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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector

The wrestlers of GFW are gearing up for this weeks episode of Impact. Tonight we will see what happened when a few of them headed to TripleMania in Mexico. Also tonight we will see Hall of Famer Gail Kim in tag team action. Of course we can’t forget about the main event as the new GFW Global Champion Eli Drake will defend his title for the first time against the one and only Matt Sydal. Its gonna be a great night so let’s get to it!

Petey Williams & Sonjay Dutt (c) def Trevor Lee & Caleb Konley

This match pretty much got set up last week in the Williams versus Konley match. All four men are in the ring and this is gonna be a high flying match for sure. Konley and Dutt start things off and of course, we see some speed from these two originals. When Williams gets tagged in the crowd starts to chant his name. Lee comes in and, with his much known power, almost takes the match over. Lee tries to run away up the ramp but Dutt chases right after him and takes him back to the ring. Dutt has things under control, even making Lee drop in elbow on his own partner. Lee gets stuck in the corner by his foot and cannot do anything until Konley helps him out of his position. Things stay at a nice pace throughout this entire match, and not even once did any of these four men show any signs of slowing down. Lee and Konley try for a double team on Dutt, but it backfires on them and it puts Konley down with a massive DDT. Williams saves Dutt from being pinned and gets a beautiful Canadian Destroyer on Konley. Then Dutt hits him with a splash and gets the pin. What a great opening match that was.

LAX (Ortiz & Santana) (c) def Zachary Wentz & Josh Bolin

LAX is on their way to the ring next for a tag team match. The crowd boo’s them loudly as they head to the ring. Oh, yes, they travel in their well known pack, if you will, lead by the man in charge, Konan. Santana kicks the hell out of Wentz right away. They toss him on the outside and right into the steel steps back first. We see that OVE is backstage watching what’s going on in the ring. I’m sure that they will try and go for the tag titles soon enough. In the ring we see the bigger man from the “other” team, Bolan get kicked right in the head. LAX have just dominated this match the entire time. They take out Wentz with a street sweeper and win the match. Before LAX can leave the ring, OVE comes out and Dave Christ has a mic in his hand. He lets LAX know that OVE are the best tag team in the world so Konan tells them to prove it. He wants them to come to Mexico to the CRASH Wrestling Promotion and then LAX will put the GFW tag team titles on the line. Of course Ohio Versus Everything excepts that challenge.

Taryn Terrell & Sienna (c) w/KM def Gail Kim & Allie w/Braxton Sutter

The crowd boo’s Terrell as she heads to the ring. She seems to be super cocky, but she better watch herself tonight. When Sienna comes out she got the same boo’s, maybe even some louder ones. On the other hand, the crowd goes nuts for Allie and Braxton Sutter and especially when Gail Kim comes out, they love her. When everyone gets to the ring, all hell breaks loose until Sienna and Kim end up going at it. Sienna takes control as she sends Kim to the mat a few times. Terrell comes in and she keeps the same thing going. Another tag to Sienna let’s Terrell and her stay fresh in the ring. The crowd has enough of KM as they chant, “you shut up” and they focus it at him. Kim finally gets the tag to Allie and she comes in like an explosion. She heads to the top rope but KM grabs her foot. Sutter goes after him and chases him away from ringside. A cross body from Allie into a pin gets reversed by Sienna, and she uses her power to stay on top and pin Allie for the win. After the match all four women go at it in the ring and then Rosemary’s music hits. She heads to the ring but the two on one by Sienna and Terrell is just too much for her. It doesn’t take long for things to ease up because Taya Valkyrie’s music hits and she heads to the ring. The crowd pops super loud for her as the anticipation of her arrival is finally here. She gets in the ring and takes out Rosemary. Everyone thought she was going to take out Sienna but she fooled everyone.

Jim Cornette comes to the ring as he has something to talk about. He mentions the main event happening tonight and gets interrupted by Johnny Impact. The crowd chants for Johnny as he talks about the GFW Global Championship. He wants a shot at the winner of the main event tonight. LAX comes to the ring next and Loki is pissed. Konan gets in Cornette’s face and says that Impact is getting a title shot before Loki because he is white. I don’t know why GFW thinks they have to bring a race card segment onto the show, but I think it’s in very bad taste. Loki gets in Impact’s face and says that “this ain’t WWE and this ain’t Lucha Underground, this is Global Force Bitch!” That set Impact off as the fists start flying along with the bodies. Security comes to the ring to break things up but Impact refuses to give up. As Loki heads out of the ring Cornette tells LAX to leave or they will all get suspended. Things finally simmered down as the show goes to commercial. Cornette makes a match for next week between Impact and Loki for the number one contender spot.

Grado and Parks decide that Grado has to call off the wedding. Grado tells Laurel Van Ness that he can’t get married because she is Canadian and he needs an American wife. Van Ness tells him that she’s OK with that and they high five each other. Grado leaves and we see that Van Ness is gonna go nuts again.

Next up, we get to see some footage from AAA Lucha Libre Worldwide Triplemania XXV in Mexico City, Mexico. There were a few GFW stars that wrestled at the event. Bobby Lashley, Moose, Andrew Everett, DJZ, Rosemary and of course Johnny Mundo, was there to defend all 3 of his AAA titles. There was a pretty great story with all of the stars that were involved. DJZ, after his incident in Mexico City, returned and had an amazing match as he tagged with Andrew Everett, who was in Mexico for the first time. Moose and Lashley, were both in a gauntlet match. Moose was the one to eliminate Lashley, and it pissed him off. He thought he was gonna be in a title match, but it didn’t work that way. I am not sure what will happen with Lashley after this. Impact took on Fantasma and Texano in a triple threat ladder

match and all three men got the hell beat out of them, but Impact retained all three of his titles. The Rosemary versus Sexy Star match was also talked about. If you follow wrestling, then you should know what Star did to Rosemary’s arm (on purpose, allegedly). Now, instead of it only being an online story, it’s in the main stream for everyone go discuss. Before the main event, we see a video of Dezmond Xavier. It was basically about where he trained (my home town, Maryland) and how when he went back to Ohio, he got his training from Dave and Jake Christ of OVE who are from there also, and now that they are all in GFW, they are going to take over the Tag Team and X Division. We also see a video of Garza Jr. and where he’s from. We also see Richard Justice “The Standby Wrestler” backstage and even though he’s in pain from what Kongo Kong did to him last week, he’s still doing his squats.

GFW Global Championship Title Match

Eli Drake (c) w/Chris Adonis def Matt Sydal

Sydal is a man who we would usually see in the X Division, but since he beat Lashley, he has had a different feel about him. He is undefeated in GFW and he says he will not be pigeon holed in just one division so he is going after the GFW global championship. The crowd boo’s the champion as no one really likes him much at all. I think he is great in the ring and on the mic so he can totally carry this company, but there is just something about him that oozes loser. The crowd chants “Dummy, yeah”, as Drake holds Sydal on the mat. It doesn’t take long for Sydal to turn on his speed and he tries to take out Drake’s legs. Drake has all of the skills you need to control a smaller guy through an entire match but no one can control Sydal. Sydal has been around awhile and he has been on the big stage but if he can take the title tonight, there won’t be a bigger stage. Adonis tries to get involved and it actually does help Drake take the match back over. He takes it to Sydal over and over but Sydal will not give up and it starts to piss Drake off. On the outside, Drake stands on Sydal’s face. Back in the ring the crowd starts an ” Eli, Sucks” chant and it distracts Drake, this gives Sydal a chance to get some momentum and he attacks the champ. When things look like they are in Sydal’s favor, Adonis sets up Drake with the title and he takes out Sydal with it then hits him with a gravy train for the win. Drake retains the GFW Global Championship.

Another great show this week. Not only did we get to see some great action in the ring, we got to see some footage of Triplemania. I know that a lot of people don’t like GFW but each week there is better and better stories and matches and all around greatness. If people would just give it a chance more often and actually watch the show instead of going by what the internet says then they would learn to appreciate it more. Next weeks show will have some great matches and I can not wait to see it. Until Next Week!

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