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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector

“Havoc Running Wild”

It’s time for another episode of Lucha Underground. With everyone gearing up for Ultama lucha trace, you can feel the excitement in the air. Tonight is going to be madness. As we will see two bikers beating the hell out of each other in the main event. I know I can’t wait so let’s get to the action.

Son of Madness def Mascarita Sagrada

Madness is in the ring with Son of Havoc’s cut and he lays it on the turnbuckle as he waits for the honorary member of Havoc’s biker gang Sagrada. This is a completely uneven match as Madness is damn near 3 times the size of a Sagrada. The crowd is completely behind Sagrada as he shows some great moves in the ring. Madness ends up on the outside during the match, but Sagrada cannot capitalize on it. Madness finishes Sagrada early and right away Havoc runs to the ring and attacks Madness. He is beating the hell out of him and Dario comes out and calls security to break them up. Paul London comes out and carries Sagrada to the back. With security holding Havoc and Madness, Dario decides to make tonights main event a Boyle Heights Biker Brawl between the two and it will be for one of the 7 Ancient Aztec Medallions.

Marty “The Moth” Martinez def Argenis

This is Argenis first match back since the first round of the Cueto Cup where Pentagon Dark broke his arm. Marty gets some devastating moves on Argenis, but Argenis has some ring rust so it’s kind of expected. Marty got his hands on the Argenis mask and rips it exposing his face. On the outside, both men eat a bit of wood from the bleachers, Argenis has a leg up until Mariposa bounces him off the ring post. That move busts Argenis wide open and blood covers his face quickly. Back in the ring, Marty does what he can to try and get the win. Argenis gets blood all over Marty’s arm but Marty has no care about it. Marty gets the pin and Argenis can hardly move. To put the icing on the cake, Marty rips the mask completely off of the bloody face of Argenis and holds it high. The ref gives Argenis a towel to cover his face as Marty just committed the utmost disrespect by removing Argenis mask. The believers boo the hell out of Marty but all he can do is laugh and wipe blood on his face. Mariposa takes the microphone from ring announcer Melissa and gives it to her brother. He talks very creepy to Melissa telling her that the mask he really wants is the man she loves mask. That man is Fenix. He throws out a challenge to Fenix at Ultama Lucha Tres. Fenix runs out and kicks the hell out of Marty and then out of Mariposa. The believers go nuts and chant “Animo”, he agrees to a mask versus hair match.

Joey Ryan def Sexy Star

Ryan lathers himself with baby oil as he waits for Star to come to the ring. He places his blow pop in his trunks and the match begins. Star gets some high flying moves, keeping Ryan on the mat for most of the start of the match. She gets some bitch slaps on Ryan and Ryan almost throws Star into the ref. Taya comes to the ring with a sign that says “Go Sexy Star” and it distracts Star. Ryan takes a lick of his disgusting blow pop as Star tries to gain her composure. Giving Ryan some tosses around the ring by his chest hair, she puts the trolling by Taya in the back of her mind. It finally pisses her off as she takes Taya out on the outside and rips up her sign. When she goes back in the ring, Ryan takes her out and gets the win. Star lays on the mat and Ryan takes his blow pop and tries to put it in her mouth but Cortez runs in and attacks him with a kendo stick beating him until he can get away.

Boyle Heights Biker Brawl

Son of Havoc def Son of Madness

This match has been building ever since Dario put Havoc against Madness in the first round of the Cueto Cup. Tonight they get to beat the hell out of each other. The believers boo Madness as he makes his way to the ring and its the complete opposite for Havoc when he comes out. Havoc attacks first and the belivers chant “Biker Brawl” as he beats away on Madness. Things don’t stay in the ring long at all. A trash can is used first and Madness takes it right to the forehead. On the bleachers Havoc slams Madness hard. This match will be brutal the entire time being not only a brawl but a biker brawl and everyone knows how bikers fight. The action moves to the second level of the bleachers as Madness throws Havoc onto the believers. They boo and chant “You Suck” as he stands over the limp Havoc. Havoc stomps on Madness back and leaves footprints on his back and the believers go nuts about it. Nothing but destruction, and most of it is to their bodies, is what happens through this entire match. Back in the ring Madness is limping and Havoc suplexes him back to the floor. Havoc suicide dives right onto him. They get back in the squared circle as only a pin or submission can win this match and it has to happen inside the ring. It looks as Madness is going to take the win and Havoc just will not give in. Madness brings a trashcan in the ring but even a death valley driver onto it won’t take Havoc out. So Madness gets himself a hammer and a few beer bottles. He goes at Havoc with the hammer but Havoc makes him eat a bottle. Havoc then hits a shooting star press and pins Madness. He wins the medallion and he gets his cut back. Madness lays in the ring motionless.

This week was killer. Just like every episode of Lucha Underground, we got to see the best out of everyone that had a match tonight. We inch ever so close to Ultama Lucha Tres and tonight Son of Havoc took the 4th Ancient Aztec Medallion for his chance at the gift of the GODs. Until Next Week!


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