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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector


As things move closer and closer to Ultima Lucha Tres, the stars of Lucha Underground are getting ready and I’m sure some are watching their backs, Rey Mysterio Jr. comes to mind. Speaking of Mysterio, he is gonna have his hands more then full as he takes on Dario Cueto’s monster of a brother Matanza Cueto tonight inside the temple. There is also an Atomico’s match tonight. Things are gonna be exciting so let’s get to it, its the 100th episode of Lucha Underground!

Atomicos Match

The WorldWide Underground ( Taya, PJ Black, Ricky Mandel & Johnny Mundo ) w/ Jack Evens def Sexy Star, Fenix, Cage, & Prince Puma

What a star studded affair this match is gonna be. I hope I can keep up with all the action. When all of the participants are in the ring, Ricky Mandel announces that he changed his name legally to Ricky Mundo. Mondo doesn’t like that too much so he takes him off of the team and announces that Marty “the Moth” Martinez will be on the team instead. The crowd goes nuts, as Martinez comes to the ring. I know that Fenix is ready for his opponent in his hair vs mask match coming up soon. The Worldwide Underground technically has 6 members as everyone knows that Evans and now Mandel are going to get involved one way or another. Things start with Star and Martinez until Taya tries to attack Star. Slaping Martinez around lets Star get the momentum to take charge. Black and Fenix in now, and the 2 start with their flying around the ring. Mundo and Cage get tagged in and it takes a minute for Cage to take his gauntlet off. Taya attacks Cage and all hell breaks loose. The entire Underground stomp on Cage but after a moment he just gets up. As Cage is holding Mundo in a stalled suplex, Jeremiah Crane comes to the ring and steel Cage’s gauntlet. Cage notices and takes off after him. It’s now a 4 on 3 match. Puma is in the ring and he’s taking charge as he takes out everyone in the ring. Then the dives start as Star and Fenix get some tremendous dives taking out whoever they can on the outside. With the madness going on on the outside, Mundo and Black, get a chance to take out Puma in the ring. Mundo hits the end of the world on Puma, and he gets the win for the Worldwide Underground. If Puma hadn’t taken the blows to his ribs, he may have been able to stay in the match longer. After the match, Martinez goes after Melissa Santos and she slaps the hell out of him. This lets Fenix get him with a massive super kick, laying him out cold.

Pentagon Dark def El Dragon Azteca Jr

This match is for the final ancient medallion for the gift of the gods match at Ultima Lucha Tres. I’m not sure who’s going to take this one, but I do know that if Dark wins, then I have a feeling that he will try to break Azteca’s arm again. The believers are split between these 2 men as both got a great pop when they came to the ring. There is such a history between these 2 so things will get nuts in the ring. A drop kick from Dark starts the match. This gives him control and he takes the fight to Azteca. On the outside Azteca hits a twisting flip off the top rope taking Dark out on the floor. The believers are so loud as one minute they chant for Azteca and the next it’s for Dark. Still on the outside, Dark struggles as Azteca keeps him off his feet. Dark gets back in the ring and the action moves to the squared circle. Azteca gets a few pin attempts, but even with a skater like leg grab drop Azteca can’t take it. Dark gets some kicks in, but a DDTJ from Azteca almost takes Dark out. That was a close one but the 2 head to the top rope and Dark gets Azteca in a package piledriver and that does it for him. Dark gets the win and the medallion. As Dark goes for Azteca’s arms, Matanza Cueto comes to the ring and stops him. Dario stops Matanza from going after Dark and tells him to go after Azteca instead. Matanza throws Azteca around the ring like a rag doll a couple times. The thing that stops him is Rey Mysterio Jr. coming to his protege’s aide. Dario calls off his monster and we get ready for tonights main event.

Matanza Cueto def Rey Mysterio Jr.

Matanza is almost 3 times the size of Mysterio and thats in width not height. Most people know that Matanza is none other than Jeff Cobb, and we all know the destruction he brings. Mysterio is definitely more experienced as he’s been doing this for damn near 30 some years. Mysterio attacks Matanza from behind and the bell rings. Mysterio gets some take downs at first but on the outside, Mysterio eats the floor. Matanza slams him into the gate a few times, then throws him back in the ring. The believers chant for Mysterio trying to give him some momentum, but Matanza is just destroying him inside the ring. Coming back with a crucifix, Mysterio almost steals it, but the monster won’t let that happen this soon. Matanza claws and skrapes at Mysterio’s mask as he has him on the floor on the outside. Slamming Mysterio into the announce table, Matanza stares down Vampiro as he stands up. Mysterio is limp on the top rope until the believers give him some strength to hit a sunset flip power bomb laying Matanza out. Mysterio gets a tilt a whirl DDT but cannot win the match. Matanza goes under the ring and gets a chair. That backfires on him as Mysterio drop kicks it into Matanza’s face. Mysterio hits a 619, slamming the chair into the face of the monster again, but as he tries to capitalize, Matanza takes out Mysterio’s knee with the chair. With a power slam, Matanza gets the pin on Mysterio. After the bell Matanza power slams Mysterio on to the chair. On the outside Matanza tries to destroy Mysterio with the chair again. Matanza carries the limp body of Mysterio away as the show ends.

The 100th episode of Lucha Underground was amazing. It was a star filled show as we got to see so much action this week. This season is vastly coming to an end but there is still much more action and suspense to come. Until Next Week!

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