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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector

Its been awhile since I’ve done a RockStar Pro review but the Fite app has not been showing it lately but this week its on and I get to give everyone my review of the show. The Rock N Robin tournament is still going on, and is in week 6. This week we will see a few more matches in that tournament. Let’s see who fights this week.

Rock N Robin Tournament Match

Lisa Coleman def “The Baddest Man Alive” Aaron Williams

This match has a lot of anticipation as Coleman is still undefeated in the tournament as he is 5 and 0. Williams, on the other hand, is 3 and 2 and is barely hanging on. So for sure Williams will be looking for a win any way he can get it. Williams doesn’t want to give up his numbchucks at first but he throws them to Coleman and as he swings them, Williams gives him a kick to the face. Now the action kicks off and Coleman dives over to the outside taking Williams down. Things go in and out of the ring on an even pace as the two get their move right on. I’m not sure why Trey Miguel is going by Lisa Coleman but hey whatever, he shows his skills in the ring and that’s what matters. Williams is the only three time RockStar Pro champion in the company and he wants to make it a fourth time. Williams controls the match as he keeps Coleman on the mat and off his feet as he kicks him quite a few times. Coleman gets to his feet finally and uses his speed to comeback with a hunacanrana and then a crazy Slingblade but Williams kicks out of the pin. Williams gets a few short arm clotheslines but Coleman turns it into a reverserana spiking Williams head hard. Blows back and forth wears down Williams and it let’s Coleman get a backslide pin and wins for a record of 6 and 0. Williams is now 3 and 3.

Rock N Robin Tournament Match

“Hot FiyAA” Myron Reed def Clayton “Gainz” Jackson

Reed is the only other man in the tournament with a 5 and 0 record and I know he’s trying to tie Coleman’s now record of 6 and 0. Jackson is the bigger man in this match but you can not think that Reed will let that bother him. The match starts right away and we see a move for move competition going so far. Things end up on the outside early but after a bit of a beating, Jackson throws Reed back in the ring. Trying to steal the win early, Jackson goes for cover after cover but Reed will not give up easy at all. Reed goes for speed but gets stopped in his tracks. Jackson controls again and he almost gets in trouble with the ref. Someone in the crowd starts to run his mouth at Jackson and it starts to distract him. Reed takes advantage of that and sends Jackson to the outside again then hits him with a dive over the top rope. Back in the ring, Reed sets up Jackson for a 450 splash but Jackson moves out of the way. Jackson gets in the ref’s face as he only gets a two count and with this, Jackson’s downfall begins. Reed rolls him up in a schoolboy and wins the match. Reed is now 6 and 0 in the tournament so next week he will face the 6 and 0 Coleman.

The Dirty (Austin Manix & Brandon Edwards) vs The Night Riderz (Dustin Rayz & Alex Colon)(c)

Things go nuts right away as the preview match of the Smoke em if You Got em Tag Team Title Match gets under way. The Dirty has, as of late, been racking up some wins as they are in the hunt for the RockStar Pro tag team titles. They say that if there is a team to beat the Night Riderz its the Dirty for sure. Rayz and Colon tag like a week oiled machine as they keep Manix on the mat and go for a double team on Edwards but Manix saves his partner. More tagging in and out from the Night Riderz works until Edwards tries some chops on the two. Colon has been in quite a few death matches lately and those kind of matches are very dangerous but where his heart lies is with his partner in the Riderz. Power moves back and forth let the Riderz keep control of the match as Colon keeps a headlock on Edwards. He ends up in the wrong corner and Rayz and Colon get more in and out tags keeping each other fresh. Edwards asks for more from the Riderz and he pays for it severely. Colon goes for a few pins and Edwards just will not give up. Manix is doing what he can to get his partner to tag him it. Finally he gets in and he goes nuts. He takes both Rayz and Colon down a few times but the Night Riderz won’t give up. The Riderz go for the ride of death but get stopped and the Dirty gets the pin for the win. This is what we thought as right before the three count was finished the 15 minute time limit expired and the ruling of the match is a draw.

I love RockStar Pro and I’m so glad that the Fite app finally put it back on. I’m not sure if it will stay but we will have to see. The Rock N Robin Tournament is coming to an end and the next IPPV is Smoke em if you Got em and that will showcase some awesome matches. This week we got a great preview of the tag team title match and we also know who will battle next week on Amped in the Rock N Robin finals. I can’t wait for next week to see the outcome. Until Next Week!

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