Lucha Underground Review, 27/9/17

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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector

“Ultima Lucha Tres : Part 1”

It’s finally time! Ultima Lucha Tres is upon us and for the next 4 weeks Lucha Underground is gonna be on fire. There are many matches ahead and tonight is starting things off amazingly. First how’s have Famous B taking on Texano for a chance for Texano’s contract. Tonight’s main event will be a Hell of War match. That means that there will be 3 stages between Dante Fox and Killshot. Their rivalry has been a crazy one and tonight it should come to an end, maybe. OK enough of all this, let’s get to the action.

Texano’s Contract Match (Handicap Match)

Famous B w/Brenda & Dr. Wagner Jr. def Texano

This match was made by Dario Cueto a few weeks back and its for Texano’s contract. If Famous B somehow defeats Texano then Texano’s contract will go to Famous B and he will become Texano’s agent. For some reason I don’t see that happening. Famous B has a broken arm which he got from Pentagon Dark and because of that he got Dario’s permission to make this match a handicap match. Famous B’s partner will be non other then the returning Dr. Wagner Jr. Wagner has decided to make his return on the perfect night. The match starts and Wagner has control of Texano as he throws him around the ring. Texano comes back as he throws Wagner to the outside and then dives onto him. Back in the ring, Wagner is on the mat and Texano stands in the corner ready to strike. Famous B hits him in the back with his cast and that pisses Texano off and the chase is on. Catching Famous B on the steps, Texano throws him down about 20 or so steps right to the hard ass floor. With the action back in the ring, Wagner and Texano are going move for move until Wagner gets a leg up. He tags in Famous B and Texano attacks hard. With a pump handle slam, Texano tries for a pin but Wagner saves the match. Brenda gets up on the apron and distracts Texano with a kiss and this let’s Famous B get the roll up and by using the ropes as leverage, he gets the pin and the win. Texano is officially a roster member of Famous B.

The Hell of War : Match 1 (Make your opponent bleed)

Dante Fox def Killshot

These two men have one hell of a night ahead of them. 3 matches, 3 Stipulations, 1 winner. Tonight the long rivalry between these two men may come to an end. The believers are so loud as the match starts you can hardly hear Matt Striker and Vampiro on commentary. Basically a fist fight starts things off until things end up on the outside. Kill shot sets up a ladder right away and a chair comes into play also. Fox sets up Killshot on the ladder and hits a nice splash. Both men are doing what they can to draw blood so they can take the first win. Things go back and forth as Fox gets ahead, then Killshot, then Fox again its totally even. Back in the ring Killshot tries to hit a suplex to the floor but Fox tries to turn it into a powerbomb. Killshot is set up on the apron with a chair on his back and Fox jumps off the railing and hits a leg drop but he hurt himself in the process. Fox has the ref help him set up a piece of glass between two chairs and then Fox and Killshot fight to put each other threw it to make someone bleed. In the first part of this match there has been moves that other wrestlers could or would never do. Setting the glass up inside the ring, Fox sends Killshot off the top rope right through it. Killshot bleeds and Fox wins match one.

Match 2 (No Disqualification)

Killshot def Dante Fox

The match continues and in this match someone has to get a pin or a tap out to win. Blood pours down the back of Killshot but Fox attacks anyway. Fox sets up a chair and with Killshot on the top turnbuckle, Fox gets a running start and slams Killshot through it. Devastating moves from both men just can’t make the other man give up. The believers chant “Fight Forever” but these two will not last to much longer if they fight this way. Killshot brings in a barbedwire covered board and sets it up in the corner. Kicking the shit out of Fox a few times, Killshot goes for a pin bit Fox kicks out after only one. He may have not of been pinned but he did get thrown through the barbedwire board. Then Killshot hits a cradle driver and gets the pin. Killshot wins the second match. Things are all tied up

Match 3 (Ambulance Match)

Killshot def Dante Fox

A stretcher is brought out for the final match and it doesn’t take long for Killshot to use it to his advantage. The two fight on the outside as they slam and hit each other all over the place. From the top buckle, Killshot throws Fox onto the stretcher and it makes the believers pop loud as hell. Killshot puts Fox on the stretcher and straps him in. On the way out, Killshot climbs onto the railing and hits a double stomp onto Fox and the stretcher. Fox comes back and takes control and the action ends up backstage. They head up to the stage where the band’s play and Fox wraps a cord around Killshot’s neck and tries to choke him out. Killshot hits Fox with a bottle and Fox takes a dive through a couple pieces of glass to the floor. Killshot heads down to him and picks him up then carries him to the ambulance, throws him in and shuts the door. Killshot wins the Hell of War match. The believers praise both men with a “That was Awesome” chant and then they give a “Thank You Killshot” as the show goes off.

Ultima Lucha Tres night one is in the history books. Both matches were great and with Dante Fox and Killshot almost killing each other this episode gets 5 stars from me. I can’t wait for the other three nights. I know things are gonna get better and better even though tonight may be very hard to top. Until

Next Week!

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