GFW Impact Review, 27/9/17

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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector

“Victory Road”

Victory Road is upon us and tonight is gonna be jam packed with a bunch of amazing matches. Just about every single title in GFW/Impact will be fought over tonight (if not every) and we may see some new champions. After this evening is said and done we may know more on just how the up coming Bound for Glory will play out. I’m excited because I know that the next two hours are gonna kick major ass….so here we go!

X-Division Championship Title Match

Trevor Lee (c) w/Caleb Konley def Petey Williams

Victory Road starts off with the high flying of the X Division. Lee just retained his CWF Mid-Atlantic Championship the other day, will he retain tonight? Williams was the longest reigning X Division Champion when he was in TNA years ago and all he wants, since he’s been back, is to be champion again. Lee has the advantage in this match as he has Konley on the outside of the ring to help Lee when needed. Both men are going at each other with super hard and heavy moves and inside the ring, Lee holds Williams in a headlock. Williams gets out and gets a leg up on the champ as he hits a leg sweep and a face plant and Lee is out of it. The crowd gets behind Williams as he takes out Konley on the floor. Lee comes at him and Williams hits a Canadian destroyer but as the ref counts, Konley pulls him out of the ring. Williams pleads with the ref to not disqualify Lee so he ejects Konley instead. Lee hits Williams with the title but it didn’t work for a win. Then Lee hits a double stomp and pins Williams to retain the title. The crowd doesn’t like it very much.

6 Women Tag Team Match

Taya Valkyrie, Taryn Terrell & Sienna (c) def Gail Kim, Rosemary & Allie

This match was made by Karen Jarrett last week and with all of this talent in the ring, things are gonna go down. Sienna has been dominate as the Knockouts champion and ever since both Terrell and Taya have showed up, especially Taya, the Knockouts division has been on fire. Its been so hot that Kim decided not to retire just yet so she can be in this match. Taya, Sienna and Terrell come to the ring first. As these three come to the ring there is a loud hiss across the crowd. The mood changes when Allie, Rosemary and Kim come to the ring, they get a huge pop. Taya and Rosemary start off the match and Rosemary gets a nice submission using the ropes. Kim in now, and Taya takes it to her. It doesn’t take long for all six women to get involved. Referee Earl Hebner has his hands full with this one. Back from commercial we have Kim and Sienna going at it. The ref gets distracted again and the triple team on Kim keeps her on the mat. Terrell and Taya take turns beating on Kim keeping her from getting the tag. A jumping DDT gives Kim a bit of a second wind as she tags in Allie. Allie looks so good in the ring these days, she’s gotten more confidence ever since Rosemary became her friend. As things are going on on the outside, Sienna steals the win by pinning Allie. This was a real good match and all these women did great in the ring.

We see James Storm come to the ring to talk about him getting involved in EC3’s match last week and how the new AAA guys are coming in and getting pushed ahead of him. He gets interrupted by Texano, the Mexican Cowboy. After a few words from the cowboy, Texano hits the ring and the fight is on. Fantasma grabs a mic and tries to start a AAA chant. EC3 runs to the ring to help Storm as he clears the ring. Storm goes for a handshake and EC3 walks away at first but eventually shakes it. A Global Forged video is up next and we find out that the finalists have been picked. Those three men are told that they have been selected.

GFW World Tag Team Championship Title Match

O.V.E. (Dave & Jake Christ) def LAX (Santana & Ortiz) (c) w/LAX

Ever since LAX formed and showed up in GFW/Impact, they have been a dominate force. With their leader, Konan, and the recruitment of LoKi, they have controled every match any of them have been in. Ohio Versus Everything are the new kids in town and they are hungry. If you know OI4K then you know about the Christ brothers and you know how much they can destroy in the ring. Last week they got screwed as two more teams were added to their match in Mexico, but this week its only two teams. With everyone hitting the ring, Jake and Dave take out LAX quick. The bell finally rings and Dave and Santana start the match. Ortiz and Jake fight on the outside at the same time and LAX uses the distractions to their advantage. Back from commercial, Ortiz and Santana both are beating on Dave. LAX always uses the numbers any chance they get. Jake is trying to get his brother to him for a tag as he hasn’t been in this match yet. Distracting the ref allows Santana to step on Dave’s head. Finally getting away, Jake gets tagged in and he power slams Santana into the corner. Getting Santana on the top turnbuckle, OVE gets a superplex into a powerbomb but the pin gets stopped by Ortiz. Both Dave and Jake get slammed into the corner on top of each other but they come back and Dave gets a great short DDT on Ortiz and they become the new GFW Tag Team champions. I didn’t think that O.V.E. was gonna take the titles tonight but I’m glad they did.

A video of Bobby Lashley and American Top Team is next and we see Lashley training for his next MMA fight.

GFW Global Championship Title Match

Eli Drake (c) w/Chris Adonis def Johnny Impact

It’s main event time and with one out of two titles changing hands so far tonight, this match will determine if the changes or non changes win the night. Don’t get me wrong, Drake deserves that title, its takes him a long time to finally win it but with Impact being who he is and the popularity he brings, if he had that title around his waist then that would bring in revenue for sure and the higher ups know it. Impact heads to the ring first and awaits the champ. Last week Impact won two matches in one night, let’s see if he can capitalize on that and take home the title tonight. Drake has always been cocky, but since the “Namer of Dummies” has had the title around his waist his cockiness has went through the roof. Impact takes charge first with some nice forearms. Drake comes back but only until he gets kicked to the floor. Adonis gets into an argument with Impact giving Drake some time to catch his breath. Impact goes for a few pins but Drake just keeps kicking out of them. The crowd chants for Impact as he gains some speed. Adonis grabs Impact’s foot right in front of the ref and the ref ejects him. That makes this match an offical one on one match. I’m sure that messed up the plans of the champ and his partner. The match ends up on the ramp and a suplex from the challenger slows the champ to a crawl. Things are starting to not look good for the champion as Impact controls the ring. Back and forth both men take damage and dish it out too but fatigue has set in. Things slow down in the middle of the ring with a headlock keeping Impact on the mat. Impact comes back with some great ariel moves and he’s hitting them from the floor. Now that we get a third commercial in this main event, when we come back we may see the conclusion. As Drake goes for a clothesline to Impact, he takes out the ref instead. Impact gets a pin and should have won but the ref cant count. Adonis shows back up and destracts Impact allowing Drake to hit him with the title. A second ref gets knocked out on purpose by Drake and then the double teaming starts on Impact. Things get crazy and Impact tries for another pin but Drake kicks out yet again. Drake kicks Impact square in the balls then hits the gravy train and retains his title. After the match is over and Drake and Adonis are beating on Impact, Garza Jr. comes to help him. Then LAX comes to ringside and Konan attacks a fan and Drake along with Adonis attack the ref and all hell breaks loose. Cornette comes to the ring to try and calm the situation and the show goes off.

What a night! We had some great matches, we got new tag team champions and the end of the show got crazy. Bound for Glory is setting up the right way. Next week is set to be a good one too. GFW/Impact or whatever you call it these days is getting better and better every single week. I can’t wait until next week. Until Then!

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