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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector

Its that time again! Wednesday night, 8 o clock and the WWE Network is humming. NXT is about to begin. Things are going to change in the NXT universe and tonight, I’m sure we will find some things out.

The show starts with Sanity and all of the security lying on the ground. Regal steps in the picture to see just what the hell is happening. Inside a Full Sail, the new NXT champion Drew McIntyre comes to the ring to bask in his success of defeating Bobby Roode. In the ring with mic in hand, the champ puts the whole locker room on notice. This is Drew McIntyre’s world now and whoever wants a shot at the title just needs to look him in the eyes and ask for a fight. Roderick Strong is the first one to come to the ring. They exchange some words and McIntyre leaves.

Peyton Royce w/Billie Kay def Ruby Riot

Riot has been in a kind of battle with both Royce and Kay lately. She took out Kay 3 weeks ago and tonight she will try and take out the other half of the iconic duo. The crowd is split with their chants as they chant for both women. Riot controls Royce by holding onto her head. Riot has such speed and always gets some quick moves, like the drop kick she takes Royce down with. Royce, on the other hand, always takes advantage of the obvious opportunity that appears right in front of her. Riot gets tossed to the floor and it takes her a moment to get herself together. She takes her anger out on Royce as she gets some beautiful kicks, taking Royce to her knees. To the top rope, Royce tries to suplex Riot, but Riot stops her. Kay tries for a distraction, but the Death Valley Driver to Riot still doesn’t win it for Royce. Royce heads to the outside and Riot suicide dives taking the duo to the floor. Kay gives her a big boot laying her out and Royce pulls Riot back in the ring and pins her with a fisherman’s suplex.

Heavy Machinery (Tucker Knight & Otis Dozovic) def Tavin Awheel & Edwin Negran

This is pretty much a squash match to make Machinery look tough. The tag team they are facing are a pretty good size team but they are no match for Knight and Dozovic at all. It’s just devastating move after move by both of Machinery and they finish the two off with a compactor. It doesn’t matter who the legal man was for the other team because Dozovic pinned both men to win the match. “Steaks & Weights”!!

Roderick Strong def Bobby Roode

Roode lost his title to new champion McIntyre and we all know that Roode has moved on to Smackdown Live, but before he left he let everyone know that he had unfinished business to take care of. Tonight is the first piece of that business and that being a match with Strong. It’s been a while since we have seen a superstar get moved to the main roster, then come back to NXT, but he has to finish things in this chapter of his life. The crowd has mixed feelings as we get some boo’s mixed with the cheers. The bell rings and the match is underway. Strong strikes first and the fists start flying. An amazing drop kick makes Roode think twice while he’s on the mat. The pace of things are in a quick speed, as Strong is taking it to Roode with innovative backbreakers. On the apron, Roode sends Strong into the ring post and we end up on the floor. Roode now gets a leg up as he puts Strong into the steel steps and then gives him a hard spine buster on the floor. We get back in the ring and Roode still has control of things. Move after move, Roode gets more cocky and he starts to gloat. He stretches Strongs arms back and puts his knee between his shoulder blades. Forearms fly from both men until Strong gets yet another great backbreaker. Things start to slow a bit as both men are starting to get exhausted. Strong gets a leg up now as he keeps Roode from coming off the top rope. The crowd chants for both men and Strong uses that to come with a superplex, but Roode kicks out of the pin attempt. “This is Awesome” fills with a room and we get kicks and punches from both men until Roode hits a glorious DDT. Roode starts to get Strongs face and talks about his family, that gives Strong fuel to hit 2 nice back breakers and to pin Roode completely clean. Finally Strong finishes the Bobby Roode chapter of his life. McIntyre comes out and holds up the title and points at Strong. From behind Fish, O’Reilly and Cole attack the champion. They get chased out of the building and as they are leaving they say that you will never know when we will show up, this is our and NXT now.

What an awesome main event that was. NXT never seems to disappoint me. On top of all the action in the ring we had another glimpse of the new “faction” trying to takeover NXT. As the weeks come, I’m sure things will get better and better. Until Next Week!

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