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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector

“Career Opportunities”

Time for the new episode of Lucha Underground! Ultima Lucha Tres is only a few weeks away and there are still a few Ancient Aztec Medallions to be earned. Tonight we will see who earns a few of them in the Temple. I’m ready to see what happens so here we go!

Ancient Aztec Medallion Match

Drago w/Cobra Moon def The Mack

Drago enters the ring first and when he enters, Moon unchains him so he can fight. Mack comes out next and the believers start their chants. If you have seen the Mack in the ring then you know that he can do just about as much high flying as Drago can. Mack has the power in this match for sure, and he shows it right away with a takedown on Drago. He keeps control and the fans love it. Drago looks a bit distant until he gets to his feet, but Mack gets him in the corner and gives him a running kick to the grill. Moon tries to distract Mack and the ref almost catches her, but the Mack pays a bit too much attention as Drago sneaks in a few kicks, then rolls the Mack up and steals the win and the medallion. This was a pretty quick match, and when Drago and Cobra Moon are raising their hands, Mack gives Drago a stunner. He then goes for Moon, but before he can get to her, Pindar and Vibora run in and attack the Mack. The believers chant “Luchasaurus” as Vibora chokeslams Mack to hell.

Dario Cueto is in the ring and he has a special announcement for next weeks 100th episode of Lucha Underground. First, there will be a match for one of the Ancient Aztec Medallions between Dragon Azteca Jr. and Pentagon Dark. Those two men hate each other so that match will be amazing for sure. Next, Lucha Underground Champion Johnny Mundo and Prince Puma will have an Atomicos match. Mundo will lead the team of Taya, PJ Black and Ricky Mandel and Puma will announce his team later on tonight. Finally the main event of the 100th episode will be the monster Matanza Cueto taking on Rey Mysterio Jr. Dario summons Mysterio to the ring because he has something to say to him. He tells Mysterio that Matanza will have a warm up match tonight against the entire Rabbit Tribe and he is sending Mysterio home for the night so he won’t get involved with that match. Mysterio refuses to leave and Dario tells him that if he stays then he will fire Dragon Azteca Jr. Mysterious protege. Mysterio agrees to leave, but before he leaves, he says that he will finish the Cueto legacy next week and when he’s done with Matanza, he’s coming after Dario.

Five-0 Street Fight for an Ancient Aztec Medallion

Cortez Castro def Joey Ryan

The temple is filled with police and barricades and even a police car. This is the first time I’ve ever seen a match like this. Right away, Ryan attacks first, but it doesn’t last long as Castro sends him to the floor, Ryan tries to run away but with the swat team, in their full gear, block him from running. Things start to get a bit crazy as both men grab a night stick and head back in the ring. With a pair of handcuffs, Ryan busts open the top of Castros head. As he starts to bleed, Ryan attacks with one of the night sticks. The believers chant for him as Ryan goes for a rubber glove. He soaks the glove with baby oil and shoves his hand right up Castro’s ass. Castro sends Ryan through a riot shield head first. Castro gets a bit of a second wind as he goes after Ryan on the floor. The swat team forms a shield barrier around the two men, but a few of them get taken out by the madness. Then the cop car comes into play as Ryan gets his head smashed into it. Both men go for weapon after weapon and with a bat and a sledge hammer, the cop car gets beat to shit. The believers love the hell out of what’s going on in this match. Back in the ring, Ryan sets up a few riot shields in a pile but Castro gets one and takes him down. Ryan goes for a hot pot of coffee but instead Castro dumps it down his trunks. Then he tazes him right in the testicles. Now we get some donuts being thrown and Castro suplexes Ryan off of the announce table to the floor. These two have beat the living hell out of each other and with a can of mace, Castro sprays, Ryan right in the eyes then slams him on the pile of riot shields and gets the win plus the medallion. What a devastating match that was.

Handicap Match

Matanza Cueto w/Dario Cueto def The Rabbit Tribe (Paul London, Saltador & Mala Suerte)

The tribe is in the ring awaiting the monster Matanza. I’m so happy to see (Jeff Cobb) back in a Lucha Underground match. All three men get slammed into each other and right away, we go to the floor. They try to stay on top of Matanza because they know that if they go for him one at a time, then they will get destroyed. With the three staying on top of him, they can keep control. Dropkicks over and over from the tribe make Matanza stumble, but only for a moment as he comes back with the same, drop kicks of his own. London gets a shooting star press on the monster, but even with all 3 men on top of him, he still kicks out of the pin. With his massive power Matanza throws London and Suerte away and pins Saltador for the win. The monster made easy work of the trippy Rabbit Tribe, it only took him about 7 minutes or so. If he did this to 3 men, then what will he do to Rey Mysterio Jr. next week?

Prince Puma is in the ring to announce who his team will be for next week’s Atomicos match against Mundo and his team. Mundo comes out to interrupt him and to let him know that he’s going to take him to slam town at Ultima Lucha Tres. Mundo wants to make the match next week, a title versus mask match. Dario comes out and decides to not make it for Puma’s mask, but for his career instead. Puma answers with a knee to Mundo’s face and agrees to put up his career. We never found out who Puma’s partners will be so that will have to wait until the actual match next week.

I enjoyed this weeks episode as we got to see the monster Matanza Cueto return to the ring. Plus the Five-0 match was a new one for me as I’ve never seen anything like that and it was great. Next week on the 100th episode we are gonna have some amazing matches and I know everyone will be tuning in. Until Next Week!

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