The Review, Pro Wrestling Chaos Present’s Unleashed – 19/8/17

By Ciaran James @TheCiaranJames

6 Man Steel Cage Match, Team H8 (Jeckel/Gideon) & Mikey Whiplash def. The Brotherhood 

Well where to start, before the contest began the atmosphere was electric, the combination of a steel cage match and the stipulation of the main event were enough to the get the crowd excited. Due to the complexities of staging a steel cage match at an independent event, the match went on first. Nathan Bane and Gideon kick started the contest as their respective partners were handcuffed at ringside, they would be allowed to enter the match every two minutes. The match had its moments, the combination of moves between Elijah and Joe was really nice to see and Jeckel’s dive from the top of the cage into the ring was an unforgettable memory. My original prediction was that The Brotherhood would claim victory, my thinking was due to the fact that this was the finale to the feud and that the Brotherhood needed the win to keep their momentum going. As the contest went on the booking seemed to suggest otherwise, there were several moments when the faces had the odds in their favour, which in my opinion went against the logic of faces vs heels. Like previously mentioned the match had its moments, but overall the choice of having the faces win I think damages the Brotherhood going forward. I struggle to see where Gideon and Jeckel go from here as a team, and if the Brotherhood are to be pushed again their booking needs a serious rethink.

Charlie Sterling def. Eddie Ryan, Dick Riley & Paul London 

As mentioned above the complexities of the cage meant there was a lengthy break between the second match, but to their credit the Chaos ring crew did their best and followed Healthy and Safety procedures. Judging this fairly the inclusion of Paul London was pointless, from his singing to small in ring contribution his visit was a forgettable one. Thankfully Charlie Sterling finally got his long awaited and more than deserved win in Pro Wrestling Chaos in 2017, for months he has stood out as a premier performer for the company. The contest also featured Eddie Ryan and Dick Riley, who again are two of the better talents in Chaos, Ryan’s character although compelling fails to illicit a reaction these days and therefore he is suffering. Dick Riley continues to hold onto the “Dick” moniker, when in truth if he was to hold back on the that side of his character, and haul back the pantomime a little, there is no denying he could be a King of Chaos contender. The match was fast paced and enjoyable, the audience seemed to like the action and in theory that it what it’s all about. Personally, I would have rather seen a Dick Riley vs Charlie Sterling singles match. As stated the audience accepted the action and the desired reaction was achieved. I’d like to see Sterling pushed after this event and there is no reason why he can’t challenge for the King of Chaos championship towards the end of the year.

Open Challenge – Beano def. Big Grizzly 

After his victory last month, I expected more for Big Grizzly at Unleashed, like many others I speculated which UK independent star would challenge the new Heir 2 The Throne. I was pleasantly surprised when Beano appeared from behind the curtain and made his intentions clear, at first Grizzly laughed but he then realised Beano was serious. This was your seen it all before big man v little man match, after an early flurry from Beano the bigger, stronger and in need of a strong showing Big Grizzly took over. Instead of a powerful display from Grizz, we were treated to Beano going back and forth with his opponent. When it seemed that Grizzly had wrestled back control the contest seemed to be back on track, however all was not what it seemed, in a blink and you miss it moment Beano managed to roll up Grizzly and defeated him. Following the decision, a shocked looking Grizz was irate, he was even more irate when Beano stole his Heir 2 The Throne briefcase.

Project Lucha (Martin Kirby/El Ligero/Shane Strickland) def. Mike Bird/Wild Boar/Drew Parker 

This match was sure to get the audience on their feet and it achieved that, all six men are premier performers and they exhibited exactly what they can do in this match. Aside from the match itself Pro Wrestling Chaos for the first time ever aired the match live for all of the world to see, it was truly an historic moment and one which will no doubt be repeated if proved successful. The match as you imagine was unrelenting, the pace was super-fast and dramatic, the amount of action at one point was hard to follow as the competitors went all around ringside. I attempted to keep track of the action as the performers went back and forth, the always impressive Wild Boar and Mike Bird looked good in the first half of the contest, their do or die attitude always raises the bar. The debuting Drew Parker also worked well with his team mates, his fast, fluid and throw in craziness ring work had the audience on their feet. On the opposite side of the ring the current Tag Champs Project Lucha and Shane Strickland shone as brightly, they came into their own during the second half of the match with a great mix of high flying and brawling. If there was one match to introduce the world to Pro Wrestling Chaos this was it, it also highlighted the great tag team division as both Project Lucha (Martin Kirby/El Ligero) and The Marauders (Bird & Boar) went head to head, surely a meeting between these two teams is on the cards in the future. With a nice mix of technicality, brawling and high flying this had everything a fan of that type of wrestling would wish for. All six made a statement and stood and were respected as the match came to a close. An excellent showing from all.

‘Bronco’ Brendan White def. Chris Ridgeway 

As far as wrestling goes this was the purest of wrestling matches on Saturday night, technically sound and efficient both performers worked extremely well together and produced a very good match. The action built throughout the whole contest, the more powerful Bronco looked to win the power game as Chaos debutant Chris Ridgeway worked away slowly and methodically with strikes and submission moves. We last saw Brendan at UnBrolievable where he has a great match with Black Noir and Charlie Sterling, unfortunately, on that night he tasted defeat so at Unleashed he wanted to get his Chaos career back on track with a win. Ridgeway however wasn’t there to just wrestle, he was here to make a statement and at times throughout the match he had ‘Bronco’ writhing in pain on the mat. Chris has a great look and an abundance of skill, he has the makings of a great technical wrestler and on Saturday his slow, stealthy approach worked well, however on that night he would not taste victory. Dragon Pro Academy product Brendan white would be the victor, his mix of power moves, determination and variation of suplexes secured him a hard-fought win.

Sheik El Sham & Phillip Michael def. Oliver Sudden & Mr Bananas 

This was the weakest match of the evening, but to their credit Sheik El Sham and Phillip Michael looked like two extremely well trained young wrestlers, competent and confident they really did a good job. Oliver Sudden and Mr Bananas worked their game plan well, however as far as they are concerned they are strictly a comedy act that again does its job and pleases those in attendance who enjoys the camaraderie. The Preston City Wrestling graduates Sheik and Michael worked really well together and garnered the desired reaction from the audience (Sheik really impressed me, at first you could mistake him for having the same old ‘Sheik’ gimmick, but once the match wore on his arrogant character came to the fore) Oliver Sudden comedy aside actually works very well, a few more years and with a more a mature head he could be a good big man inside the ring. Overall this was a good filler match with some nice moments. Would really like to see the Sheik return to Pro Wrestling Chaos in the future.

Triple Threat King Of Chaos Championship Match, (whoever is pinned leaves Chaos/who isn’t involved in finish cannot challenge for the title for the remainder of 2017) Eddie Dennis def. Flash Morgan Webster © & Alex Steele 

This was easily the most anticipated title match in recent memory at Pro Wrestling Chaos, the Matt Riddle/Mike Bird match aside this had the most hype heading into the weekend. As I mentioned in my preview, the stakes were raised last week when Morgan Webster issued two new stipulations to the match, little did he know then that he would be the victim of one of those stipulations. Eddie and Alex accepted the challenge, for them this was arguably their biggest match to date with the company, therefore everything was on the line. The contest started fast and furious, as confident as Webster was there is no denying he wanted this over as soon as possible. Alex Steele & Eddie Dennis wanted the title of course, but over the last few months they have been cheated out of opportunities by Flash so they wanted revenge. The majority of the audience were split between Alex and Eddie, although the fear of losing Morgan Webster was surely a worry to any Chaos fan, the Modfather has been on fire since winning the title proper in February. The match was very good, the interaction between all three men was tremendous, the emotional angle between Eddie and Alex was another great moment, plus the willingness of Flash to do what it takes to win only raised the bar. As the contest reached its climax the near falls were very near, all three men had chances to win. The end was near, Eddie dropped both competitors with his patented “Next Stop Driver” for the next few seconds his emotions ran wild, he had Alex beat, he had Flash beat, but who to pin? He thought with his heart and covered Morgan Webster for the victory, the audience rose to their feet in approval as Eddie Dennis celebrated among them. 

Post Match: Flash Morgan Webster returned to the ring to make peace with the Chaos faithful and say goodbye 

Overall this was an enjoyable show, most of the matches delivered the results most wanted and the main event sent the audience home happy. The results of the Steel Cage match and Grizzly losing were a little baffling, I am interested to see where the Brotherhood goes from here and how Big Grizz aims to rebuild his monster heel aura. Both Charlie Sterling and Dick Riley are capable of being contenders for the King of Chaos title, I’d like to see them get the proper build over the next six months, Sterling is the total package in a year he could be the face of Chaos. Eddie Dennis being crowned champion was a great moment. Unfortunately, that means Flash Morgan Webster has now left the promotion, which leaves a huge hole in the main event scene, it will be interesting to see who Chaos pick as Eddie’s first challenger.

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