Wrestling 365 – 9/30

September 30, 2017 Liam Byrne 0

Jack Swagger vs Lenny Lane 9/30/08 Not every day in wrestling history is born equal. Whilst some days are chock full of huge title changes, events and pay-per-views, some have a smattering of uninteresting matches […]

Wrestling 365 – 9/29

September 30, 2017 Liam Byrne 0

Ricky Steamboat © vs Scott Steiner 9/29/92 WCW Television Title Match It speaks of the ability Scott Steiner had in the ring earlier on in his career that he seemed to eclipse his brother Rick, […]

GFW Impact Review, 27/9/17

September 30, 2017 Andrew Sparling 0

By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector “Victory Road” Victory Road is upon us and tonight is gonna be jam packed with a bunch of amazing matches. Just about every single title in GFW/Impact will be fought over […]

WWE Round-Up 29th September 2017

September 29, 2017 Ciaran 0

By Ciaran James @TheCiaranJames Welcome to my new feature, I for one find keeping up with weekly WWE programming very exhausting. Between RAW, SD, 205Live & NXT there is 7 hours of programming, and that’s […]

Wrestling 365 – 9/28

September 28, 2017 Liam Byrne 0

By Liam Byrne @tvtimelimit Ric Flair © vs Magnum TA 9/28/85 NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match Over a six month period, Magnum TA would face off against Ric Flair at least twenty times as he […]

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