Modern Vintage Wrestling Review, 27/9/17

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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector

Modern Vintage Wrestling is back and this weeks episode is gonna be a good one. The Master of the Ring Opening Round starts this week and we will get to see two matches tonight. We also get to see a women’s division match. With all this action packed into a half hour show, I don’t know how they are gonna do it?! Modern Vintage Wrestling always does though, as much action as possible man packed into the show. Let’s see what happened.

Master of the Ring Opening Round Match

CW Anderson def Mecha Mercenary

This match right here is gonna be a big one. One half of the Sandwich Squad, Mercenary, the bigger half, has the size in this match tonight. Anderson has the experience but sure lacks the size, which usually is not the case. He’s tough as nails, but he will have his work cuts out for him against Mercenary. Anderson does what he can to try and take Mercenary down but he just catches Anderson and takes control. After a set up kick to Mercenary in the corner, Anderson and the big man take each other down with a massive clothesline. Coming with his size, Mercenary keeps Anderson on his toes but he somehow finds a way to take Mercenary to the mat, and as he is dazed and can’t get up, Anderson rolls him up for the win and advances in the Master of the Ring Tournament.

“The Midnight Mermaid” Aspyn Rose w/Aaron Epic def Kaci Lennox

Me personally, I have seen The Midnight Mermaid in the ring before and for an up and comer and being new to the game she can hold her own in the squared circle. Lennox, on the other hand, I haven’t seen before so I’ll have to see how she does in this match to gain an opinion on her. The two lock up and Rose takes control of Lennox’s arm first. Switching to a headlock on Rose, Lennox has to let go because of Rose pulling her hair. Things look OK with Lennox showing her strength but there is a few mess ups that are extremely noticable. Setting Lennox up in the corner, Rose hits her with a running knee but can’t get the pin. Rose uses the ropes as a tag team partner as she chokes Lennox with them. Things don’t look good for Lennox as Rose has her in a headlock in the middle of the ring. The ref breaks the hold and the two hit each other with a boot to the face taking both women to the mat. This gave Lennox a second wind as she comes at Rose with a bit of force. Epic gets up on the apron and distracts the ref, this sets up a double team attempt but Rose ends up taking out Epic and Lennox feeds him a boot sandwich. Lennox climbs back in the ring and Rose turns it into a beautiful stunner. Rose rolls her up for the win.

Master of the Ring Opening Round Match

Chet Sterling def Alex Daniels (John Skyler puts himself in the match to make it a 3 Way dance)

Sterling and Daniels come to the ring ready for their match. After the ring announcer announces the two we see John Skyler come to the ring. He grabs the mic and starts to banter back and forth with the audience for a moment. Being a part of the Extreme Horsemen, he congratulates CW Anderson for advancing in the Master of the Ring Tournament earlier. With him not being in the tournament, he decides to put himself in this match so that he can win and the Extreme Horsemen can advance to the finals and win the whole thing. Its made official and we now have ourselves a 3 Way Dance main event. Sterling and Skyler battle as Daniels is taking his shirt off. Skyler sent to the outside, Daniels and Sterling are going at each other in the ring. Skyler stands back as he watches Daniels take down Sterling. Then the two take turns beating him down. Move after devastating move, Sterling is basically helpless. Getting to his feet, Sterling gets some hard fists to both men but a double team stops him again. With a few take downs, Sterling throws some shoulder blocks and the match turns into a real triple threat. Skyler threw himself into this match thinking he would take it easily but there is no way, he is getting beat down good. Quick pin attempts by all three men keep the excitement going but in the end Sterling over came the odds and pulled off the win. He will advance to the next round in the Master of the Ring Tournament.

What a great show this was tonight. With the Master of the Ring Tournament starting we got our first two men advancing, CW Anderson and Chet Sterling. Next week we will get to see the next two men who will advance. I can’t wait for that because my favorite wrestler, and the MVW champion Jason “The Gift” Kincaid will have his shot in the tournament. We shall see next week.

Until Then!

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