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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector

“9/9 thru 9/15”

ICW Xplosion S7Ep22 “A King Reborn” 9/10

CoOwner Oliver Wise announces the new GM of ICW Elliot Ness

King BW is announced as a new CoOwner

Devin Bliss def Chris Castle

6 Man Tag Team Match

LAX (Suicide, Homicide, Genocide) vs Nathaniel Von Bonner and two others (the match didn’t happen as Bonner got Genocide to attack his two partners)

Continental Championship Title Match

Johnny Light (c) def Nathaniel Von Bonner by count out

King BW gets attacked by Elliot Ness before his match with ICW Heavyweight Champion Jay Garrison ( Garrison wins the match but is attacked by Havok after the match )

IWWA Tv Ep88 9/9

“Mr. USA” Tony Atlas def The Nightmare

“The Puerto Rican Bull” David Tower def Andrew Palace

Reality of Wrestling TV Ep176 Summer of Champions 4 (week 2) 9/10

Brian Keith def Mick Moretti

“Ruthless” Ryan Davidson announces who his tag team partner will be when he faces Stevie Ray and Able Andrew Jackson next week. That man is non other then Ernest “The Cat” Miller.

ROW Texas Championship Title Match

Mysterious Q def Rex Andrews (c) by DQ

Fight Pro Wrestling Ep8 9/10

Ernie Osiris def AC Wolf

Technical Division Match

Bobby Shields def Killian McMurphy

Championship Wrestling from Hollywood Ep328 9/10

(Debut) Bonus Boyz (Sugar Brown & Clutch Kucera) def Ariel Instinct (Jake Atlas & Lucas Riley)

Ray Lyn def Jessica Troy

Triple Threat Match

Suede Thompson def Andy Brown & Scorpio Sky

“Professional” Peter Avalon w/Nikko Marquez def Joe Gacy

WCWC Ep171 West Coast Wrestling Connection 9/9

WCWC Legacy Championship Title Match

“Rock God” Ricky Gibson def “The Sharp Dressed Man” Remy Marcel (c) (Gibson is the new Legacy Champion)

“The Sin City Kitty” Tommy Purr def Cameron Cole

WCWC Tag Team Championship Title Match

Fight & Flight (Mikey O’Shea & Damien Drake) (c) def The Bonus Boyz (Sugar Brown & Clutch Kucera)

Eric Right w/Richard Syncyr def Suede Thompson

WCWC Pacific NorthWest Championship Title Match

Darin Corbin (c) def Jeff Boom

JAPW Worldwide Ep4 Jersey All Pro Wrestling 9/10

From JAPW Caged Destiny First ever JAPW women’s champion is crowned

Sara Del Rey def ODB

From JAPW Homecoming JAPW women’s Championship Title Match

Kimber Lee def Annie Social

Four Way Dance for a match at Uprising

Katred def Willow Nightingale, Terra Calaway & Allie Decks

PWCI This Week Ep96 Central Illinois Pro Wrestling 9/11

Triple Threat Match

Guy Smith def Derek Moss & Blake Belakis (c)

Dareian Frost def Tyler Bodine

AMW-TV Appalachian Mountain Wrestling 9/9

Beau James def El Degato III

AMW Heavyweight Championship Title Match

John Noble def Stan Sierra (c) by DQ

John Noble def Cody Matthews

NWL Ep34 9/12

Mike Outlaw def Rasheed Ali

Leo Howlett def Red Cloud

The Faces of Fear (Meng & Barbarian) def Dak Draper & Maverick by DQ

Pro Wrestling Battleground Breakout TV Ep182 9/11

Perseverance July 2017

Super Thunderfrog def “The Anarchist” Arik Cannon

Evolution Championship Wrestling 9/9

Dani Fererra (c) def Yasha

Evolution X Championship Title Match

“Sensational” Wayne Adkins (c) def “The Renegade” Axton Ray by DQ

Hogtown Showcase Ep192 Death of Hogtown Special 9/12

5 Way Scramble Hogtown Openweight Championship Title Match

Buck Gunderson (c) def Lionel Knight, Smiley w/Trixie, Kobe Durst & Mind Eraser

Junction City Wrestling Ep5 9/9

6 Man Tag Team Match

The Compound ( Karou & Smiles ) & Buck Gunderson def Clan Freedom (Freedom Wallace & Bradford Montague) & Ad Hutchinson

APW Weekly Ep17 Civic Slam ’17 9/14

First Time Ever Match

Matt Cross def Timothy Thatcher

APW Universal Heavyweight Championship Title Match

Jeff Cobb (c) def Penta El Zero M

CWF Mid-Atlantic Worldwide Ep122 9/13

Roy Wilkins def Montana Black

Rising Generation League Match

Cam Carter def Slade Porter

Modern Vintage Wrestling Championship Title Match

Jason “The Gift” Kincaid (c) def John Skyler

6 Man Tag Team Match

CW Anderson, Dave & Zane Dawson def Chet Sterling, Mecha Mercenary & Aaron Biggs

Live Prov Wrestling Ep2 9/13

4 Way Dance

Jawsolyn def Isana, Delmi Exo & Ashley Vox

Middlesex Express (Steven Broad & Steven Lust) def Adrenaline Rush (Keith Youngblood & Dan Evans)

NEW Ohio Wrestling Ep5 9/14

“Sweet Dreams” Sless Taylor def “The Professional” Brandon Fields

“The Stretcher” James Avery def Bryen Douglas

Robby “Super” Starr def Daniel Winchester

“Agent Orange” Juice Jennings vs “The Baddest Man Alive” Aaron Williams (Time Limit Draw)

Mega Plowers (Magnum CK & “The Gigolo” Jock Samson) def “The Natural” Ethan Wright & “The Main Event”Justin Mane (Magnum CK didn’t make it so Samson’s partner was Papa Dingo)

” The Black Superman” Onyx w/Little O def “No Shame” Jimmy Shane

“Dark Star” Matt Taylor def Trik Nasty w/Ripper Blackheart

Rocky Mountain Pro Charged S2Ep9 9/13

Stephen Ashburn (c) def “The Show” Duane Douglas

Anaya def Tremaine Island

8 Man Tag Team Elimination Match

Filter, Zero Cool, Urick & Hunter Grey def Tyler Stinson, “Rolls” Royce Isaacs, Manny Lemons & Dallas Murdock (Filter wins it as the last man on his team)

Double Shot Ep6 Gold Rush Pro Wrestling 9/10

King of the Gold Mine Tournament 2017 Round 1

Brody King def Sledge (King Advances to Round 2)

Boyce LeGrande (c) def “Rolls” Royce Isaacs (LeGrande Advances to Round 2)

WPN Ep56 9/14

PWA Women’s Championship Title Match

Brooklyn Creed def “The Natural Born Legend” Crystal Rose (c), Stormie Lee & Pandora

Now That’s Ultimate Wrestling FLTV Ep15 9/15

“Main Event 33”

“Papa” Terry Kadillac def “The Timing Bomb” Bam Bam

Triple Threat Match

“Mr. Charisma Personified” Chris Cayden def “The Arcade” TJ Kartz & “Convict” Elmo

Johnny Kadillac def Icon Ace

Innovate Wrestling TV Ep4 9/15

6 Man Tag Team Match

The Rogue 6 ( Travis Lee, Wild Bill & Robert Laveau) def Garrett Coleman, Chance Rizer & David Anthony

Interim United States Championship Title Match

Toby Farley (c) def Caleb Courageous

Big Time Wrestling on MyTVCH11 Ep4 9/9

Zack Muir def Andre LaVeaux

Clint Steele def JT Hollister

HOB Turnbuckle TV S2Ep26 House of Bricks Pro Wrestling 9/14

Mack Attack ( Monster Mack & Trainee #1) def The Toxic Twins (Eric Dylan & Mike Montero)

HOB Tag Team Championship Title Match

The WildHammers (“Wildside”Devin Baker & Zach “The Hammer” Ramos) def Middlesex Express (Steven Lust & Steven Broad) (c) by countout


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