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By Ciaran James @TheCiaranJames

23/9/17, Thornbury

Non-Title Match  

Eddie Dennis vs Rickey Shane Page  

After a career defining moment last month, many were left wondering who would be the first person to step up and challenge Eddie Dennis. Pro Wrestling Chaos however had another idea, instead of quickly sorting a new number one contender they managed to secure what will be a tough challenge for the new King of Chaos. Step forward Rickey Shane Page, the current IWA King of the Death Matches Winner and all around Independent Ultraviolent Hardcore King. Rickey may not be challenging Eddie for the King of Chaos Championship but he poses quite a threat to the health of the Welsh powerhouse, if he were to defeat Eddie then a future title opportunity surely would be granted. For Eddie Dennis this a challenge worth taking, to beat the current IWA and former CZW Tournament of Death winner would be a feather in the cap of the champ and a warning to the rest of the Chaos roster. This is quite the intriguing contest.

Knights of Chaos Tag Team Championship Match  

Project Lucha (Martin Kirby & El Ligero) vs Modern Culture (Edwin Ricci & Matt Horgan)  

Two months ago, Edwin Ricci & Danny Jones (Modern Culture) dropped the tag titles to Project Lucha, a few weeks later Danny left for Japan and leader of the Modern Culture Flash Morgan Webster walked away due to a match stipulation. In the weeks following the group looked to be lost, however that changed when one half of the former champs and new recruit Matt Horgan challenged Martin Kirby & El Ligero. Project Lucha are an exceptional tag team and are arguably the favourites to walk away with the championships, after being cheated out of the titles on two previous occasions before winning them they won’t be looking to be defeated this Saturday. The loss of Danny Jones is huge, but Edwin and Matt are no slouches, they are easily two of the best up and comers in the South West/Wales area and pose a serious threat to Project Lucha. This has the possibility of being the match of the night.

Dick Riley vs ‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey  

Last month following Unleashed I was critical of the ‘Dick’ moniker that is bestowed upon Dick Riley, I do believe that Riley with a more serious edge and sustained push could challenge for the King of Chaos Title towards the end of 2017. This month Pro Wrestling Chaos have given Riley a very difficult challenge in the form of ‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey, a performer of a high calibre, ‘Speedball’ will be wanting to make a great impression on Chaos and the audience. For Riley the opportunity of facing one of the best independent performers must be a challenge he’s relishing, plus a win would definitely raise his stock. As previously stated Dick has all the tools to succeed and become a main player in Chaos.

Mark Andrews vs Big Grizzly   

The highflying Welsh WWE superstar Mark Andrews returns to Chaos to take on the current Heir 2 The Throne Holder Big Grizzly, who won’t have his briefcase in hand due to Beano stealing it last month at Unleashed. Since winning the briefcase in July life hasn’t been great for the big man, not only did Beano steal the briefcase last month, he scored a huge upset win over Big Grizz. This embarrassing defeat surely left Grizz fuming, and he will no doubt want revenge, that could prove costly in his match with Andrews. The current WWE and independent star will be looking to return to winning ways at Chaos and he is no stranger to larger, stronger opponents. With two distinct styles and two very different competitors this is sure to be one of the top matches of the evening.

Sierra Loxton vs Veda Scott   

With the inaugural Maiden of Chaos tournament due to take place next month, Pro Wrestling Chaos has done a great job of finding veteran performer for Sierra Loxton to test herself against. Veda Scott poses a serious challenge to Loxton, the former Shimmer, ROH & TNA performer brings with her great experience and will no doubt take her right to the wire. Sierra Loxton faces a tough few months, with Veda on Saturday then the tournament next month winning and coming out of Sound of Violence unscathed proves vital for confidence and chances. Sierra is still fairly new at this level; she has scored some big wins this year and has earned an opportunity at becoming the first Pro Wrestling Chaos Women’s Champion. Veda Scott isn’t coming to phone it in, she’s at a point in her career where her skills will be at their sharpest and she understands the game, this match should be quite the attraction.

Team H8 vs Mike Bird & Drew Parker  

At Unleashed Team H8 (Gideon & Jeckel) scored a huge victory in the very first Steel Cage match in Chaos history, this month they have an opportunity to get back in the chase for the Tag Team Titles. Opposite them stands Drew Parker and Mike Bird, who since Unleashed have lost their trusted partner Wild Boar, they however have put themselves forward to face off against the veterans Team H8. This should be nothing more than hard hitting back and forth action, beyond defeating the Brotherhood I didn’t envisage Team H8 carrying on but this match proves otherwise. Drew Parker will no doubt impress as always as will Mike Bird, the two Welshman always seem to perform out of their skin and put their bodies on the line. I see Team H8 winning and the frustration brewing between Bird, Boar and Parker to keep growing.

Eddie Ryan vs Mikey Whiplash  

In my review of Unleashed I said the following “Ryan’s character although compelling fails to illicit a reaction these days and therefore he is suffering” I still stand by this, Eddie Ryan is a sound technical performer, however his character, ring style and look seem a little out of place at Pro Wrestling Chaos. In the last year many have surpassed him on the roster and most of his matches now are card filler and or go nowhere, there is something missing from his act. His opponent this month is Mikey Whiplash, another performer who personally for me fails to excite beyond his mesmerising entrance. That’s not to say he doesn’t have his fans, his style and look get the desired reaction from the audience and the masses seem to like him. Neither man is near the top of the roster and therefore this match offers zero opportunities to the winner, I predict another defeat for Ryan to add to his miserable year at Pro Wresting Chaos.

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