Fight Club Pro Present’s: International Tekkers Night 2, 25/8/17


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By Mark Worrall @hoohoowozza

The Wolverhampton based promotion Fight Club Pro hosted their monthly show from their home venue of the Starworks Warehouse which was suitably titled International Trekkers 2 as a continuation of their previous months show. However, due to circumstances beyond their control, FCP were dealt a couple of blows as Jeff Cobb and Rey Fenix, both scheduled to be on the show were unable to make it, alongside the missing British Strong Style who were still in the United States, the show felt a little subdued to begin with as the customary Trent Seven pre-show talk was not to be heard and a reshuffle of the card left the on looking crowd wondering what was to happen. Of course Fight Club Pro put out another great show which to be honest was never in doubt.

Omari, Millie McKenzie & Kyle Fletcher defs. Mark Davis, Fire Ant & Shane Strickland

A really good opening six-man tag to begin the show which for me centred around the lone female in the match, Coventry born Millie McKenzie, who stood out throughout the match that featured four from the Fight Club Pro dojo that seems to be producing some outstanding talent that easily secures the future of Wrestling in the UK. McKenzie’s attitude and no fear persona was evident as she mixed it up with the others to provide a really good match where the action never seemed to stop with Davis doing big man moves that included piledriving McKenzie that looked pretty devastating to the viewers eye! Omari’s rise through the Fight Club ranks would see him pick up the pin for his team with McKenzie really showcasing her talents throughout.

Session Moth Martina defs. Dan Moloney by DQ

I have to be honest; Dan Moloney should not be wasting his time here! However, this match was ok, and for a comedy spot, both Moloney and Martina knocked out a pretty decent match. Obviously Moloney bullied his way through the match sending Martina at one point head first into the railings which was a crazy bump for anybody to take. Throwing referee Joel into the buckle invited Martina’s main squeeze Shay into the match who hit a stunner on Moloney after Martina had delivered a low blow that enabled Martina to pick up the win. However, Joel reversed the decision, kind of, into a dq only win for the Session moth keeping Moloney’s undefeated streak intact. The match basically set up another match between Moloney and Shay at the upcoming September shows!

Jordan Devlin defs. David Starr

Excellent match here with Fight Club’s biggest heel at the moment Devlin taking on the American Starr who has become a star on the Indie scene at the moment with some terrific performances which he repeated here frustrating the Irishman as Starr controlled a large portion of the early settings of the match until Devlin, who himself impressed by hitting a cutter from the apron evening up the bout that witnessed a strong exchange of Lariats at one point that was clearly awesome. However it would be Devlin’s night as he nailed a package piledriver on Starr to pick up a really good win. Great match.

Jimmy Havoc/Clint Margera defs. Anti fun police, the Hunter Brothers and Bowlarama.

This match was utterly ridiculous, and I loved everything about it! None of the guys in the match were afraid to put their bodies in harm’s way as most of them took head shots that would make a WWE executive squirm! As expected the match went around the warehouse with almost any object available being used as a weapon! Jimmy Havoc was his usual brilliant self and pinning Damian Dunne gave himself and Margera the victory after initially issuing an open challenge.

Mark Haskins defs. Chuck Taylor

This was my first viewing of Chuck Taylor as he faced the usual intensity that follows Haskins in every match that he wrestles. Haskins spent most of the match looking for that elusive submission hold to force his opponent to tap, securing an arm bar from a Taylor missed moonsault that he managed to escape. Haskins again found an arm bar after Taylor kicked out of a Michanoku driver attempt. Taylor reversed his fortunes by sending Haskins into a chair and followed up by flipping onto Haskins which aided Taylor into controlling the offence with Taylor too looking for a Michanoku driver to put his opponent away. Haskins resilience paid off as the submission move he so desperately looked for came in the form of his patterned Sharpshooter that forced Taylor to tap in what was a great wrestling match from start to finish.

Fight Club Pro Championship

Chris Brookes (c) defs. Travis Banks

This was Chris Brooke’s first defence since capturing the FCP title back at ‘Stranger than Fixxion’ in June, and Brooke’s went straight for Banks from the off sending the New Zealander through an array of chairs as the match went aggressively around the room before making it back to the ring as the always intense Banks withstood the offence of the champion no selling a German Suplex frustrating Brooke’s who returned to using the furniture as an aid that saw referee Shay stopping the champ from using the chair and then finding himself as an aid himself as Brooke’s lifted Shay hitting a notorious sick move usually performed with tag partner Lycos. Banks did force Brooke’s to tap, however Joel noticed the champions foot on the rope and within all the confusion Brooke’s rolled up the challenger picking up the win. All the commotion included Kyle Fletcher coming to the assistance of Banks, however, Fletcher’s interference may have cost Banks the match and even though Fletcher apologised, a programme between the two may be on the cards.

So another Fight Club Pro show is in the books so to speak, and although a slightly depleted roster for this show, Fight Club Pro still delivered, but they always do

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