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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector

Time for another week of Global Force Wrestling Impact. This week we will find out if Bobby Lashley will stay with GFW or if he will leave and go with his team American Top Team. I for one could not care either way. I’m ready for the show to get going, so here we go!

Garza Jr. def Braxton Sutter w/Allie

Sutter and Allie come to the ring and Sutter is ready for a fight. If you remember a week or so ago, Garza tried to help Allie and it pissed Sutter off. I’m sure this match is a result of that. Garza gets the leg up first, but Sutter comes back pretty quick. The fists start flying and Garza tries to rip his pants off but Sutter stops him. Garza uses his speed and tries for a pin, but Sutter uses his power to get out of it. Garza blows a kiss to Allie and then rips his pants off and throws them her way. That was the wrong thing to do as Sutter goes after Garza. Sutter gets a bit distracted by the interaction between Allie and Garza, and that lets Garza get a moonsault on Sutter and he gets the pin. After the match Sutter gets pissed off at Allie as he thinks she’s got a thing for Garza. Sutter tries to get her to leave, but she hesitates at first.

Impact Grand Championship Title Match

EC3 (c) def El Hijo Del Fantasma

For as long as this type of match has been around, I still cannot get used to the way it’s played out. Either way lets see how it goes. Both men are in the ring and round one starts. The 2 circle each other around the ring and EC3 gains control first. The crowd gets behind the champion as he uses that control until Fantasma gets a few arm drags, tossing EC3 across the ring back and forth. To me, it seems like EC3 will take the points this round as he uses the last 30 seconds to hit the bigger moves. The judges give round 1 to EC3, 30 to 27. Round 2 starts and Fantasma explodes until EC3 takes him down with a huge forearm. EC3 tries to get a pin and finish the match early, but Fantasma kicks out of it. Using his luchador skills, Fantasma tries to control the last half of round 2, and he hits a tremendous splash, almost getting the pin. Getting EC3 in a bow and arrow at the last 10 seconds of the round, he has to let him go too early so it may not have had too much of an effect. The judges score round 2, 30 to 27 in favor of Fantasma. The match goes to round 3 with a tie up of one match each and now either a pin or total control of this round will get whoever the win. Round 3 starts and both men are eager to take the other down EC3 goes for a quick pin, and he turns it into two, one arm power bombs. The crowd gets loud as Fantasma starts to get aggressive with a cross body and some strong forearms. A TK3 from EC3 still cannot win it for him and Fantasma gets more great offence. He hits a suicide dive taking EC3 out on the floor. With only 10 seconds left EC3 cannot get the cover in time for the pin so the judges have to decide the result. The judges have a split decision and it comes down to Hector Garrera and everyone thought he was gonna give it to Fantasma, but he doesn’t. EC3 retains his title. As Fantasma gets back in the ring to confront EC3, from behind the debuting Pagoda attacks the champ. Eddie Edwards comes to EC3’s aide.

4 Way GFW Tag Team Championship Title Match

LAX (Ortiz & Santana)(c) def OVE (Dave & Jake Christ), Ultimo Maldito & Arkangel Divino, and Pirata Morgan Jr. & Black Diamond

Last week, Konan told OVE that if they want a tag title shot then they have to go to Mexico in LAX territory to get that shot. Of course, OVE accepted, and so this match will take place in Tiajuana, Mexico in the CRASH promotion. Not only will this match be two tag teams, but Konan has made it into a 4 way match. OVE and LAX pretty much battled it out like crazy man and the crowd loved the hell out of all of the high flying that took place by all 4 of these teams. If you have seen, or followed the careers of OVE, you know that they throw caution to the wind every time they get inside the ring. All 4 teams fought so hard that bodies lay everywhere and of course, LAX retain the titles, with a little help from Homicide. After the match OVE confronted LAX but with their numbers they chased them off. I know that there will be a rematch in the very near future.

Grado def William Leeks

This will be Grado’s final match as he has to leave America because she is being deported. He wanted to go out on top with one huge win as he leaves the company. Grado lays waste to the jobber in the ring in about one minute. With a microphone after the match Grado thanks the fans. Joseph Parks interrupts him with a surprise. He tells Grado that he gets to stay in the USA as he will sponsor Grado’s visa. Grado gets to stay in the USA for now, as he now works for Park, Park and Parks sports entertainment division. The crowd is ecstatic with the news.

Bobby Lashley enters Jim Cornette’s office and asks for a release of his contract so he can go to MMA full time. Cornette tells him that he has to face Moose tonight first and then he will give him his release. In the mean time American Top Team has to leave the arena.

Falls Count Anywhere X Division Championship Title Match

Trevor Lee w/Caleb Konley def Sonjay Dutt (c)

The feud between these two has been going on for a while now as Lee had stolen Dutt’s title awhile back and he would never take it off. Dutt finally got it back and now we are gonna get to see these two fight for it the right way, a one on one, falls count anywhere match. I know that the Carolina Caveman enjoys these kinds of matches as he can throw Dutt all over the arena. Lee attacks Dutt right away, not ever letting him take off his jacket. They start the match on the floor and Lee takes control as he chokes Dutt. Duty comes back as he starts slinging Lee into the barricade. Finally in the ring, Lee tries for a cover but things won’t end that quickly. Konley was coming to the ring with Lee at first but Lee told him to go to the back as he could handle the match alone. These two are beating the hell out of each other inside the ring and Dutt is getting just a step ahead of Lee. A superplex by Lee lays Dutt out in the middle of the ring. Back on the floor, Lee gets frustrated as Dutt will not give up. Dutt throws Lee through the barricade as they head into the crowd. They go outside into the parking lot and Konley attacks Dutt from behind. Now it turns into a two on one match. Dutt takes a trash can to the head and it cuts him open but he doesn’t give up. From the double team beatdown, Dutt just can not hang in there any longer and Lee becomes the new X Division Champion. With Konley’s help that is.

As the American Top Team is supposed to be leaving the arena, they run into “The Stand by Wrestler” Richard Justice. He asks if he can join the team and they beat him down. They lay one of their shirts over his face and leave. What a bunch of punks they are.

Taya Valkyrie def Amber Nova

Valkyrie already showed her presence last week as she took out Rosemary when everyone thought she was gonna help her. This week we get to see her in action. If you watch Lucha Underground then you know that this woman can handle herself in the ring for sure. She gets booed as she heads to the ring and she deserves it after last week. To make Valkyrie look devastating, she is put up against a jobber in Nova. Getting a powerbomb on Nova, Valkyrie stops the three count so she can do it again and with that she wins the match. The knockouts division better watch their backs.

Number One Contenders Match

Johnny Impact def Loki

It’s main event time and in this match we will find out who will become the number one contender and will face Eli Drake for the GFW Title. Loki comes to the ring pissed off as he is pissed all the time anyway. This match is gonna be a physical one as Impact can fly around the ring with no problem and Loki can bring the pain. A back and forth from both men keeps the the match at a stalemate until both men get back to their feet. Loki gets control of the match as he wraps Impact up in the ropes locking on a dragon sleeper. I know that Loki should have had the shot at the GFW title but when Patron got stripped that basically screwed Loki. Impact comes to GFW and basically got a title shot, just like Patron did when he showed up. Even after Cornette said that, that won’t happen on his watch, people!e showing up and taking the title away from others that deserve a shot. I guess Impact was an exception right?!? Loki has Impact in an abdominal stretch but he gets out of it quick. He hits Loki with a sliding German suplex and it was a thing of beauty. Loki gets another sleeper in the ropes but he has to let go before he gets counted out. The crowd starts to get louder as the action in the ring starts going Impact’s way until Loki takes him down with a spear. Weak on their onees, both men slow down and Loki falls in a weird way and that sets Impact up to hit his starship pain and he wins the match. Drake comes out on the ramp and as Impact is distracted, Adonis takes him out from behind. Drake comes to the ring to pick at the pieces.

Lashley’s in Cornette’s office and he’s trying to get him to reconsider. Lashley refuses and heads to the ring to confront Moose. Lashley’s in the ring with a mic and he tells everyone that he’s going back to MMA and this is his last night in the Impact Zone. He calls out Moose and Moose comes to the ring. When he climbs through the ropes, Moose attacks right away. This starts a fight between the two.

Lashley gives Moose a crazy powerbomb onto the floor and Moose gives a boot right to Lashley’s face laying him out on the floor. They head up into the crowd and work their way over to the stage. Moose hits Lashley with a trash can as they crawl to the entrance way. Moose kicks Lashley down the ramp and then runs right through him. They end up back in the ring and American Top Team attack Moose. Security comes out and gets taken out too. With a cocky pose from the team of bullies, the show ends.

This week had a lot going on. We saw three title defended and even one changed hands. With all of the rumors going around about GFW I think that the next set of tappings are gonna be fairly different then the ones that just happened. With all of the new talent coming into the picture theres always a new match on the horizon. The show is gonna get better I can feel it. Until Next Week

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