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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector

It’s a new month and finally, it’s time for the next amazing Wrestle Circus show. This month, so far, has been a bit hard for Texas with the flooding from hurricane Harvey, but I feel and the Wrestle Circus family must feel that the show must go on. Its a wonderful thing that the proceeds from this event will go towards helping in the relief projects going on. There will be so many great matches tonight and a rumored surprise in the works. One sad thing about the show is that Angelico will not be able to make it because of an injury. He could not get medically cleared early enough, but he has informed everyone, via twitter, that he will be back and fighting for gold when he returns. With everything going down, and this months show in a new venue, I can not wait to see how everything’s going to work. Let’s get to the action.

4 Way Match

Flip Gordan def Jordan Len-X, Trey Miguel & JT Dunn

This match is full of high flyers so I’m sure that there will be much speed and not a lot of feet on the ground during this contest. The crowd gets pretty loud for all 4 of these super athletes. This is Miguel’s debut for Wrestle Circus so I’m sure he will be on his toes. Miguel and Dunn fight things out first until Gordon comes in with some high risk moves. Len-X catches Gordon, but he reverses things in his favor. I have to say that Len-X is my favorite in this match, but not at all will that make me biased. With Gordon on the mat, Dunn tries for a move on him, but Len-X stops it quick. The first pin attempt of the match is Dunn trying to pin Gordon, but to no prevail. Things head to the floor as Dunn eats the ring apron and everyone else gives a suicide dive on other sides of the ring. A “Wrestle Circus” chant starts as everyone in the match is laid out on the mat. A 4 way punch starts in the middle of the ring until super kicks start flying. All 4 men are in the corner and Len-X throws Gordon into everyone else, almost causing a catastrophe for real, as bodies hit the floor. Miguel almost gets a pin after an off the top rope double knee to Dunn and right away Dunn almost gets a pin, but the action continues. Gordon gets his new backflip senton, standing shooting star press on Miguel. Miguel does an over the turnbuckle dive on to Len-X and Gordon and the crowd loves it. Dunn, looking possessed, pile drives Miguel on the apron and Gordon, with a spring board stunner to Dunn, wins the match.

Brit Baker comes to the ring next and she comes down with her Big Top tag team titles to let us know who her tag partner will be tonight since Adam Cole, her actual partner, is not there. She decides that Cole is not replaceable and she hands over the tag titles and calls out Tessa Blanchard. She leaves and Kevin Condron along with Scorpio Sky come to the ring. They will be in the tag team title match tonight instead.

Big Top Tag Team Championship Title Match

Extra Talent-ED (Ricky Starks & Aaron Solo) def The Process (Kevin Condron & Scorpio Sky)

Things have been all mixed up tonight. Baker was supposed to pick a partner tonight to fight for the tag titles but she just gave them up and instead of Len-X taking on Blanchard it will be Britt Baker taking her on instead. Also, Sky was supposed to take on Keith Lee tonight so will that still happen or what? We will just have to find out. Starks and Solo have not been in a Wrestle Circus show in awhile but tonight they are back and maybe they will walk out as champs tonight. The “Scorpio Sky is the best, bullshit” chants start as Sky takes Solo down. Condron is in now and Solo takes it from him too as he tries to get his bearings. Both men are desperate to tag and Sky is first to come in but Starks follows very quickly. Condron and Sky go for a double team but Starks stops then with a kick across the ring. Me, for one, would love if the Process walked out empty handed and Extra Talent-ED earned the gold. They do everything they can think of but Solo will not give up. With a double team, Sky and Condron almost win but Starks kicks out somehow. With a twist of things, Starks and Solo get a double team and the pin on Condron. Extra Talent-ED are are the new Big Top tag team champions.

Chelsea Green (Laurel Van Ness) def Joey Ryan

Wow, the sleaziest wrestler in the business has himself a mixed match tonight as him and Green go at it. Ryann starts to put his lolli pop in his trunks, but someone in the crowd says its his birthday and Ryan gives it to him instead and the crowd chants “you have herpes”. Ryan gets out his baby oil and he uses it on Green and the crowd loves it. Even Alfred, the ref got some oil down his pants. Ryan asks right away for Green to touch his dick and she refuses. He tries his damndest to get her to touch it, but it’s not happening. The action officially starts and Green explodes on Ryan. This match was supposed to be a 2 on one match but Delilah Doom could not make it due to the crazy weather that’s going on. In the corner, Ryan puts his foot in Green’s neck, but it doesn’t take Green long to get sick of it. Green, gets wobbly and falls face first into Ryan’s penis, and it knocks her out cold. The ref calls for help to carry her out of the ring and to the back. Ryan grabs a mic and apolagizes about his penis. Green comes back out and she has changed, she is now Laurel Van Ness ” The Hot Mess”. She climbs back in the ring and now Ryan doesn’t want her to touch his penis. Ryan hits her with a boob plex, then sticks a lollipop in her mouth and super kicks her. Ryan flips her with his penis, but she licks her hand and takes him out for the win.

Triple Threat Match

Bestia 666 def Mecha Wolf 450 & Laredo Kid

This match is gonna be a show stealer for sure. The speed and strength of these three men is almost unmatchable. Usually we see Kid in tag team action as he tags with his partner Garza Jr. but tonight he’s on his own. The match starts with a three way hand lock up and Kid takes the top and right away goes for a dive. Bestia was supposed to be at Midnight after Mania in April but didn’t make it so, if I’m not mistaken, this is his Wrestle Circus debut. Kid and Bestia double team Wolf with super kicks but he comes back with a take down to Kid. Wolf takes out Bestia with a spear then suicide dives onto Kid on the other side of the ring. Then Kid goes for the suicide dive and right away Bestia dives too. So much action in the seats as dive after dive puts all three men further and further into the crowd. Every time Wolf has had a match in Wrestle Circus things have always ended up in the crowd, or at least onto the floor taking out some seats. In the ring, Kid controls Bestia until Wolf gets him in an electric chair. That turns into him getting spiked into the mat. Wolf gets thrown to the floor and Kid and Bestia almost finish the match but Wolf fly’s in and stops it. Kid starts a “Lucha” chant and he heads to the top but Wolf will not let him do his move and he slams him back first onto the apron. Kid has to be hurt from that. Bestia takes out Wolf from the top rope and pins him for the win. This was, for sure, the best match so far. After the match the three hug it out and they collect the money that got tossed into the ring.

Brian Cage def EC3

EC3 is finally making his Wrestle Circus return tonight and in this match he will be facing the F’N machine for the first time ever. Both men have been Ring Master champion before so it’s kind of a champion versus champion match up. EC3 Is a big dude, but Cage is a damn monster and is freaking huge. EC3 grabs a microphone so he can talk to the crowd he does nothing but bitch about how his Ring Master title was stolen from him. Cage grabs the mic from him and lets EC3 know that if she beats him tonight, then he will give him his rematch clause for the Ring Master title against Shane Strickland. EC3 agrees and the match is underway. The strength from both starts things but never doubt Cage because he comes in with a huge dropkick to lay out EC3. Cage can fly around the ring almost like a cruiser weight, and EC3 is one of the best in the business so you can’t count him out either. Cage gets held up in the corner as EC3 chops the hell out of him a bit, and then he gets Cage in a front headlock on the mat. Things have been kind of quiet from the crowd so far as EC3 oozes his ego around the room. Cage gets a beautiful spine buster and rolls it right into a roll up pin but EC3 kicks out. EC3 gets the big Cage on his shoulders and throws him down with a cutter. Every time EC3 tries to get to the pin, Cage forces his way out. Cage comes back with a cutter of his own and EC3 eats it hard. The crowd gets louder with the Cage patent claps and it gives him some momentum. Both of these men look a bit exhausted, but EC3 finds a way to hit a nice frog splash and Cage kicks out of the follow up pin attempt. A double clothesline takes both men to the mat. EC3 rake’s Cage’s eye’s and tries for a pin. He thought he was gonna take it, but not this time. Cage gets EC3 up and with a slam almost on his head, takes him down and pins him for the win. Cage grabs a mic and tells EC3 to go cry about it. He calls out the Ring Master champion Shane Strickland to fight at the next Wrestle Circus show in October. That show is the one year Wrestle Circus anniversary. I cannot wait to see that match.

Christi Jaynes def Jay Serious

If I’m not mistaken, this match was not on the card, but it’s always nice to have a surprise match thrown in. Serious puts up his gold watch in this match so if Jaynes wins she gets to keep it. Serious takes Jaynes down hard a few times and the crowd boo’s the hell out of him. Jaynes gets some momentum and starts pulling Serious around the ring a bit as she targets his arm. Not pulling any punches what so ever, Serious boots the shit out of Jaynes sending her to the floor. He pulls and twists on her head as he tries to hide his, finger in her eye, from the ref. Jaynes breaks the headlock and tries to get away but Serious hits her with a 619 type move. Things get a bit sloppy as Jaynes tries to pull some bigger moves off but she gets things going in her favor and with a reversal slam on the mat, she rolls up Serious and gets the win.

SideShow & Lady of the Ring Championship Title Match

Tessa Blanchard (c) def Britt Baker

Baker got put, or put herself, into this match as she switched places with Kevin Condron and she gave up the Big Top tag team titles since her partner Adam Cole was not there tonight. I feel this is a better match for her anyway, as with these 2 going one on one, we shall see a great match. Baker walked in with 2 belts and she wants to walk out with 2 different belts. Things get started and we get some arm control from both ladies. Blanchard was only supposed to defend the SideShow title tonight, but things changed at the last minute. Baker pulls an Adam Cole type move as she grabs a headlock instead of a drop kick. Blanchard gets a dropkick to Bakers back, but as she goes for another one Baker moves and almost gets control. Instead, Blanchard keeps Baker close to her body with short arm clotheslines and a belly to back suplex and it pays off, but only for a moment as Baker gets a nice take down. Both women come at each other with tremendous forearms as we see both ladies falling around the ring. Blanchard misses with an off the top rope senton and Baker puts her in a submission. This has been a slugfest from these 2 and things get harder hitting as things move along. A fisherman’s buster on the apron from Baker takes Blanchard to the floor super hard. Back in the ring, Blanchard hits a crazy DDT but cannot get the win. Things keep going as move for move and strike for strike show these women are evenly matched until Blanchard hits an off the top rope chin buster and retains her titles. Baker gave the champion one hell of a fight.

As Louden Noxious is talking, Austin the ref comes out and takes the mic. He calls out Gentleman Jervis. Jervis comes to the ring and on his way, he hands out hugs to the crowd. As Jervis gets in the ring and gets in Austin’s face, Austin’s thugs grab him from behind. Austin tells him that next month, at the anniversary show, he wants a 5 on 5 Circus survival match. Jervis accepts the challenge and then the whole group attacks him. Music hits and Richard Justice comes to Jervis rescue. He chases Austin and his goons away. Then hugs it out with Jervis in the ring. The 24/7 365 time limit match between Jervis and Justice finally ends as Justice puts Jervis to sleep and wins the match after nearly 328 days.

Keith Lee def Jack Evans

Evans was supposed to be in a tag match with his partner Angelico tonight but of course Angelico could not get medically cleared to wrestle tonight. I guess the higher ups of Wrestle Circus decided to make a single match for him. Lee was supposed to fight Scorpio Sky but Sky got put in the tag match with Kevin Condron earlier as Britt Baker decided to go for the SideShow and Lady of the Ring titles and handed over the Big Top tag titles. Wow, that’s a lot, but Wrestle Circus completely moved things around in the perfect way. The crowd gets behind Lee as they chant, “Lee is gonna kill you”. Evans grabs himself a cigarette and tries to start the match. Lee laughs his ass off as he doesn’t know how to take Evens. The crowd chants at Evans, ” Your gonna get cancer”. The comedy of this match so far is great but I know when the action starts, Lee is gonna pound the shit out of Evans. Evans gets a few dropkicks on Lee and with everything he does, he still has the smoke in his mouth. Lee stands on Evans back basically squishing the shit out of him. A huge power slam finally makes the smoke fly out of Evans mouth. Its been all Lee the whole match so far but Evans is taking it all. I think that if Lee would have wrestled Sky like he was supposed to then this match would have not of been as good. Finally getting some offence, Evans takes Lee down. He sends him to the floor then gets a dive over the top onto him. Back in the ring things look like they may be moving in Evans favor bit I’m not quite sure. Lee throws Evans around the ring some more. Lee gets an insane poet bomb on Evans, almost sending him through the mat but Evans still kicks out. Evans gets a hunacanrana sending Lee to the mat from the top rope almost breaking the ring. Lee comes back with another power bomb and then a ground zero for the win. He beat the shit out of Evans all match. They hug it out after the match. The crowd gives Evans a “please come back” chant as he leaves.

Sammy Guevara def Jay White

White is the last debut tonight and he has his hands full with Guevara as Guevara is still upset about his match with Cage and Strickland robbing him of his title win. Guevara is so cocky and he always shows it in every single match. White is definately one of the biggest up and comers in the industry. The crowd is torn between the two. They lock up for the second time and Guevara gives White a double middle finger. So much speed from White and Guevara, showing little respect, slaps White and flips him off again. White comes back with slaps of his own and a finger to go with it. On the outside, White controls the action until a back and forth chop and a roll back in the ring. White gets a nice submission and Guevara scrambles like crazy to grab the rope. With a fake out dive, Guevara slides to the outside and kicks the shit out of White instead. With his cocky self, Guevara goes for a chinlock in the middle of the ring. One of the things, if not the biggest things, that Guevara does is show boat. Every chance he gets he does and he’s gonna pay for it if he keeps doing it in this match. White is doing what he can to get his moves in, in between Guevara’s hoping one of them will give him a step up in the match. A snap suplex into the turnbuckle slows Guevara down a whole bunch. We get some “boo’s” when White gets a strike and some “yea’s” when Guevara gets a strike. The crowd is split down the middle. You can see that both of these men are getting tired as they both stumble when they stand. White gets a submission again but Guevara grabs the rope again. White sets up a chair but it back fires on him as Guevara gets use out of it instead. Guevara misses with a shooting star press and White throws the submission on him again and Guevara struggles like crazy to get out of it. No matter what White does to Guevara, he will not give up but he can not even stand on his own. The two battle on the top rope and they end with an almost devastating hit to the mat. Guevara finds a way to get back up there and hit his 640 and pins White for the win.

What a hell of a freaking show! Wrestle Circus never ever, ever disappoints. Every match had its highs and lows but not a one was bad what so ever. I hat that this show only happens once a month but it makes it that much more exciting every time I watch. October 21st when they comeback, there is no doubt I will be watching! Until Next Month!

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