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By Mike Gordon @wontonraider 

Brock Lesner Promo

Brock Lesner comes out with Paul Heyman, and Heyman touts the tenacity and toughness of the WWE Universal Champion. Heyman states that if there is victimizing to do, then it will be Brock Lesner who will do it. Interrupting Paul’s promo is Braun Strowman, who comes out to a resounding applause. Strowman doesn’t even speak, instead he goes immediately after the Universal Champion. Lesner wriggled out of Strowman’s powerslam, however Strowman got the move off on Lesner, downing the beast long enough to hold up the WWE Universal Title. Crowd goes wild for this.

Big Cass v Enzo Amore – Brooklyn Street Fight

Cass comes out first, followed by Enzo. Enzo literally babbles about the same thing, that wins and loss’ don’t count. He was hurt by Cass because Cass came over to Enzo’s Mother’s house, and “Broke Bread” with them. Enzo goes into the back and pulls out a shopping cart full of weapons. I should also point out Enzo is wearing a “Certified G” codpiece – I thought that was worth mentioning. Enzo throws just about every weapon at Big Cass, but it doesn’t faze him. Cass starts the waffle stomping of Enzo for quite some time. Cass went to go in for a big boot, and Enzo pulled the top rope down forcing Cass to fall over. Cass clearly hurt his knee, and the match was called due to medical reasons. Winner – Enzo.

Nia Jax v Emma

There was a promo before this however I only caught the last part, where Nia told Emma that the hashtag was #EmmaNeedsCPR. The match happened shortly after the promo. Emma goes right after Nia, with some fierce rights and lefts. After the brief offense by Emma, Nia got Emma into a Samoan Drop, and there is the match. Winner – Nia.

Elias v R-Truth

Elias writes a song about Brooklyn, essentially crapping on the city. He never gets to finish his songs. R-Truth eventually interrupts him. They start their match, was just about to get going after trading some blows, before Elias hit R-Truth with the Drift Away, and ends the match on that. Winner – Elias.

Kurt Angle Promo

Kurt Angle announces a surprise, and out comes the 16-time world champ, John Cena. John answers his own question of “why is he here” with; to come face to face with a certain WWE Superstar. Roman Reigns interrupts John Cena. Roman was the guy Cena was looking for. Reigns told Cena “instead of running your mouth o twitter, run your mouth to my face”. The Miz interrupts. The Miz sarcastically asked both Reigns and Cena if he “interrupted their moment”. He then goes on to ask, “how many moments will you two get week after week, after week”? The Miz claimed he has earned his moment for the last twelve years, why should he “ride the pine” during Summerslam? John Cena Suggests that The Miz and a member of his entourage face Reigns and Cena later in the Main Event? Samoa Joe then interrupts. Joe states that whether the Miz likes it or not, he is going to be his tag team partner. Joe claims that “one on one he owns (Reigns)”. He then looks at Cena and immediately starts punching John into a corner. The Miz and the Miztourage started fighting with Reigns, and both Reigns and Cena send Joe and The Miz to the back after fighting them off.

8-man Cruiserweight Tag Team Match

Mustafa Ali, Rich Swan, Cedric Alexander, Gran Metalik v Noam DR, Tony Neese, Daivari, and Drew Gulak. This is a pretty standard cruiserweight match. Noam Dar refused to take the tag from Daivari, while Rich Swan was in the ring. After the commercial break Drew Gulak had Rich Swan in an ankle lock. Swan counters with a flying kick to the head of Gulak out of desperation. Hot tag made to Cedric Alexander. Grand Metalik does an amazing flying moon salt off the top rope. Cedric Alexander gets the pin on Tony Neese after giving him the lumbar check.

Neville Promo

Neville says that people shouldn’t be surprised that he won back his title against Akira Tazawa at Summerslam. He then calls Titus a parasite, Titus interrupts with the “sticks and stones may break our bones” line, and then says, “we have one word for you” and the mic goes to Tazawa and he says “rematch”. Which will happen tomorrow on 205 Live.

Rollins and Ambrose Promo

Rollins says that it is good to be the champs. Dean concurs with Seth. They say that there is going to be a party tonight, and Brooklyn is invited. Rollins also says how they will take on anyone. Enter the Hardy Boys. Matt says they are chanting because they “revolutionized the tag team division for the last 25 years”.

Rollins & Ambrose v Hardy Boys

Dean Ambrose and Matt Hardy start the match by trading arm locks. Rollins and Ambrose show off an explosive double team running drop kick. Cuts to Shamus and Cesaro backstage watching the show. The announcers say, they are due for their rematch. Jeff Springboards from matt to land on Rollins and Ambrose outside of the ring. These two teams match up well. Some of the other highlights of the match include Seth and Deans Sling blade double team, and their double suicide dive to the Hardy’s outside the ring. Jeff Hardy almost had Dean with a flying Swanton but at the last moment Dean puts his knees up reversing the move. The match ends as Seth hits the flying knee knocking Jeff Hardy into Ambrose’s Dirty Deeds, and Ambrose getting the subsequent pin. Winner – Rollins & Ambrose

Sasha Banks Promo

Sasha reminisces about how her and Charlotte have torn down the house before here at the Barclay center in Brooklyn. She wished Ric Flair a speedy recovery before being interrupted by Alexia Bliss. Alexia claims that Sasha has never successfully defended the title, because she always loses it while she tries to defend it. Sasha challenges her to a match tonight, but Alexia declines says that Brooklyn doesn’t deserve to celebrate with her. Match is now scheduled for next week on Monday Night Raw.

Finn Balor v Jason Jordan

This was a good match. Jason Jordan matching technical wrestling wits with Finn Balor’s high-flying offense. Jordan and Balor were trading blows when in rapid succession after a lariat and a butterfly suplex almost puts Balor down for the count. After hitting Jordan with the sling blade, Finn Balor goes for the Coup De Gras and connects for the win. Winner – Finn Balor.

The Miz & Samoa Joe v John Cena & Roman Reigns

The Miz and John Cena start the match off and then Joe tags himself in. Joe and Cena trade blows before tagging The Miz back in. The Miz starts talking smack a Roman while punishing John Cena trying to seize the opportunity given to him by Joe. Cena was taking most of the beating in this match before landing the hot tag to the Big Dog, Roman Reigns. After tagging Joe back in, and getting a few striking combos for a near fall, and a superman punch to Bo, The Miz, who is now legal, gets thrown outside of the ring as Cena tags back in and begins the five moves of doom on Joe. Joe locks in the Coquina Clutch, Roman Reigns hits Cena with the Superman Punch instead of Joe. Joe ducks to the outside as the Miz senses that victory is within his grasp, tries to go for the Skull-Crushing Finale, but Cena scoops him up into an AA for the win. Winner – Roman Reigns & John Cena. The show ends as Roman and Cena look at each other furthering the tension from earlier.

Final Thoughts

Well for the most part this Raw would have been better had it not been after a major pay-per-view. I thought it started off hot, and then it just leveled off after the third hour. Even with the matchup of the main event (something we haven’t seen before) it still felt like a chore to watch the last half of the show. Don’t get me wrong, the Strowman, Lesner promo was awesome. So was the tag team match between Ambrose and Rollins v The Hardy Boys. Overall though, I could feel my attention waning as the show ended.

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