

ROW Heavyweight Championship Title Match (Special Guest Referee Booker T)

Aiden Christiano (c) def Gino

Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Ep330 9/24

“American Kaiju” Devin Sparks def Utamaro

Classic Connection (Levi Shapiro & Buddy Royal) w/Nikko Marquez def Spirit and the Stars (Espiritu & Astro Viajero)

Ruby Raze def Akane w/Kevin Condron

Ray Rosas def Joey Ryan

Eric Watts w/Ty Matthews def “Professional” Peter Avalon w/Nikko Marquez

WCWC Ep173 West Coast Wrestling Connection 9/25

“The Adrenaline” Adrian Matthews def “The Sin City Kitty” Tommy Purr

“The Vampire Warrior” Gangrel w/Lucy def Julian “Air” Whyt

“The Sharp Dressed Man” Remy Marcel & Marcus Malone def The Bonus Boyz (Clutch & Sugar Brown)

WCWC Legacy Championship Title Match

“The Rock God” Ricky Gibson (c) def Suede Thompson

JAPW World Wide Ep6 Jersey All Pro Wrestling 9/24

JAPW and Ring of Honor Joint Show 2004 “Collision Course”

John Wlaters def AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels & CM Punk

The Viking War Party def Necro “The Butcher” & The Hooligans

“The Rogue” Anthony Gangone def “The Warhorse” Jake Parnell

CWF Mid-Atlantic Worldwide Ep124 9/27

6 Man Tag Team Match

Dirty Daddy, Ian Maxwell & The Proletariat Boar of Moldova def Cain Justice, Ethan Alexander Sharpe & Otto Schwanz

CWF Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship Title Match & The Longest Title Reign Record (560 Days)

Trevor Lee (c) def Arik Royal

APW Weekly Ep19 All Pro Wrestling CivicSlam ’17 9/28

Four Way Tag Team Match

Bad Boys Personified (Boyce LeGrande & Rik Luxury) def Will Cuevas & Bison Braddock, Jake Atlas & Douglas James, Lion Power (Will Hobbs & Marcus Lewis)

APW Universal Tag Team Championship Title Match

The Black Armada (Papo Esco & Vinnie Masaro) (c) w/Cesar Black def Daniel Torch & Bobby Hart

ICW Xplosion S7Ep23 “Short Lived Victory” 9/24

ICW Heavyweight Champion Jay Garrison attacks Elliot Ness and then is attacked by Havoc

Suicide vs Sol Survivor (No match because Von Bonner attacks Suicide before the match)

No Escape Qualification Match

Havoc def Chris Castle

King BW def Devin Bliss

Jay Garrison def Homicide

ICW Continental Championship No Escape Qualification Title Match (Loser Qualifies)

Nathaniel Von Bonner def Johnny Light (c) (Light qualifies)

Devin Bliss cashes in his contract and becomes the Continental Champion

NWL KC Ep36 9/25

Thor Theriot def Maverick (by countout)

Tag Team Tournament Match to Crown the Inaugural Tag Team Champions

Besties in the World (Matt Fitchett & Davey Vega) def The Howletts (Leo & Marco) (Besties advance to the Finals)

No DQ Match for the Kansas City Championship

Dak Draper (c) def Blaine Meeks

Jack Foster def Michael Strider

Marty Belle def Stormy Lee

Innovate Wrestling TV Ep5 9/23

Match from ReGenesis

The Illuminati (Chris Richards & Devin Driscal) def The Heatseekers (Elliott Russell & Sigmund)

Nicole Pain w/Lenny Stratton def Super Convict

Footage of last weeks Interim US Title Match

Toby Farley (c) def Caleb Courageous

Footage from ReGenesis

“Sensational” Wayne Adkins def “The Anti Hero” Lenny Stratton

The Illuminati (Chris Richards & Devin Driscal) vs The Heatseekers (Elliott Russell & Sigmund) (Double Disqualification)

AMW – TV Appalachian Mountain Wrestling 9/23

Kyle Maggard def El Degato III

We take a look at the feud between “Sexy” Stan Sierra and John Noble

Jordan Clearwater & Eddie Browning vs The Family (Mega Destroyer & Bo James)w/Misty James (The match got thrown out and Big Rick is introduced)

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