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By Andrew Sparling @onylmarcspector

Season 3, Episode 32

“The Cueto Cup”

It’s here! The finals of the Cueto Cup, and tonight we have the match to determine the winner. Also tonight, the Lucha Underground Championship is on the line in the much anticipated match between the leader of the worldwide underground and champion Johnny Mundo and the challenger Rey Mysterio Jr. This show is gonna be crazy, lets see.

Mask vs Mask Match

Sexy Star vs Veneno

Veneno is in the ring awaiting his opponent for this match. Star comes down the steps in full sexy star gear and enters the ring. The bell rings and Star attacks with a drop kick. Star was stopping on Veneno’s back and the ref pulled her off of him. He was on his knees and gaining his composure when Joey Ryan runs out and pulls off his mask. Just like Ryan and Cueto speculated, Veneno is Cortez Castro. Ryan attacks Castro and Star watches her match get thrown out. Castro pulls Ryan up on the announce table, ready to put him through it when Ryan gives him a low blow and takes off with the Veneno mask.

Mondo. And his lawyer entered Dario’s office with a word about the the chaos that happened last week. Mondo lets Dario know that he’s been getting other offers to wrestle other places, (GFW) and he will take the Aztec gold with him with no problem. Dario assures that no one will get involved in the main event tonight.

Cueto Cup Finals Match

Prince Puma def Pentagon Dark

This is for all the marbles. The winner of this match will go on to Ultima Lucha Tres and be in the championship title match. Both men are in the ring and ready for a fight. It doesn’t take long for Puma to fly over the top rope and take out Dark. The believers get behind Dark as he comes back in the ring and stomps on Puma’s chest a few times. Dark keeps control of things he has Puma on the mat. Puma tries coming back as he takes the fight to Dark with a flying knee. The believers chant for Dark over and over as even though this is Puma’s hometown. A huge splash from Puma still doesn’t do things right for him. Dark, being the destructive force that he is, gets Puma with a nice backbreaker. The move for move between the two make the place go nuts. Dark comes with a Mexican destroyer and Puma comes back with one of his own. The ref starts a count as both men are exhausted and on their backs. They beat the count and go at each other again. The top rope being used now as Puma takes Dark down with a head scissor take down that sets up Puma for his 630 senton and he hits it hard then pins Dark to become the winner of the Cueto Cup. Vampiro comes in the ring to congratulate Puma.

Dario Cueto is in the ring and he presents Prince Puma with Cueto Cup. The celebration only lasts for a moment as Dario is in a hurry to find out who will be champion at Ultima Lucha Tres and who Prince Puma will face for the title.

Lucha Underground Championship Title Match

Johnny Mundo (c) def Rey Mysterio Jr.

Mysterio comes to the ring first and waits for the champion. Mundo comes in and we are ready for the main event. The madness starts right away. Mysterio gets some blows to Mundo’s head in the corner then he kicks Mundo to the floor. Mysterio stalks the champ on the outside then slams him into the wall. The believers are split between the two. Back in the ring it’s Mysterio ahead but only until Mundo comes back with a top rope knee to Mysterio’s stomach. We get a ground and pound and then a sleeper hold from Mundo and Mysterio is struggling. They get back to their feet and Mysterio uses his quickness to get a pin attempt but Mundo isn’t having it. This match has been building for the past few weeks and with it finally here its been nothing but exciting so far. Mysterio gets thrown to the floor but gets out of the way of Mundo’s dive over the top. Mysterio answers with his own over the top head scissor takedown. Back in the ring Mundo gets a kick to Mysterio laying him out. A corkscrew backbreaker takes Mysterio to the mat. Mundo, getting pissed, goes for Mysterio’s mask and almost rips it right off his head. Putting Mysterio in a tree of woe, Mundo tries to hit him with a baseball slide but Mysterio moves out of the way. Things start getting personal now. A Canadian destroyer takes Mundo down but he comes back and we get more kick outs from pin attempts. On the outside again, Mysterio gets a sit down splash on Mundo. The crowd starts a “holy shit” chant and the two warriors move back in the ring. Exhausted, the two struggle to get some moves off and Mundo gets pushed into the ref knocking him down. This gives Mundo the chance to get Mysterio with a low blow. He then gets the title and tries to take Mysterio out with it but Dominic, Mysterio’s son, stops him with a takedown then gets chased out by security. Mysterio gets Mundo with a 619 and a splash. The ref starts the count when Dario pulls him out of the ring stopping the count. Dario stands in the ring and he hits Mysterio. Mysterio comes back with a 619 to Dario but this distraction let’s Mundo take Mysterio out and pin him to retain the Lucha Underground title. The believers chant “This Is BullShit” as the show fades out.

WOW! What a show this week was. We had two amazing matches and we found out who Veneno really is. We also know the title match at this years Ultima Lucha Tres. Mysterio really got screwed by Dario Cueto but it made for an exciting match either way. Next week has got to be superb if they wanna top this week for sure. I’m looking forward to it. Until Then!

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