NXT Review, 27/9/17

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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector

It’s Wednesday night, 8pm, so everyone knows what that means…NXT! Tonight is a special night as for the first time ever we will see Adam Cole in his first ever NXT match against the leader of the NXT Tag Team Champions Eric Young. It’s gonna be a great show so lets get to it.

Before the show starts we see Mr. Regal and he tells us that at TakeOver Houston there will be a Fatal 4 Way match for the vacant NXT women’s championship. Starting next week there will be a series of matches to determine who the other 3 women are that will be joining the winner of the Mae Young Classic, Kari Sane in said match. Personally, I think that Ember Moon deserves it.

Sanity storms the ring and Young has a microphone in his hand. He calls out Adam Cole and tells him that he will be taking him to the edge of Sanity tonight.

Lars Sullivan def Oney Lorcan

The huge Sullivan heads to the ring, ready to cause damage for sure. Lorcan now, is one tough ass SOB and I think he may give Sullivan at least a fat lip. Lorcan gives up some size in this match and the bigger Sullivan swats him away quickly. Coming with a nice dropkick, Lorcan stuns Sullivan but right away Sullivan throws Lorcan to the floor. When Sullivan goes after him, Lorcan hits a suicide dive but he gets caught and slammed hard. Back in the ring Lorcan attacks with a bunch of chops and uppercuts and the crowd loves it but Sullivan stops him in his tracks and with a huge clothesline and a slam, Sullivan wins the match. When the match is over Sullivan goes after Lorcan but Lorcan’s rival Danny Burch comes to his rescue.

Heavy Machinery (Tucker Knight & Otis Dozovic) def Patrick Scott & Dametrius Bronson

Yet again Heavy Machinery is handed a few jobbers so they look dominating. Their opponents are much smaller and with Knight and Scott starting the match, Scott gets slammed and thrown around a bit. Bronson in now and he gets the same treatment. Machinery hits him with a double team headbutt. Bronson tries to come back with a sort of attack on Dozovic but gets destroyed. Tagging Scott back in only gets him slammed on top of his partner and Knight pins both men at once for the win. Steaks and Weights!

Liv Morgan def Vanessa Borne

With Asuka turning over her NXT women’s championship and going on the RAW soon, every woman on the NXT roster is ready, willing and hungry for a shot at the vacant title. These two ladies are no different. Morgan has been around for awhile and has the skills in the ring. Borne has it too and is ready. She looked great in the Mae Young Classic but can she use that momentum to take Morgan down in this match? The bell rings and the match begins. Both women show their skills right away and so far its pretty much an even match. Morgan gets a few nice takedowns and when Borne comes back she slams Morgan’s head on the match a few times. Morgan gets a kick to Borne who answers with a running Lariat. Morgan has been using a lot of Matrix like moves in this match and it pays off. When Morgan gets on a roll, Borne just can’t come back as she gets slammed around the ring. Morgan wins the match.

Kassius Ohno def Fabian Aichner

Aichner participated in the Cruiserweight Classic but NXT is not the Cruiserweight division and Ohno will beat you down for sure. Aichner has bulked up considerably since the classic and he’s ready for the heavyweights. Ohno comes to the ring and the crowd goes nuts. With a “Kassius Ohno” chant the match begins. Aichner tries to show his strength right away but Ohno controls things until an uppercut puts him on his knee’s. Coming back with a kick, Ohno sends Aichner to the floor then hits a suicide dive taking him down. Back in the ring the two go back and forth with some great moves. Each man getting some super sized take downs. The crowd gets behind both men as they watch Aichner get an amazing double bounce off two sides of the ropes into a missed moonsault. This is the beginning of his end as Ohno hits a cyclone kick taking Aichner down and getting the win.

Adam Cole w/Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly def Eric Young w/Sanity

Me, along with just about every fan of NXT has been waiting for Cole to have his first match in an NXT ring ever since the rumors of him arriving started. The time has come and I’m sure he’s gonna be cocky about it, thinking he’s the best and I know he can back it up but Sanity is freaking nuts. All the way around they are completely crazy. I’m not sure if Cole and Young have ever met inside a ring before but I know this should be one hell of a match. With both men in the ring, the bell sounds and a stare down begins as Young attacks like an animal. Young looks nice right away but gets distracted by the stuff going on on the outside of the ring. The opportunistic Cole finds his spot and takes charge laying out Young and sending him to the floor. I know that the new faction of Cole, O’Reilly and Fish will have many years of dominance in NXT if the higher ups use them the right way and from the looks of what’s going on in this match things are going the right way so far. Young comes back with some great takedowns putting Cole on the mat hard. As he gets on a roll we see Fish and O’Reilly get up on the apron and then all hell breaks loose. This let’s Cole steal the win as the distractions let him hit a shining wizard and pinning Young. Cole gets his first NXT win.

What a great show! We got to see 5 matches tonight and at least 4 of them were great matches and didn’t disappoint. NXT is changing so much and I like it. Next week we will see the NXT Championship on the line as the champ Drew McIntyre take on Roderick Strong. Next week will be another spectacular one.

Until Then!

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