Pro Wrestling Chaos Present’s, The Sound Of Violence

By Ciaran James @TheCiaranJames

23/9, Thornbury

‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey def. Dick Riley  

In what turned out to be an emotional, shocking and overall historic evening, the first contest arguably stole the show. Chaos debutant Mike Bailey arrived with enough experience to fill the room; his opponent was fan favourite Dick Riley. Since going solo Riley has been phenomenal in the ring, he rarely disappoints and his matches are always entertaining. He along with Charlie Sterling is easily one of the top workers in Chaos, therefore he more than anyone deserved the opportunity to face someone the calibre of ‘Speedball’. Other events of the evening overshadowed this contest; however this one cannot be forgotten. It started at a steady pace with neither man giving much away, the audience and atmosphere was a little low but that all changed when Bailey stung Riley with a stiff kick. The contest went back and forth; the exchanges between the two were near perfection as the match built beautifully. Bailey was a good as one would imagine, but I was really impressed by Dick Riley as he made a statement of intent as he went toe to toe with one of the best workers of the last decade. They exchanged near falls as the match neared its conclusion, when it was time to bring it home Mike Bailey had that extra gear, he floored Riley before hitting his Shooting Star Knee Drop for the victory.

Eddie Ryan def. Mikey Whiplash via Submission  

As explained in my preview I didn’t expect great things from this contest, in recent months the career of Eddie Ryan has stalled in Pro Wrestling Chaos and Whiplash has been tied up in a feud with The Brotherhood. For Ryan this was another solid yet uninspiring contest, his performances along with his character have failed to push him further than the midcard rut he is in. Mikey Whiplash has the respect of the audience, he is a solid fan favourite and therefore his matches always receive great adulation. As mentioned this was a solid match, Ryan was more in control than I imagined and Whiplash was on the back foot for a majority of the contest. The ending came after Whiplash found himself tied up in the ropes; Ryan then delivered a hard hitting Superkick before submitting Mikey with his sleeper hold for the win.

Team H8 def. Drew Parker & Mike Bird  

In the fallout from their triumphant win over The Brotherhood last month, Team H8 looked to get back in contention for the Tag Team Championships. Stood in their way were Mike Bird and Drew Parker, with the latter sporting the battle scars from twenty-four hours earlier at Fight Club Pro. Team H8 were no doubt full of confidence heading into this match, a month earlier they had finally shut the door on The Brotherhood and they wanted to move on. For Drew and Mike this was another chance to build on their teamwork following their loss at Unleashed, plus with Wild Boar going AWOL prior to the event a win was needed. This match had a quicker pace than expected as the veterans Gideon & Jeckel kept up with the high octane set by Parker and Bird. This was quite the heated affair, Drew Parker still reeling from the previous evening attempted to go it alone several times, it was this tactic that cost them the match. Team H8 stepped up and took the fight to their opponents, Mike Bird kept the match in balance as he looked to keep his team in the contest. When it seemed Drew and Bird had this match going their way, Drew made the decision not to tag his partner in, he went it alone and crashed and burned. Team H8 took advantage of the mistake and Parker paid heavily. Drew Parker looked apologetic post-match; Mike Bird consoled him but looked to remind him of his mistake.

Eddie Dennis def. Rickey Shane Page – Non Title   

A month removed from his memorable title win at Unleashed, it was a little odd not to see Eddie Dennis with his new King of Chaos Championship Belt. In saying that this was announced as a non-title match so why bring it? For Eddie his first challenge came in the form of Death Match aficionado Rickey Shane Page, who approached this match with a hop in his step. Eddie seemed confident as usual, being placed in the middle of the card surely took of some pressure for this month, and his performance though was as good as ever. After an initial feeling out period the match settled into a nice rhythm, Rickey after much tongue in cheek humour finally realised he was in there with a heavy hitter. Eddie continues to be one of the best big men working in the UK, his show of wrestling ability and strength was impressive. In contrast Rickey worked a rough and ready wrestling style, he like Drew Parker in the previous bout was nursing injuries from Fight Club Pro the previous evening. This was a great heavy hitting big man match, the early stages of mat wrestling built towards a fast paced, multiple near fall last ten minutes. This match could have gone either way at several moments, however the champion seizing the opportunity hit a devastating Flip Piledriver to which Page stood up, and Eddie then hit him with a Superkick and a Next Stop Driver for a big win.

Alex Steel Announcement:   

Following the match Eddie Dennis requested a microphone; he praised Rickey Shane Page and then proceeded to discuss the recent events in the life of his good friend Alex Steele. After a few minutes he invited his friend into the ring, Alex was in attendance but wasn’t in the best condition. Flagged by his new wife he hobbled to the ring with a cast on his right leg and walking with crutches, he made his way into the ring before picking up the microphone left by Eddie. He spoke about his recent marriage, the ups and downs of the last few months and the reason he was sporting crutches. He mentioned a recent accident where he was hit by a car which kept going, the severity of his injuries and the realisation he may never wrestle again. Eddie Dennis returned to the ring to embrace his long-time friend and tag team partner, they embraced as the audience were on their feet applauding both men. Eddie Dennis motioned to leave and give Alex his moment, then something went wrong, Alex struck Eddie with his crutch before revealing that his ankle injury was just a ruse. He continued to hit his now former friend with multiple strikes with the crutch, many in attendance couldn’t quite believe what they were seeing, Alex danced mid-ring while gloating, he left to a chorus of boo’s while his former ally lay motionless on the canvas.

Mark Andrews def. Big Grizzly  

The next contest featured the return to Chaos of current WWE superstar Mark Andrews; he took on the current Heir 2 The Throne Big Grizzly in a traditional big/little man match. The action kicked off with a spirited Andrews taking the fight to Grizz, who shrugged off the initial attack and began to pummel his opponent. Once he had beat Andrews down the two moved towards the outside, Grizzly then shockingly Choke-Slammed his foe on the ringside apron, the pain was all over the face of Andrews. Big Grizzly then proceeded to cut a promo mid match and berate Mark Andrews, the audience and Beano, who incidentally stole his briefcase last month. Grizzly continued to inflict punishment on Andrews that was until Beano fresh off the plane from Spain made his return and distracted the big Welsh bastard. This allowed Mark the chance to fight back; he eventually chopped down the big man and scored in my opinion an upset victory via his stunning Shooting Star Press. After dominating for long periods I was a little surprised Big Grizzly lost, since winning the briefcase he has looked like nothing more than a whiny loser incapable of being the King of Chaos. Further work is required to make Grizzly a credible challenger, losses against Beano and Andrews damage his character at this stage.

Sierra Loxton def. Veda Scott  

With the Maiden of Chaos Tournament fast approaching I was expecting a big performance from Sierra Loxton, she more than any other female has the most pressure heading into October. Unfortunately, her in ring contribution fell short, but that’s not to say she hasn’t got real potential. Sierra has the look, the entrance and an impressive move set, however once the bell rings it doesn’t come together, there is something missing. I am not sure if its nerves or that she has been pushed too hard too soon, but she looks unhappy in the ring, that’s not to say you have to be smiling constantly but after all she is a face. A few months ago I watched Sierra compete at Dragon Pro & Thursday Night Throws, compared to her performance at Chaos, she looked far more accomplished and confident.. Like I said she has all the tools, but it’s yet to come together. It was a spirited performance from both, with Sierra as expected coming out on top.

Knights Of Chaos Championship Match, 2 out of 3 falls  

Project Lucha (Martin Kirby & El Ligero) def. Modern Culture (Edwin Ricci & Matt Horgan)  

Two months ago Project Lucha overcame the odds to defeat Modern Culture, a lot has happened since, Danny Jones took the opportunity to work in Japan while their leader Flash Morgan Webster was forced to leave the company. The remaining two members Edwin Ricci and Matthew Horgan took it upon themselves to try and recapture the tag titles, a very talented tandem the duo did all they could. The match was fast and free flowing, control of the match went back and forth many times throughout the contest. The combinations of both tag teams at times exceptional, the first fall was won after Ricci caught Ligero with a kick to the head as Horgan rolled him up. As the match settled Modern Culture became more and more frantic, their desire to win was almost comical, they would go to any lengths to secure victory. Project Lucha rallied, the momentum shifted as the champions fought back, they had Ricci and Horgan against the wall, that was until Matt Horgan struck Martin Kirby with one of the tag titles and they were disqualified. With the match drew at 1-1 they moved into the final act. The four junior heavyweights turned up the volume in the last ten minutes, in their desperation to win Modern Culture battered champs with their own belts. Project Lucha finally recovered and came back into the match, the atmosphere was at fever pitch as the champions managed to wrestle back control of the match and retain their titles in a thrilling contest.


As Martin Kirby and El Ligero celebrated the victory, Modern Culture made their way to the back; however they were stopped in their tracks by The Brotherhood. What then began was a moment of pure carnage, The Brotherhood took out everyone, Modern Culture and Project Lucha felt their wrath as they laid waste to anything that moved. The referee and both ring announcers were also viciously attacked; The Brotherhood then put Matt Horgan through a part of the ringside barrier which propped up in the corner of the ring. Joe Mezinger, Nathan Bane and Elijah stood tall as their music started playing, out of the curtain then emerged the long discussed and rumoured leader of the Brotherhood. Wearing a mask the figure walked to the ring, he surveyed the carnage before revealing himself, ladies and gentleman……James Drake has arrived in Pro Wrestling Chaos. He announced himself and then handed Elijah a knife, they proceeded to cut the ‘CHAOS’ out of the ring mat and leave the scene behind that they had created.

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