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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector

SummerSlam is upon us and things are gonna heat up tonight for sure. We have many matches tonight and titles on the line too. The energy is buzzing after last nights TakeOver and I’m looking forward to what’s gonna happen tonight. Here we go!

Kick Off Show

6Man Tag Match

The Miz (c) & The Miztourage w/ Maryse def Jason Jordan & The Hardy Boyz

Miz and his Miztourage are at ringside waiting for the Hardy’s and Jordan to come to the ring. Matt and Axel start the match but it doesn’t take long for Jeff to tag in and we get a poetry in motion. He takes Axel down then tags in Jordan. Axel finds a way to tag in Dallas but Jordan controls Dallas by him arm. The Delete chants start and Matt tags in and takes over Dallas arm. When Matt goes for a tag, we get a mess in the ring with everyone coming in but the Hardy’s, Jeff in particular, controls things and we end up with him and Dallas in the ring. Jeff has Dallas in the middle of the ring and he goes up top but he’s in the wrong corner as Axel knocks him off. The Miz comes in now that his team is ahead and he keeps Jeff on the mat. Miz mocks Jordan as he beats on Jeff. Axel tags in and gets a stretch on Jeff. Jeff takes both Miz and Dallas out then tags Matt back in. Matt gets a double take down on Miz and Dallas. Miz gets a short DDT on Matt and controls the match now. He gets his “it kicks” on Matt but Matt answers with a side effect. Jordan and Axel are in the ring now and Jordan uses his strength and throws Axel around a bit. Everyone hits the ring and the ref can’t control things so a tag to Miz is not seen by Jordan and Miz hits him with a skull crushing finale and wins the match for his team. WWE dropped the ball with having this match on the kick off show. The arena is still empty and noone got to see th match.

Cruiserweight Championship Title Match

Neville def Akira Tozawa (c) w/Titus O’Neil

Neville comes to the ring first and waits for Tozawa. The champ comes to the ring hype and ready to defend what’s his now. Neville controls things first as he takes Tozawa to his knees. Tozawa answers with a beautiful dropkick. Neville, on the outside, stares at the champ. Tozawa takes him down as soon as he comes back in the ring. The action heads to the outside and Neville throws Tozawa hear first into the LED screen on the ring apron. Neville heads to the top rope and hits a dropkick taking Tozawa to the mat. Neville controls things now and he starts to get cocky as he poses for the crowd. Neville holds a headlock on Tozawa in the middle of the ring. O’Neil tries to get a chant for Tozawa started. With Neville on the outside again, Tozawa hits a suicide dive taking him down. Back in the ring, Tozawa uses his speed taking Neville down with an over head suplex. Going to the top, Tozawa goes for his senton but Neville moves. Tozawa gets an octopus on Neville but he gets out. Back and forth moves and pin attempts give the champ momentum. Kicks from both men change the pace of things. Neville goes for Tozawa’s injured shoulder but Tozawa comes back with vicious forearms. On the top rope, the two battle back and forth sending Neville to the mat. Neville gets the knees up on Tozawa’s senton bomb. Neville heads up the ropes and hits the red arrow winning back the cruiserweight championship.

Elias Sampson is in the ring to sing a song for the people of Brooklyn. The crowd boo’s louder then he can even sing. He decides to sing another song and the crowd claps along.

SDLive Tag Team Championship Title Match

The Usos (Jimmy & Jay) def The New Day (c)(Big E & Xavier Woods) w/Kofi Kingston

The Usos come out first and wait for the New Day. The New Day comes out wearing Red Lantern vests as a tribute to DC Comics. Woods and Jimmy start the match and Woods takes control. He chops Jimmy in the corner, then rips his shirt off him and chops some more. Woods goes for a jump and Jimmy uppercuts him taking him to the mat. Back from a break, Jimmy is controlling Woods in the middle of the ring. He gives Woods back what Woods did to him at the beginning of the match. Jimmy tries to take Woods off the top rope but misses and hits the floor. Woods gets a dropkick on Jay, taking him down in the ring. With Woods on the outside, the Usos double team him and throw him back in the ring. Kingston tries to psyche up Big E on the outside as Woods gets beat down in the ring. A headlock keeps Woods down as Jimmy holds it tight. Jimmy slows down as Woods struggles to get up. Reversing a backdrop, Woods take Jay to the mat. Big E tags in and cleans house taking Jay down hard. He powerbombs Woods on to Jay, then Woods gets Big E in an electric chair and he slams Big E on Jay. Close call pin attempts almost win things for the Usos but Big E won’t give up. Woods and Jimmy, in the ring, trade chops and forearms. Back to the outside we have flying from the Usos, an off the top from both Jimmy and Jay take both Big E and Woods down hard. Woods ties Jay up in a submission but can’t get him to tap. The excitement fills the arena, a “this is awesome” chant fills the air. The New Day get an amazing double team but still can’t get the win. On the outside all four men take each other down. Big E get the Usos back in the ring but it turns into a double splash onto Big E and the Usos win the SDLive Tag Team Championships back.

SummerSlam 2017

The show is ready to start. With the two hour kick off show over, and three matches out of the way, we are ready for the show we have all been waiting for. The first match is kicking things off.

John Cena def Baron Corbin

Cena comes out and the whole crowd sings along, “John Cena Sucks”. Corbin enters the arena and heads to the ring pissed off at Cena because of how he lost his Money in the Bank briefcase. This is gonna be a fight for sure. Cena runs and taunts Corbin and the crowd starts the chant again. They finally tie up and Corbin takes control. He explodes on Cena dazing him. Corbin gets a hard clothesline and Cena really doesn’t know where he is. Fists from Cena turn into a slam by Corbin. Taking to much of an interest in what the audience has to say is gonna be Corbin’s downfall. The WWE universe chants ” where’s your briefcase” and Cena comes back but only for a moment. Corbin gets Cena with a chokeslam back breaker and it hurts Cena bad. Cena goes up top and hits a spinning DDT. Corbin comes back with a deep six but Cena kicks out of the pin. Corbin takes his shirt off and attacks Cena but this time Cena gets a clothesline. He then gets Corbin with an AA and pins him clean.

SDLive Women’s Championship Title Match

Natalya def Naomi (c)

Natalya comes out first wearing a jacket in tribute to the Heart dynasty. The champ comes out and heads to the ring. The bell rings and Natalya attacks. Naomi comes back and Natalya runs to the outside. Naomi goes out after her with a flip taking her down. Natalya, back in the ring, slams Naomi’s leg across the top rope then slingshots her into the ring post. Back in the ring Natalya takes Naomi down in the corner. A snap suplex from Natalya let’s her stay in control. A lazy cover doesn’t win it for Natalya as Naomi turns it into a roll up. Trying for a comeback, Naomi gets a nice kick but a submission let’s Natalya get ahead. Naomi gets a Russian leg sweep off the second rope and the two hit the mat. Naomi gets her glow time kicks but Natalya catches her foot then kicks her in the face. Naomi comes back with an exploder into the corner on Natalya. They move to the middle of the ring and Natalya gets a sharpshooter locked it. It took Natalya a secord sharpshooter but she made Naomi tap out. Its been 6 long years but Natalya is finally SDLive Women’s champion.

Enzo in a Cage Match

Big Cass def Big Show

Enzo comes to the ring in Enzo fashion and does his microphone bit. Cass music hits and the ref puts Enzo in the cage and its raised up. Cass gets in the ring and Enzo and him have some words. Show comes to the ring and the match starts. Enzo runs his mouth to Cass during the two beating on each other below. Show’s right hand is wrapped up because of Cass and Gallows and Anderson so its gonna be hard for him to do much. He falls on his had trying to get moves done and you can see the agony in his face. Show goes for a splash but Cass moves out of the way. Show did his knock out punch but it wasn’t as powerful with the wrapped up hand. Cass takes advantage of Show’s disadvantage and stomps and punches Show’s hand. Show gets a chokeslam with his left hand but Cass gets up from it. Meanwhile, Enzo is taking his clothes off in the cage. He uses baby oil on his body to squeeze through the bars of the cage. He gets through and drops to the mat and eats a boot from Cass as soon as he hits. Cass then gets Show with two big boots and pins him for the win.

Randy Orton def Rusev

Orton comes out and right away Rusev attacks him. He beats the hell out of Orton on the outside. They get in the ring and the ref gets Orton to his feet and the bell rings. Orton hits an RKO out of nowhere and pins Rusev. The match was not even 30 seconds.

RAW Women’s Championship Title Match

Sasha Banks def Alexa Bliss (c)

Banks comes to the ring with a peacock looking thing around her head. She waits for the champ to come to the ring. Bliss enters and the match starts. The 2 circle each other and Bliss is the aggressor right away. The ref breaks them up in the corner and Bliss gets a hard forearm taking Banks down. Bliss tries to take out Banks but she gets a nice kick. Banks gets wrapped up in the corner and ends up on her face. Bliss sits on the top buckle and hangs Banks in a choke then throws her to the mat. Bliss keeps going for a choke or a hair pull instead of an actual move. She gets frustrated because Banks kicks out of every single pin attempt. Banks gets a kick and it puts both women on the mat. Back up, Banks gets a nice short clothesline but can’t get a pin. A kick to the face causes Bliss to stumble to the corner. After knees to her face, Banks gets Bliss in the bank statement but Bliss grabs the rope. The two end up on the outside and the ref starts a 10 count but they beat it back in the ring. Bliss throws Banks back to the floor and she almost doesn’t make it back in before another 10 count. On the top rope, Bliss goes for a splash but Banks doesn’t give up. She gets another bank statement and wrenches Bliss’s back hard and makes her tap. The Boss is now RAW Women’s Champion for the 4th time.

“The Demon King” Finn Balor def Brey Wyatt

Wyatt comes out first and when he gets to the ring the lights go out and Balor’s music hits. Balor comes out as the Demon King. Balor is in the ring and Wyatt hesitates to enter. Wyatt strikes first but Balor comes right back with massive kicks. Wyatt runs to the outside and Balor fly’s after him. Wyatt tries to use his evilness but Balor has his own evilness. Balor fly’s over the top rope again onto Wyatt and things start to happen on the outside. Back in the ring Wyatt has control as he tries for a pin. He holds Balor in a headlock but Balor gets out and throws some strikes. Wyatt goes for sister Abigail but Balor hits a Pele kick and takes control back. Back on the outside Balor kicks Wyatt clean out. He throws him back in the ring and Wyatt his a running senton. Talking to himself, Wyatt says “I got him”. Balor comes out of it and they end up on the outside again. He throws Wyatt into the barricade super hard. Back in the ring Wyatt hits a nice clothesline but Balor gets a slingblade and it sets Wyatt up in position for Balor’s Ku da gras. He hits it and pins Wyatt clean.

RAW Tag Team Championship Title Match

Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins def Sheamus & Cesaro (c)

Sheamus and Cesaro come out first and hit the ring. Rollins comes out first and waits for Ambrose. They race to the ring and the four men stare each other down. Sheamus and Ambrose start off the match. Ambrose controls things as Rollins tags it. Sheamus works over to Cesaro and tags him in. Both Ambrose and Rollins work over Cesaro then Cesaro takes Ambrose to the floor and Sheamus takes him down with a borough kick. Rollins fly’s over the top rope but bets caught by Sheamus and Cesaro and they slam him hard. Back in the ring, Rollins gets beatdown as Cesaro holds him in a headlock. Rollins gets out of it but it doesn’t take long for Sheamus to take control. Ambrose is out on the floor so Rollins can’t tag out. The crowd starts throwing a beach ball around and Cesaro runs into the crowd and grabs it then rips it up. Ambrose finally gets to his feet but Rollins is still getting worked in the middle of the ring. With everyone on the outside, Ambrose gets a dive off the top rope landing on everyone. With Sheamus and Cesaro on the outside, we see a double suicide dive taking them out. Back in the ring things get nuts with Cesaro and Ambrose throwing punches at each other. Sheamus gets superplexed by Ambrose then Rollins gets a splash but Cesaro saves the pin. The two Shield brothers stomp away on Sheamus. Rollins heads to the floor with Cesaro until Cesaro tags in and he gets a swing and a sharpshooter on Ambrose. Rollins saves a pin at the last possible second. A cavalcade of bodies reach to the mat. A double team on Sheamus let’s Ambrose and Rollins get a pin and become the new RAW tag team champions.

United States Championship Title Match (Shane McMahon is the special guest referee)

AJ Styles (c) def Kevin Owens

Shane O’Mac comes to the ring first then Owens then the US champion Styles. Owens pushes Styles first then Styles takes him down. Shane splits them up and the match starts. Owens is on the outside and Styles kicks the hell out of him. Back in the ring, Styles takes control keeping Owens on the mat. Shane keeps him eyes wide during the match and that’s a good thing. Owens takes Styles down with a heavy clothesline. Styles ends up in the corner and Owens gets a rolling thunder. The two throw punches at each other and it puts both of them on the mat. They both keep countering each others moves until Styles gets a fireman’s carry neck breaker. Owens pushes Shane into the ropes just as Styles was going to the top. Styles tries for a 450 splash but Shane gets caught up in it. A pop up powerbomb still doesn’t get the win for Owens. Owens gets in Shane’s face but decides to turn to Styles who puts him in a calf crusher. Shane gets pushed to the outside and Styles makes Owens tap but of course Shane didn’t see it. The two end up on the mat until Styles puts Owens on the top buckle and Owens gets a suplex taking Styles down super hard. The two exchange blows and Styles turns a slip up into a Styles clash. Owens comes back with a pop up powerbomb and a pin but while Owens thinks it was a three count, Shane realizes that Styles had his leg on the rope. A bit of arguing back and forth turns into Styles hitting another Styles clash and retaining his championship. This was the first title tonight to not change hands.

WWE Championship Title Match

Jinder Mahal (c) def Shinsuke Nakamura

Nakamura has a violinist play him in for this match. He enters and waits for the champ. The Singh brothers announce the Modern Day Maharaja and he makes his way to the ring. The bell rings and the two feel each other out before they go at it. The crowd chants for Nakamura and he gets the champ in a headlock. Mahal switches the headlock onto Nakamura but the ref breaks them up. Nakamura taunts Mahal and sends him to the outside. Mahal takes his time getting back in the ring. When he gets back in Nakamura gives him a good vibration in the corner. Mahal escapes to the outside and gets the Singh brothers to distract Nakamura as he gets himself a head up. Mahal gets knees to Nakamura’s back then puts him in a submission in the middle of the ring. Mahal mocks Nakamura then puts him back in a headlock slowing things down. Another headlock in the middle of the ring almost takes down the challenger. The two separate and Nakamura gets some kicks to the chest of Mahal, then he sets Mahal up for a knee. Nakamura tries to lock an arm bar on Mahal but he gets the ropes. Mahal takes Nakamura down with a knee and tries for a pin. Mahal tries for a kalaus but Nakamura gets him with a kick. The Singh brothers get in the ring and Nakamura takes them both out but Mahal grabs him and gets him with a kalaus this time and retains the WWE Championship.

Fatal Four Way Universal Championship Title Match

Brock Lesnar (c) w/Paul Heyman def Samoa Joe, Roman Reigns & Braun Strowman

If Lesnar doesn’t win tonight then him and Heyman will leave the WWE forever. Strowman comes out first then Joe then Reigns and last the Universal Champion Lesnar. Joe and Lesnar go at it while Strowman and Reigns do the same. Things turn into Lesnar and Reigns in the ring. Lesnar hits some Suplex’s then Strowman stands face to face with him. The crowd goes nuts as they stalk each other. Strowman takes Lesnar to the outside and he gets speared through the barricade by a spear from Reigns. Joe tries to go for the clean up but Strowman throws him over the announce table. Strowman power slams Lesnar through two of the announce tables and he flips the third one over on to him. A few refs and security and medical team come to Lesnar’s aide. They flip the table off of him and put him on a stretcher and wheel him to the back. While that was going on Joe and Reigns are going at it. Strowman even throws an announce chair at Joe. Strowman stands alone as Joe and Reigns are on the floor. Strowman uses the steel steps in the ring to take down Reigns and Joe. Reigns flips the script and beats on Strowman with the stairs and cuts his ear open with them. Reigns and Joe go at it in the ring and the crowd starts with the “Roman Sucks” chants. Joe goes for a cokena clutch but Strowman breaks things up. All of a sudden, Lesnar returns and makes his way back to the ring. He spears Strowman then Suplex’s the others. He tries to suplex Strowman but it doesn’t happen. All four men are worn out but Reigns gets to his feet first. Then Joe and Strowman get involved again. Reigns gets a boot and a power slam from Strowman. They all look like they don’t have much left in them. Pin after pin keeps getting saved over and over again. Reigns gets a Superman punch three times on Lesnar. Reigns goes for a spear but Lesnar turns it into an F5 and he pins Reigns. Lesnar keeps the Universal Championship.

What a night! We had several title change hands except the most important ones. There was a lot of excitement but TakeOver was so much better in my eyes. They dropped the ball with putting The Miz and Jason Jordan in a six man match. Not only that the match happened before there were any people in the seats. That was uncalled for! This weeks RAW and SDLive are gonna be a bit different with all these new champions. I give SummerSlam a 5 out of 10.


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