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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector

Global Force Wrestling/Impact has had a change in the landscape as of late. Since the takeover by Jim Cornette and him having control we have a new, and deserving, champion. None other then the “Namer of Dummies” E – Li – Drake! With him winning the gauntlet match and becoming the champion, I’m sure tonight we will hear from him so he can celebrate! Let’s get to the action.

The show starts with the new champion, Eli Drake and Chris Adonis coming out to the ring, both in sharp suits, ready for a celebration. The crowd chants “You Suck” as Drake grabs a microphone. It took 14 years for Drake to finally get to the top of the mountain. He goes on about how he feels about the entire situation. Johnny Impact comes to the ring with a microphone. The crowd chants for him super loud as he climbs in the ring. Impact let’s Drake know that he’s here for the title. Then we have Eddie Edwards come to the ring with his own mic. He let’s Impact know that he out ranks him in GFW and he also wants Drake’s title. Jim Cornette comes out with answers for everyone. He makes a tag match for tonight. Drake and Adonis versus Impact and Edwards. Whoever pins Drake, if he looses the match, will be the man to face him for the title.

Backstage Allie asks Taryn Tarrell why she attacked Gail Kim last week. Terrell asks Allie to give Kim a message for her and she beats the hell out of her. “Make sure she gets that message” she tells her then walks away.

OVE (Dave & Jake Christ) def Mario Bokara & Fallah Bahh

This match here is gonna be a big one. Bokara and Bahh have made a name for themselves since they showed up on impact. OVE comes out and the crowd goes nuts. This will be their biggest challenge since their debut 2 weeks ago. Dave and Bokara start the match and right away the crowd chants for OVE. It takes only moments for the double team from OVE as they lay out Bokara. LAX is in their clubhouse watching the match that’s going on. Bahh gets tagged in and with his size he takes control. Rapid fire combinations lets OVE keep the distance in the match. With Bahh being kicked in the head we see OVE get a Road Warriors type top rope take down on Bokara and they get the quick win. OVE is now 3 and 0 on Impact. Lets see how long they can keep this up.

Cornette talks to Moose and tells him that he has been invited to the Triple A promotion. He also lets him know that Lashley will be there, and he will probably run into him. EC3 comes in and wants to know why he wasn’t invited. Cornette tells him it’s because he will be on Impact defending his Grand Championship.

Petey Williams def Caleb Konley w/Trevor Lee

Williams has not been in an Impact ring in 8 years. Tonight he will be in his first singles match since he has been back. The bell rings and Williams goes right for Konley. The speed keeps the crowd on their feet and they chant for Williams. Williams was the very first man to do the Canadian Destroyer and now to this day everyone uses that move. Konley twists Williams neck in the middle of the ring. Lee, on the outside, yells his head off at the ref and at Konley, but Williams doesn’t let it get to him. The 2 are throwing each other around the ring as only the X Division stars do in the 6 sided circle. Konley is on the mat and Williams tries to capitalize but Lee gets up on the apron. Williams pushes Konley into Lee and then leaps over the top rope, right into a head scissors take down that leaves Lee out on the floor. Back in the ring, Williams takes out Konley with a Canadian Destroyer and gets the win. Lee attacks Williams after the match but the X Division Champion, Sonjay Dutt, comes out and saves him.

Taryn and Sienna are talking and Karen Jarrett steps in and tells Taryn that what she did to Allie earlier was in called for. She let’s them know that next week they will be in a tag team match against Allie and Gail Kim.

Kongo Kong def Richard Justice

The stand by wrestler finally gets his chance in the ring tonight. We saw Justice in the gauntlet match last week but he did not last very long. Maybe tonight he will have himself a bit of luck, but I don’t think so. When Justice comes out he looks completely lost. Kong, on the other hand, knows just where the ring is. These 2 are pretty much the same size, but Kong is much more deadly. Justice does his best to try and take Kong down, but it doesn’t work for him. Kong beats him down, climbs to the top rope, and gives him a huge splash, then pins him. Kong stomps away on Justice after the bell but Mahabali Shera comes out and stops Kong by sending him out of the ring.

LoKi def “Cowboy” James Storm

Storm has been out of action since his concussion he suffered at Slammiversary, but he finally got his bearings back and he’s ready for a fight tonight. LoKi, on the other hand, is ready for a fight always, and he has LAX behind him now. The crowd loves the TNA original Storm as he brings his own kind of energy into the room. LoKi attacks first and it seems like he may try and take advantage of the concussion Storm suffered. It doesn’t take long for LAX to get involved. They made sure the ref didn’t see it, of course. Storm comes back and starts to throw LoKi around a bit, LAX uses the numbers again and LoKi uses that to his advantage again. In the middle of the ring Storm kicks out of the pin attempt by LoKi. Storms, eyes look a bit glazed as he tries to gain his composure. The crowd is split as half of the room chants for Storm and the other half for LoKi. Storm gains momentum and flys around the ring taking LoKi to the mat again and again. A sling shot by Storm lets LoKi turn it into an off the ropes double stomp on Storms chest. Both men look exhausted, but Storm gets to his feet first, only to let Loki take him down again. A distraction by LAX again almost gets Storm disqualified but Konan pulls the ref aside and Santana takes Storm out with the tag team title. This lets LoKi get the win. LAX always fights in numbers, never one on one.

Allie and Braxton Sutter are backstage and Allie is nursing her head wound for earlier. Garza Jr. comes in and asks if she’s OK but Sutter doesn’t take to kindly to the situation. Grado and Laurel talk to Parks about their wedding. They go over their check list and guest list and when Laurel let’s them know that her family is from Canada, things get quite complicated.

An interview with Bobby Lashley is next. He has not made a decision on weather or not to leave or stay in professional wrestling. His team wants him to go strictly MMA but he’s not ready for that.

Eli Drake (c) & Chris Adonis def Eddie Edwards & Johnny Impact

The champ and Adonis come to the ring first ready to fight. Edwards is out next and finally, Impact. The crowd is deafening as Impact comes to the ring. Adonis and Edwards start off the match and Edwards controls the arm of Adonis. The crowd chants “We Want Johnny” and Edwards tags him in. All 4 of these men are main eventers and this match is completely a top match and it could be anywhere. Adonis and Drake keep Impact on the mat for a moment. Impact gets some high flying going with a cork screw over the turnbuckle to the floor, taking Drake down. Whenever Impact is in a match you can count on some kind of exciting move from him, eventually. In the ring Impact controls Drake until Adonis comes in with huge clubbing blows. The 2 keep Impact off his feet, and that’s the best thing they can do if they want to keep ahead in the match. A tag was not seen by the ref so Impact stays in the match and Edwards can’t come in yet. Over and over we get a back and forth with Drake and Adonis getting ahead and almost winning. Then we see Impact with high risk moves that wow the crowd. Edwards gets himself some amazing moves also, but Impact stays in the match for the majority of the time. The crowd is behind Impact this entire match. All 4 men are exhausted crawling on the mat, but Impact finds a way to almost win. Adonis comes in with the save, allowing Drake to get the win and retain his title. Neither man, Impact or Edwards, will get the first shot at the title around Drake’s waist.

Lashley and his crew come to ringside but Cornette stops them as they are not supposed to be there anyway. He tells Lashley that if he or his boys touch the ring then Lashley will be suspended and will not go to Mexico for his up coming match. Cornette also let’s Drake know that next week he will put the title on the line against Matt Sydal.

Wow I can not wait for next week, its gonna rock out loud!! Until Then!

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