Ring of Honor Presents: Death Before Dishonor XV- Las Vegas, NV

By Luke Dorsch @Luke_Dorsch

The stars of ROH and NJPW were out in full force and put on another solid show. Friday night September 22, 2017 emanating from Sam’s Town Live in Las Vegas, NV Ring of Honor ran the 15th annual Death Before Dishonor event. All the titles were on the line so let’s get started.

Match 1

Bully Ray & The Briscoe’s vs The Kingdom (Winner gets a shot at the Trios Titles later in the show)

Pretty fun six man opener, I’m fairly high on The Kingdom right now and it’s good to see TK O’Ryan back in the ring. Lots of good fast paced tag action, some of the memorable sequences for me were when Bully Ray just completely brutalizes TK with some stiff chops in the corner, Mark Briscoe hitting the Cactus Jack elbow off the apron onto the floor as he is prone to do when wanting to pay homage to big Mick. Matt Taven hits another beautiful tope’ followed by Jay Briscoe nailing a suicide dive, and of course Bully Ray diving off the ropes and taking out everyone. The ending sequence comes as there is a bit of miscommunication with the Briscoe’s and Bully as Jay Briscoe inadvertently gets slammed into Bully who falls of the apron. The Kingdom takes advantage essentially beating down Jay and removing him from the match. After a bit of miscommunication on The Kingdom’s side Mark Briscoe takes over control and nails a Death Valley Driver followed by the Froggy bow and Bully and Mark hit the Doomsday Device for the win. While Mark and Bully are celebrating you see Jay who is 100% upset steaming on the outside of the ring. Good match that started well and as stated above a good opener for the PPV.

Match 2

The Villain Marty Scurll vs The Kentucky Gentleman Chuck Taylor

I’ve seen these two lock horns previously in other promotions such as PWG recently and their familiarity seemed to show because this was a good match. This is the first singles match for Big Dustin since his arrival in ROH and it gave him a chance to show what he can do on his own. Lots of good back and forth in this one such as, Marty working the arms to set up an eventual chicken wing, Marty lands a Saito suplex and a backstabber, and brain buster for some big offensive moves. Chuckie T hits his suplex into the turnbuckles and a Michinoku driver for a near fall, Taylor goes for the big moonsalt that never lands and gets a superkick and a ddt for his troubles. Taylor responds with a powerbomb and looks for the Awful Waffle but is unsuccessful and hits his trademark soul food. Eventually after eating a super plex and countering into a cradle Chuckie T does hit the Awful Waffle for a near fall. After a brawl thru the crowd they return to the ring and while the referee is distracted Marty locks in the chicken wing forcing big Dustin to tap. Good match.

Match 3

Jay White vs Punishment Martinez (Las Vegas Street Fight)

Wow, what a freaking match. Jay White shines in this match, as does the big man. If only Baron Corbin had the presence, athletic ability, move set, and charisma of Punishment Martinez. But I digress, this is a fantastic fight with everything. We have dives, trashcans, chair shots, flat liners and German Suplex’s to boot. A spot that particularly is good is when Martinez fends off a potential kiwi crusher and makes Excalibur super happy by landing the falcon arrow which Jay White does indeed kick out of. Later, Punishment does a Ricochet like dive over the ring post and onto the floor. The insane finish comes when there are about six chairs stacked up and Punishment slams a White thru the chairs with a Last Ride, but is that enough….nope, as next Jay White is on the receiving end of a Super Dragon like Psycho Driver onto the chairs. Miraculously, White kicks out. Which prompts Martinez too unnecessarily bring in some thumbtacks and choke slams White onto the tacks and Jay White is dead.

Match 4

Six Man Tag Title Match The Bullet Club (c) (Young Bucks and Hangman Page) vs Bully Ray and The Briscoe’s

Adam Page returned from being tortured and kidnapped at the hands of the infamous WWE stooge (as seen on Being the Elite) with his hands bound with duct tape and his mouth taped as well. Hangman is clearing house and hits a crazy top rope moon salt onto everyone on the floor with his hands still bound. Jay and Mark took control for a minute or so until Hangman nails his Hangman’s Lariat. Bully Ray starts clearing house and hits the Bully Bomb and an Ace Cutter as he and Mark do the “whaassup spot”. Bully calls for a table and as one is retrieved the long awaited Jay Briscoe heel turn that I called months ago finally happens as he lays out Bully with the table. Hangman covers Bully for the win. Mark Briscoe has no idea what’s going on. This needed to happen and by god I’m glad it did. It’s about time for another Jay Briscoe singles run in Ring of Honor.

Match 5

ROH Television Championship KUSHIDA (c) vs Kenny King

Both men had their respective families in Vegas for the show, Kenny King w/ his daughter and KUSHIDA with his mother. KUSHIDA is hands down the most talented wrestler on this entire card. He’s brilliant and it’s a shame for us American fans that he won’t be here much longer in the states. There is so much action in this one I can’t do it justice of any kind. One spot that stands out is when KUSHIDA hits a hurricanrana onto the floor driving King into the steel post followed by a nasty senton on the floor. KUSHIDA rolls him inside and nails a DDT and cinches in the hover board lock. King makes it to the ropes and gains temporary control looking for the royal flush but KUSHIDA counters into the hover board lock yet again. They are trading strikes and KUSHIDA nails the big right hand followed by King hitting a spine buster. The crowd is going nuts at this point. Both men make it to their knees and trade strikes yet again, face to face now King dodges KUSHIDA’s back hand spring off the ropes elbow to hit the Royal Flush and win the title. Wow. I knew King was talented but I was afraid he’d potentially look sub-par next to a guy like KUSHIDA, but he did great, and it’s easily the best match of his entire career. This is easily a four star match and best of the entire show.

Match 6

Jay Lethal vs Silas Young (Last Man Standing Match)

I feel like this feud has been going on for quite some time now and hopefully this is the blow off. Regardless, this match was really good and really brutal. Silas has stepped his game up so much this year I can’t put him over enough. Jay Lethal gets a leather strap and whips Silas from pillar to post. Silas is literally covered in welts from head to toe. The Beer City Bruiser makes his presence felt and attacks Lethal setting him up on a table looking for the big splash which Lethal thankfully slides out of the way of, and BCB is out of the equation. This is a crazy match that really stands as a way to finish this lengthy feud. We had crazy chair spots ladder spots and tons of finishers. One thing of note, is when Lethal is looking for the figure four, Silas kicks him away and Lethal runs into the referee and they collide causing Lethal to get busted open the hard way, and he’s bleeding buckets. After a seriously brutal match, the ending comes when Silas zip ties Lethal to the ladder as Young continues to beat him down but the ladder topples over and both men go thru a table onto the arena floor. The landing is so hard the zip tie breaks but (wasn’t supposed to) Silas makes it to his feet before Lethal and the Last Real Man takes out ROH’s golden boy. This is another four star match.

Match 7

ROH World Tag Team Championship The Young Bucks (C) vs The Motor City Machine Guns

I must have seen these four go at it twenty five times over the years and thru the promotions and I still love it every time these four lock it up. Really everything you would expect from these four, the very best kind of tag team wrestling; great double team moves, super kicks and dream sequences with the super popular Young Bucks in the baby face role as the MCMG nail made in Detroit followed by a super kick party including the referee which prompts a completely unnecessary run in from The Addiction who attack everyone. The MCMG and Bucks trade dancing partners and they have the Addiction set up a double Indy-taker onto Frankie Kazarian onto the floor. Once the Addiction is dispatched the Bucks are looking for “More Bang for Your Buck” but it’s countered as the Guns hit a double team driver and pick up the upset win. This is the first gold held in ROH by both Shelly and Sabin. Long overdue.

Match 8

ROH World Championship The American Nightmare Cody (c) vs NEVER Open weight Champion Minoru Suzuki

Cody is escorted to the ring by Brandi Rhodes and some show girls from the strip, and Suzuki gets his great entrance which is one of the absolute best songs and/or entrances in wrestling history. The Vegas crowd is showing Suzuki the respect that he deserves. Cody tries to get Minoru to kiss the ring of honor (Cody’s championship ROH ring) but Suzuki bites the ring finger. Might I add that Minoru Suzuki looks like he’s going to rip the soul out of Cody Rhodes…and he certainly could. The beginning of the match was Cody running around and stalling, jumping to the outside working the psychology angle. Suzuki unfazed just starts in with strikes and Cody runs away again. It’s getting old now. Suzuki follows, Cody uses his old lady as a shield and tries to strike with Suzuki who straight up no sells all the strikes from Cody. When Cody does take over after a submission attempt, he gets the crowd going by mocking for ROH and WWE champion The American Dragon Bryan Danielson with some “YES” chants. The crowd got going for that. Cody looks for Cross Rhodes but Suzuki counters to an ankle lock, after some more exchanges Cody his the beautiful disaster kick, but Suzuki locks in the sleeper, which Cody literally counters out of nowhere to the Cross Rhodes and gets the pin. It was bizarre to say the least, and probably the worst match of the show. Cody’s stalling was garbage because the match only went about ten minutes and the first several minutes was just stalling and Cody out at ringside. Disappointing main event, Suzuki could have done so much more if only given the opportunity.

All in all another solid PPV for ROH with the KUSHIDA and Kenny King match being my favorite followed by the Jay White Punishment Martinez match. The Lethal/Young and Scurll/Taylor matches were all very good as well. I’m impressed with the Bucks’ ability to get their friend over as Hangman this time last year was literally the forgotten member of the Bullet Club and it’s cool that a guy with his talent is getting over with the ROH fans finally. Anyone who uses a Stan Hansen type lariat but puts their own special twist to it is cool in my book. Totally disappointed with the length and booking of the main event. Don’t know who Cody’s next title program is going to be with, but I expect Cody (don’t call him Rhodes) to be the ROH Champion for the foreseeable futu

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