WWE No Mercy Memories – 2000


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By Andy Williams @MrAWilliams89

The first No Mercy I watched was back in 2000. It was also my first WWF PPV on VHS and the second No Mercy event. It came to us from Albany, New York and it featured The Rock defending his WWF championship against Kurt Angle, and The Hardy boyz attempt to retain their gold as they battled the mysterious Los Conquistadores in a losing effort, among other intense contests.

The match that stands out to me, if you can call it a match, was Stone Cold Steve Austin versus Rikishi. This match was booked as a result of the revelation that it was Rikishi that hit Stone Cold with a car all the way back at Survivor series the previous year putting Stone Cold on the shelf for the best part of a year. The match was made a No Holds Barred Match by the then commissioner Mick Foley and it was certainly more of a street fight than a wrestling match. It was very much a one sided affair with saw the use of sledgehammers, Belts, Chairs and other weapons. The fight culminated in Austin trying to hit Rikishi with his truck but was intercepted by the police and subsequently arrested.

As a relatively new fan and the first time I had really seen Steve Austin in action, this level of intensity and brutality gripped me in a way that I hadn’t been before and had a big part in making me a big fan of the professional wrestling business. It’s definitely an event that I look back on in fondness and one that I’ll rewatch time and time again.

As I’ve written above, the No Mercy event holds a special place in my heart and it’s an event I was glad to see return last year and one that I look forward to watching this year. I’d love to see them top 2000 this time round but they would certainly have their work cut out for them. Whether they manage to out do 2000 or not is yet to be seen but I’m looking forward to finding out

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