Kayfabe Today, US Independent Results W/E 22/9/17

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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector

9/16 thru 9/22

Freedom Pro Wrestling : Epic TV Ep10 9/16

Kellerplex def Tom North

Inner City Bad Boys ( Tom North & Drake Kassidy) def The Dirt Sheet Posse (Kellerplex & Shane O’Marc)

Rhett Giddins def Nick Nero

Logan Leroux def Kevin Ku

FPW TV Championship 3 Way Ladder Title Match (Bonus Match)

Facade def Ahtu & Sabu

Championship Wrestling from Hollywood Ep329 9/17

Hollywood Heritage Championship Title Match

Bad Dude Tito (c) def “American Kiju” Devin Sparks

Bateman def Eric Watts w/Ty Matthews

Ryan Taylor def Mick Moretti

Handicap Match

Ray Rosas def The Office (“The Professional” Peter Avalon & DJ Hyde)w/Nikko Marquez

UWN Tag Team Championship Title Match

PAC 3 (Dan Joseph & Dylan Bostic)(c) def The Bonus Boys (Sugar Brown & Clutch Kucera)

WCWC Ep172 West Coast Wrestling Connection 9/18

Ethan HD def “The Obsession” Caleb Konley

Matt Xstatic def Marcus Malone

Eric Right w/Richard Syncyr def Julian “Air” Whyt

WCWC Tag Team Championship Title Match

Fight & Flight (Mikey O’Shea & Damian Drake)(c) def “The Vampire Warrior” Gangrel & Stone Hendrix w/Lucy ( By DQ )

Reality of Wrestling TV Ep177 Summer of Champions 4 9/17

Tyree Taylor def Taylor Ransom

ROW Tag Team Championship 4 Way Title Match

Alpha Unit (Cedric Pain & Jasper “The Hammer” Davis) def La Familia (Johnathan Vega & Diego De La Cruz) , Zack Mason & Warren Johnson , Legion (Loomis & Shawn Hendrix)(c)

“Ruthless” Ryan Davidson & Ernest ” The Cat” Miller def Stevie Ray & “Able” Andrew Jackson

(Miller turns on Davidson and joins Ray and Jackson but Davidson wins the match)

NWL KC Ep35 9/18

Jet Royal def Ken Dharma

Mike Outlaw def Niles Plonk

Jeremy Wyatt def Anthony “Sharkbait” Gutierrez

ICW Breakthrough 2017 9/17

No Holds Bared

The Pen Name vs Devin Bliss (Draw)

ICW Continental Open Challenge Title Match

Johnny Light (c) def Sol Survivor

Von Bonner & Andy def LAX (Homicide & Suicide)

Special Guest Referee (Elliot Ness)

King BW def Chris Castle (Castle wins but the match is restarted and King BW wins)

ICW Heavyweight Championship Title Match

“The Executioner” Jay Garrison (c) def Havok

Fight Pro Wrestling Ep 9 9/17

Cory Bush def Ray Rumble

Grapplers Division Match

Kelly Klein def Brittany Blake

NEW Superbouts S2Ep12 9/16

Maddison Miles def Gina Gomez

CWF Mid-Atlantic Worldwide Ep123 9/20

CWF Worldwide Television Championship Title Match

Aric Andrews (c) def Joshua Cutshall

Michael McAllister def Bobby Ballentyne

RGL Prospect Match

Mike Mars def Number Boy

PWI Ultra J Championship Title Match

Logan Easton Laroux (c) def Tracer X

SICW Ep344 Southern Illinois Championship Wrestling 9/21

Ax & Troll def Moondog Rover & Sean Vincent

Heath Hadden vs “Cowboy” Marc Huston (Double Countout)

APW Weekly Ep18 All Pro Wrestling Civic Slam ’17 9/21

(APW debut of The Hurricane)

“The Hurricane” Shane Helms def Styker Ngongoseke

Jacob Fatu & Jungle Boy def Funny Bone & Sinn Bodhi

Mae Young Classic Rematch

Nicole Savoy def Candice LaRae

Rocky Mountain Pro : Charged S2Ep10 9/20

Mario Vanjur def Stephen Ashburn

6 Man Tag Team Match

Mile High Express (Curtis Cole & Humphrey Jacobs) & “Rolls” Royce Isaacs def Hunter Grey, Filter & Tyler Stinson

HR Nightmare (Big Vic & Jason Jackson) def Anaya & “Mercury” Matt Yaden

JAPW World Wide Ep5 Jersey All Pro Wrestling 9/17

2010 BOTLH 13 (Battle of the Light Heavyweight)

6 Way Elimination Light Heavyweight Championship Title Match

Jushin Thunder Liger def El Generico, Kenny Omega, Bandito Jr., B-Boy, & Azriel (c)

5 Man Elimination Match for a spot in the BOTLH at Uprising

Matt Macintosh def Chris Payne, Junior Flow, Kenny Bengal & Rory Gulak

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