Smash Wrestling TV Review – 8/17/17

By Lewis Carlan @PWSOTH

This week’s episode of Smash Wrestling TV featured two matches – Tyson Dux defending his Smash Wrestling Championship against Braxton Sutter and Psycho Mike Rollins in a triple threat match.

Also, in the Gold 2K17 finals to earn a title shot it will be Tarik vs. Kevin Bennett vs. Sebastian Suave vs. Evil Uno vs. Mark Haskins in an elimination battle.

Scott Hunter and Brad Myers are on commentary.

Match 1 – Tyson Dux (c) vs. Braxton Sutter vs. Psycho Mike Rollins for the Smash Wrestling Title

Sutter and Rollins make up the tag team of the Well Oiled Machines. It appeared at the start that they were going to join forces against Dux and make it a 2 on 1 but Sutter decided that the title is more important that his tag team partner and immediately ran Rollins shoulder first into the ring post which caused him to fall out of the ring. For a while it was Sutter and Dux in some good action and they both traded offensive moves. Eventually Rollins returned to the ring and hit a few moves on Sutter and Dux. There was a gift box spot, which saw Rollins about to hit Sutter with a gift he apparently gave him earlier. Sutter talked Rollins into not using the gift as a weapon but Rollins proceeded to crush the box by stepping on it to the dismay of Sutter. This was followed by good fast paced action between the three. The ending came when Dux hit a Brainbuster on Rollins then a Death Valley Driver on Sutter onto Rollins. Dux was able to get the pin on Rollins. Dux then cut an in ring promo saying he is a wrestling machine and if anyone wants the Smash Wrestling Title, it will be over his dead body.

Winner – Tyson Dux retains the Smash Wrestling Title

This was an excellent opening match with solid action between all three talented wrestlers. I like Sutter immediately deciding the title was more important than his alliance with Rollins and trying to selfishly eliminate him at the start of the match. Tyson Dux is an incredible talent and well deserves to represent Smash as its champion.

It will be interesting to see if this is the end of the Well Oiled Machines as a team. A match between Braxton Sutter and Mike Rollins has great potential.

We find out that next week on Smash Wrestling we will see MVP in action.

Match 2 – Tarik vs. Evil Uno vs. Mark Haskins vs. Sebastian Suave w/Kingdom James vs. Kevin Bennett w/The Kevin Bennett Experience in the Gold2K17 finals elimination match.

The winner of the match gets a title shot against Tyson Dux.

The match begins with a few roll up pin attempts which are all unsuccessful. After what seemed to be a feeling out process, the match started to pick up and ended up outside the ring. Evil Uno suplexed Bennett on the stage area. Haskins proceeded to hit a number of big moves on various wrestlers. Back outside, Bennett stage dived onto all the other competitors in a nice spot. Double teaming Haskins seemed the way to go as first Tarik and Bennett then Tarik and Suave proceeded to attempt to put the brakes on Haskins. Haskins fought back and applied a terrific Boston Crab/Camel Clutch combo on both Suave and Tarik. They did break free but Haskins eliminated Tarik with a superkick. Shortly after Bennett eliminated Suave with his Remix finisher and we were down to three men. Bennett took control of the match for a bit until Uno and Haskins laid him out with a double superkick. A pin attempt by Uno was broken up by members of the Kevin Bennett Experience. Evil Uno took matters into his own hands and took all them out. Bennett did eliminate Uno a short while later with his Remix finisher. It came down to Kevin Bennett and Mark Haskins. We saw great back and forth action between the two with a number of near falls. Haskins was able to lock on a sharpshooter which caused Bennett to tap out.

Winner – Mark Haskins

What a fantastic main event! The in ring action was excellent as all five really gave the fans their monies worth. Mark Haskins is an extremely talent wrestler who I want to see a lot more of. The only thing I didn’t like about this match was one of my favorites, Tarik was the 1st to be eliminated. I guess I can’t always get what I want. I really like the work of Kevin Bennett as he is another exceptional talent. Sebastian Suave as well as Evil Uno are always entertaining to watch.

Tyson Dux vs. Mark Haskins has 5 star match written all over it.

Overall, this was another great episode of Smash Wrestling. This Toronto based promotion does a great job every week in giving the fans solid wrestling action. I have enjoyed every single show they have had so far on The Fight Network and look forward to many, many, many more episodes. If you don’t have the Fight Network, you can go to their on demand service at Trust me; you are going to want to experience this red hot promotion!

Until next time, thanks for reading!

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