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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector

The best hour of WWE is about to begin. This week has a great looking match booked and I for one, can’t wait to see Ohno take on Itami. I’m gonna sit back with my feet up and check out the action.

As this week’s show starts, we see how the Hideo Itami and Kassius Ohno feud started and his things have built up to their no DQ match tonight. It’s going to be a hard hitting one.

Andrade Cien Almas w/Selina Vega def Cezar Bononi

Almas comes out first and heads to the ring. Vega, instead of going to the ring with him, heads to the commentary table. Bononi has gotten a win over Almas once already, but Vega says that this is the new and improved Almas so he won’t be getting a win tonight. The match starts with a hellacious chop to the chest of Bononi that makes the crowd pop super loud. It doesn’t take long for Benoni to get some nice punches and a close line taking Almas to the floor. Almas comes back with another huge chop. Setting Bononi up, Vega yells to Almas to finish him, and that’s exactly what he does is he takes Bononi out clean. It seems like Vega being in Almas life has straightened him up quite a bit.

3 on 1 Handicap Match

Lars Sullivan def 3 unknown jobbers

As of late, Sullivan has been in a bit of trouble with general manager William Regal and last week Regal set up this handicap match. Now Sullivan is a big dude and he is destructive in the ring, but I think that the WWE is pushing him in to much of a “monster” role. He has the look and the attitude and maybe it will work, but giving him 3 men at one time is too much of a Braun Strowman move. We know for sure that this is going to be a squash match because as the match starts, Sullivan tells the referee that he wants all 3 men in the ring at the same time. Of course, they oblige and Sullivan is off with his destruction. Close lines and tosses around the ring makes Sullivan look like a dominating machine. It’s of such non importance that we don’t even see the end of the match, it got cut off before it was even over. Shows you how much NXT is invested Lars Sullivan. We didn’t even find out who the 3 men in the match were either. What a waste of TV time.

We get to see a video from Sanity and they are welcoming to NXT, Bobby Fish, Kyle O’Reilly and Adam Cole. They let them know that Sanity is not scared of who they are or where they came from and they will be seeing them real, real soon.

Sonya Deville def Zeda

Zeta is part of the Mae Young Classic and tonight she will get a chance in the NXT ring. Deville has gotten a bit cocky as of late as shes stepping up her name in NXT’s women’s division. Deville controls things at the start of the match but Zeda has a few tricks of her own. They only work until Deville spears the hell out of her. They get a few seconds on the outside but back in the ring, a knee strike and a triangle armbar takes out Zeda as she taps out. I don’t know whats with tonight but these quick matches arent doing a damn thing for me. Not enough time in the ring for these superstars.

No Disqualification Match

Kassius Ohno def Hideo Itami

Tonights matches have been very short in length, I just hope this match lasts more than 5 minutes. Ohno comes out first, and I know he’s ready for this match as he’s the one who asked for the no disqualification stipulation. Itami comes out slow and nonchalant as he strolls to the ring. These two used to be great friends, but tonight that’s out the window. Ohno controls things first, as he puts Itami to the mat. A slam and a huge suplex puts a hurting on Itami. Ohno got slammed into the ring post and he slips back first onto the steel steps. Itami takes advantage of it right away. Back in the ring, we see some hard ass kicks from Itami, which is followed up by a kick to Ohno’s face. Itami grabs a chair but Ohno grabs it too, and Ohno, with a rolling elbow, hits the chair instead of Itami. Ohno’s on the floor, just taking boots from Itami and asking for more. Back to his feet, Ohno takes it to Itami as he asks him if he wants respect. Ohno hits Itami with an elbow and it sends Itami to the floor. The crowd chants for tables as Ohno strikes Itami on the ramp. A fisherman’s suplex to Ohno on the ramp, hurts him pretty bad. Ohno is in the corner and Itami puts a chair on his head then double stops it into Ohno’s face, but Ohno doesn’t give up. There both back to their feet, and Ohno gives Itami a low blow, then a forearm. With the no DQ rules it’s all legal and Ohno pins Itami for the win.

Regal is in the ring and he calls for Auska to come out. The crowd chants for her as she gets a mic. Regal tells her that shes one of the most dominant champions in WWE history. She has to hand over her NXT women’s title as she will be mending her broken collar bone and when that’s all done she will be moving up to the main roster. The entire locker room empties to send Auska off. Ember Moon comes to the ring and gives Auska a huge hug. Triple H comes out and hands her a boquet of flowers and takes her title. The main roster which ever it maybe, RAW or SDLive, no one is ready for Auska!

The action this week was not looking good until the main event. Then things picked up for sure. The Auska send off was a nice touch as there will never be another Emperess of Tomorrow. The women’s division will be changing drastically as there is no champion at the moment. There are a bunch of hungry women that want a crack at the title and I can not wait to she how things play out. Until Next Week!


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