Attack Pro & Dragon Pro Wrestling Present, Thursday Night Throws 3

Cardiff, Wales, 28/9/17

By Ciaran James @TheCiaranJames

Chris Brookes w/Mondai Lykos def. Cal Adams

Technically sound wrestling contest, Cal Adams has an abundance of skill already and he’s still young, his potential is massive. The always impressive Chris Brookes worked well with the Dragon Pro graduate, he gave as well as he got while also having to deal with a confused Lykos at ringside. A competitive back and forth match allowed Cal to exhibit his skill, unfortunately it would not be enough as Brookes picked up the win.


Sofia Ari, Sierra Loxton & Kaggy def. Los Federales Jnr, Lee Hunter & Drew Parker

Based on the actions of Federales Jnr this could have been a show stealer, the hefty Mexican was definitely more fun. The match flowed well with each participant getting enough time to shine; the trio of women worked really well together and were not fazed by the challenge. Sierra’s Cannonball into Federales looked painful, Kaggy plays her character beautifully, and she is another one to watch. Sofia Ari looked good in her exchanges; her match winning Moonsault was executed perfectly. Really good fun match, great effort by all.


Flash Morgan Webster def. Bishop

The current ATTACK Pro Champion made his grand entrance; he took on the menacing looking Bishop. Although their styles differ they produced an entertaining scrap, the bigger Bishop controlled the majority of the contest but the fearless Morgan Webster stood his ground. I’ve seen a few of Bishop’s matches in Dragon Pro (mostly tag) and this was his best showing so far, he showed a good power and brawling based style and it was complemented by Webster’s fast technical style. Flash as always looked good; everything about him is main event criteria, after absorbing a beating he rallied to get the win. Very good match, Bishop is a talent.


Elijah def. Posada

One of the fastest rising stars in the South West/Wales Elijah took on recent Dragon Pro graduate Posada; emblazoned in his ‘Dia de Muertos‘ attire he certainly made an impression. Elijah gave his opponent about as much respect as he gives the fans at ringside; he was not at all fazed by his opponent’s approach to the ring. The match flowed well if a little clunky at times, but that was acceptable in this setting. Both can perform better and have done in the past, athletically similar maybe their styles were also too similar in that the match didn’t quite click. But being where both are in their respective wrestling careers everything is experience, and this was another experience for Posada. Elijah continues to improve amazingly fast, give it another eighteen months and there is no reason why he can’t be one of the top Junior Heavyweights in the UK.


Bowlarama (Fat Cat Lloyd & Split McPins) def. Brendan White & Beano

These four were worthy of the main event, Bowlarama are well established in the South West with Dragon Pro talent Brendan and Beano making their way in the local wrestling scene. The match was highly entertaining, the action was non-stop, and all four men put together a great over twenty-minute match that capped off a great evening. Both teams exhibited great team work, Bowlarama as always when settled looked really good, and team of Beano and Brendan had a great chemistry. The young Dragon Pro lads controlled a good portion of the match, the speed of Beano and power of Brendan was amazing. Bowlarama came back into the match and there many near falls, momentum went back and forth until Beano & Brendan were finally out matched as Split’s and Fat Cat took the victory. Top main event match. I have to especially give a nod to Brendan white, this guy is impressive, and he delivers a fast, hard hitting power style that has to be seen. His variation of Suplexes Brock Lesnar to shame, and he just keeps going and going. A real talent that deserves your attention.


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