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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector

“The Rise of the Ring Announcer”

Lucha Underground heats up this week as we see a mixed gender match and in the match we will see, for the first time in action ever, Melissa Santos the Temple’s own ring announcer will team up with, the man she has feelings for, Fenix and do her thing inside the squared circle. They will take on the man who has been harassing her as of late, Marty “The Moth” Martinez and Mariposa. Also on this episode we will see the seven way Gift of the Gods match. For the past few months we have seen the seven ancient medallions battled over and tonight those seven, who won those medallions, will fight for the Gift of the Gods. I’m excited to see what happens tonight so let’s get to it.

Before tonight’s action starts we see Fenix training Melissa for their match tonight. She wants to see his face but he won’t take off his mask, not even for her.

Dante Fox def Texans

Since Melissa has a match tonight, we have a guest ring announcer. That man is non other then Famous B. Fox hits the ring first and he awaits Texano. Famous B districts Texano as he is entering the ring and Fox attacks him from behind. Fox using his speed, gets an amazing back flip by using the ring post to take out Texano on the floor. As the match is going on, we see Kill Shot up in the stands watching the match or scouting Fox, i should say. Back in the ring Texano gets a leg up as he kicks the shit out of Fox a few times, but Fox still has ring awareness, and he uses the rope to break a pin attempt. Fox gets frustrated as he can’t get the win after taking Texano to the met. Texano tries for a power bomb, but Fox turns it into a kick to his face. The believers get behind the two as the action kicks into second gear. Texano goes for a pin, and it’s only a 2 count, but Famous B announces him the winner. With this screw up, Texano loses his composure and Fox rolls him up for the win. After the match Texano goes after Famous B, but Dario stops him because Famous B needs to do his ring announcing duties tonight so at Ultima Lucha Tres next week, if Famous B can somehow beat Texano in a match, then Texano’s contract will be handed over to Famous B and he will officially be his client. With Famous B having a broken arm, I don’t see him ever winning that match whatsoever.

Marty “The Moth” Martinez & Mariposa def Fenix & Melissa Santos

Moth and Mariposa make their way to the ring first and wait for Fenix and Melissa. The believers pop super loud as Melissa makes her way to the ring with Fenix. Before a thing is even done in the ring, we hear the chant, “this is awesome” fill the room. Mariposa and Fenix start off the match and it doesn’t take long for Fenix to give a huge upper cut taking her to the mat. After a few fast paced moves Mariposa tags in her brother. Fenix uses the ropes to take control of Moth. Sending Moth to the outside, Fenix dives to the floor, taking him out. Melissa tries to tag in, but Fenix will not let her. Moth and Mariposa take over Fenix with a few take downs and then work on one his arm. When it looks like Fenix is losing a bit, he comes back with a few kicks to Moth. Melissa finally tags in and she takes Moth down and gives a forearm to Mariposa. With Moth and his sister on the mat, Mariposa with her head in his crotch, Fenix uses Melissa as a weapon, slamming her on the both of them, but she can’t get the pin. With Fenix out on the mat we see Moth stalk Melissa on the outside. Sending her back inthe ring they double team her and Fenix can’t do anything because Mariposa tied him to the ring post. With a double team, the siblings get the win as they pin Melissa. Before they can do anything horrible to her Fenix escapes and saves her. I had a feeling something like this was going to happen.

Seven Way Gift of the Gods Title Match

Son of Havoc vs Pentagon Dark vs Cortez Castro vs Drago vs Paul London vs Mala Suerte vs Saltador

All 7 men make their way to the ring and the believers are going completely nuts. If you look at the line up of this match it’s totally stacked. We have the entire Rabbit Tribe in this match, will that give them the advantage as they can use the triple team? I have a feeling that they may be hard to take out. Castro, as of late has been a man possessed, he’s going to come into this match, ready to bust some heads wide open. Drago, on the other hand, ever since he betrayed his partners and joined with Cobra Moon’s dark side he’s been on a roll. Havoc is definitely a fan favorite, the believers want to see him take this whole thing and truthfully, I wanna see that too. Then there is Pentagon Dark. Dark is very dangerous in the ring, but whenever he is in that ring, the believers go nuts for him. Dark has an advantage in this match as he has evil on his side. With so much stuff going on inside and out of the ring, it’s hard to keep up with everything. Every single one of these men are fighting their hearts out and going for a pin every time they get a chance. There is a lot of diving over the ropes taking place and a lot of bodies laying on the floor along with inside the ring. If the Tribe gets everyone else on the mat, who will they let take the win? Dark and Havoc both get a pin at the same exact time so we end up with two winners. Dario Cueto comes out and puts the two men in a ladder match for the Gift of the Gods Title at Ultima Lucha Tres.

The next few weeks is gonna be nothing but amazing. Ultima Lucha Tres has so many awesome matches going on that not one night out of the entire month long event will disappoint. I’m so excited I can’t stand it.

Until Next Week!

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