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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector

GFW Impact is upon us once again! This being the first show after Destination X we should be in for something special this week. With Alberto El Patron stripped of the title we get to see a 20 man gauntlet match and we will for sure have a brand new GFW/Impact champion come the end of the night. I’m ready are you? Here we go!

OVE (Dave & Jake Christ) def The Heatseekers

The bell rings and all hell breaks loose. The brothers start with a double dive taking the Heatseekers out on the floor. Jake gets sometime in the ring and he dominates severely. Dave tags in and hits one of the Heatseekers with a beautiful senton taking him to the mat. Tagging back and forth is OVE’s forte as they use double teaming to a T. One of the Heatseekers tries to help his partner but gets stopped by Dave who gives him a nice kick to the chest. The other Heatseeker, in the ring, gets taken out with a double kick by the brothers. OVE gets the win tonight. What a dominate match this was.

A look at the match between Gail Kim and Sienna is next up. Taryn Terrell comes out to the ring and is greater with boo’s from the crowd. She takes the microphone from Jeremy Borash and gives an explanation of her actions last week. As she runs her mouth, Kim comes out and tries to attack Terrell but Terrell runs away. We get a look at some of the Impact/GFW on the road. A word from a few of the men that a in the gauntlet match tonight is shown and they all have their opinion on how they are gonna win and become the new GFW Champion. Lashley and his team comes in Cornette’s office to bitch about what happened last week.

Grado has been trying for the past few weeks to get a date with a Knockout. Laurel Van Ness showed a bit of interest but every time Grado even tried to talk to her, Kongo Kong got involved. Tonight Grado will give his American farewell speech as he never found someone to marry him so he could stay in the country. Grado and Joseph Park come to the ring and Grado has a mic. The crowd gets behind him with chants, they don’t want him to go. Park apologizes that he couldn’t do more for him to help him stay. Grado gives a lost of food that he will miss and he will miss the fans too. A “Thank You Grado, Please Don’t Go” chant fills the room. Laurel Van Ness music hits and she has finally cleaned herself up thanks to Grado. She gets on one knee and asks Grado to marry her. He says yes and doesn’t have to leave after all. Of course Kongo Kong has to come out but Mahabali Shera blocks him from getting to the ring and Kong backs off. Back in Cornette’s office, he gives some advice to Eddie Edwards about the gauntlet match tonight. LAX is in their club house getting ready for the gauntlet match tonight also.

Gauntlet for the Gold Match

The refs of the match bring out the title and show it off for a moment. The first two participants are about to enter. Number One is none other then Eddie Edwards. Number Two is Eli Drake, he had number one but he argued with Cornette and got bumped to number two. Every 90 seconds another man will enter the ring. The only way to be eliminated is to be tossed over the top rope and both of your feet touch the floor. When it gets down to the last two men then it turns into a one fall one on one match. Number Three comes out and its Mario Bokara. Him and Drake double team Edwards but they stomp him on the mat not try to get him over the top. Number Four, Eddie Kingston, who we haven’t seen in awhile is back and he wants to make an impact. We have four men battling in the ring as the clock counts down. Number Five will be Braxton Sutter. He comes in with some clotheslines to everyone. Bokara suplexes Drake in the middle of the ring. We have Number Six coming out now and it’s Richard Justice “The Standby Wrestler”. He has never had a match in GFW or on the impact show before. Justice is a big guy and that helps in an over the top rope match. Everyone is fighting and he decides to do some squats in the corner. Number Seven, EC3 runs to the ring and wants to team with Justice and take everyone out but instead eliminates Justice instead. We now have the first elimination Richard Justice. Bokara almost goes over the top. Number Eight is the huge Kongo Kong and things may change a bit in that ring. Kong eliminates Bokara and Kingston right after. The rest of the ring beat on Kong as Number Nine, Suicide comes in and off the top rope takes down the pile. He gets some great moves off but he needs to stay grounded so he doesn’t get tossed out. Number Ten is up next its Mahabali Shera who goes right after Kong and eliminates him. Here we go now with Number Eleven and its Chris Adonis. He goes right in and helps Drake out by eliminating Shera. Chops all over the ring fill the room. Number Twelve, El Hijo Del Fantasma runs in with some flying and some power on EC3. The madness in the ring is met with Number Thirteen its the man Johnny Impact! The crowd goes nuts over (Mundo) or Impact I mean. He takes out Adonis and then Suicide. Number Fourteen, Garza Jr. comes out next and goes after Impact then kicks out Sutter. Number Fifteen is the big man Fallah Bahh, the biggest man on the GFW roster for sure. Everyone is on the mat trying to catch their breath but they all decide to go after Bahh but they can’t get him over. Number Sixteen is KM and he goes right for Impact. EC3 tries to take out Impact as Number Seventeen enters its Taiji Ishimori. The ring is getting full and Ishimori takes down KM. Number Eighteen is “Walking Armageddon” Bobby Lashley who makes his way in and takes out KM and then Bahh. Then Ishimori gets thrown out. Number Nineteen being Moose, is ready for the match as he makes his way to the ring. Garza super kicks Moose but Moose throws him right over the top. With Number Twenty in, that being Loki, we have every man in the ring that will be in the match. Impact and Loki go at it a bit. Fantasma gets eliminated by EC3. We are down to seven men in the match and number one and number two are still in there. EC3 gets eliminated and he’s pissed. Loki gets tossed out by Lashley and we are down to 5. Lashley takes down Edwards and Impact, while Moose and Drake go at it. Moose and Lashley back into each other and then start throwing fists. A drop kick by Moose sends Lashley to the floor and he is out. Then Edwards pulls Moose over the top and takes him out. We are down to three men and two of them were number one and number two. Drake hangs by his feet while Impact and Edwards go at each other. Getting back in the ring, Drake goes through the middle rope and pulls Impact to the floor. We now have a one on one match, it’s Edwards versus Drake. Both men started the gauntlet and they made it all the way to the end. Both go for a pin attempts but both want it so bad they keep kicking out. Edwards gets taken out by Drake, and Drake becomes the new GFW heavyweight champion.

While Drake is celebrating his first ever heavyweight championship win, Lashley’s MMA friends are attacking the referee again, just like at Destination X. Things are getting nuts with the MMA guys coming to Lashley’s matches I’m sure something will be done about it to stop all the madness. Either way this week was one hell of a show. We have a brand new GFW Heavyweight Champion it E-Li-Drake! Dummy Yeah! Dummy Yeah! I can’t wait for all the to gold about to pour out of the new champion. Until Next Week!


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