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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector

The time has come for Global Force and Impact Wrestling’s free TV “pay per view” Destination X. Tonight is going to be action packed and full of excitement. We have some titles on the line tonight and also some debuts that I cannot wait to see. Let’s find out how one of GFW and Impact’s shows of the year plays out.

GFW / Knockouts Title Match

Sienna (c) w/KM def Gail Kim

Kim comes to the ring first. Excitement in the room is huge. The match starts with Kim attacking Sienna’s arm. Sienna tries to get a move on Kim but she gets her way out of it. Sienna ends up on the outside and KM comes to her aide. Kim comes out and uses the ring post as leverage for a 619 like move. Kim ends up hurt on the outside laying on the steps. Back in the ring, Sienna gets control of the match keeping Kim in a submission hold. The crowd gets behind Kim and she gets a comeback play n attempt but Sienna kicks out. Sienna uses her size to stay on top of Kim and it seems to be working pretty well. Up on the top rope, Kim power bombs Sienna to the match hard. Sienna charges but Kim blocks her and gives her a clothesline. Kim shows no ring rust as she’s been away from the ring for awhile. Sienna tries for a powerbomb but Kim gets out. KM tries to get involved but his attempt allows for Taryn Terrell to get involved. Sienna rolls up Kim and pins her to retain her title. We haven’t seen Terrell for awhile but she cost Kim the title tonight.

Back from commercial, we see Matt Sydal getting ready for his match with with Bobby Lashley. Bruce Pritchard comes to the ring with the world title in hand. Alberto El Patron was stripped of the title so LoKi has no opponent tonight. Also, there is no champion. He reads a letter about the situation. They decided to give the title back to a former champion and that is “Walking Armageddon” Bobby Lashley. Instead of Lashley coming out Jim Cornette comes out. Everyone is in total shock to this situation. We find out that Anthem contacted Cornette to help fix some situations they have had. Prichard calls security on Cornette and he basically tells Pritchard off and in so many words that he’s fired. The goodbye chants from the crowd send him on his way. Cornette lets everyone know how things are going to be from now on. Next week, there will be a 20 man gauntlet match for the Global Force Championship. With Cornette finished talking, we see LAX enter the arena. With LAX in the ring Konnan gets in Cornette’s face. Konnan calls him a cracker and says that he is a liar. He also says that Low Ki should not have to go through the gauntlet for the title. Cornette lets Low Ki know that he will get number 20 in the gauntlet match since he is getting screwed tonight.

Super X Cup Finals Match

Dezmond Xavier def Taiji Ishimori

The finals are finally here. Ishimori and Xavier earned their way to this match and you know that the 2 of them are ready for a fight. When both men come to the ring, they take a long look at the trophy that one of them will win tonight. The bell rings and the 2 eye each other, and then they lock up. Xavier gets ahead up first as his speed lets him get a nice drop kick. Ishimori comes back with a head scissor spin, sending Xavier on his head. Ishimori is representing pro wrestling Noah tonight, and Xavier is representing Global Force Wrestling. Ishimori has Xavier on the mat in a leg lock around his neck. Ishimori keeps his advantage as he sends Xavier flying. Ishimori looks so good right now but Xavier will never give up easy. Ishimori takes Xavier to the mat, then stands over him, stalking him like an animal. Xavier can’t get off the mat as Ishimori stomps on him. Finally getting to his feet, Xavier gets himself a spinning backflip into a pin but doesn’t get the win yet. Forearms back and forth send Ishimori to the mat as Xavier goes for a 360 splash. Ishimori moves and connects on Xavier sending him down. Xavier is on the mat in position for Ishimori’s 450 splash, but Xavier kicks out. Coming back with the take down to Ishimori, Xavier wins the Super X Cup. He holds the trophy high and lets everyone know that whoever is X Division Champion after tonight hes coming for them.

X-Division Title Ladder Match

Sonjay Dutt (c) def Trevor Lee

The bell rings and the 2 attack each other right away. Dutt controls Lee’s hair throwing him across the ring. With this being a ladder match, Dutt can get away with the hair pulling. On the outside Dutt controls Lee for a moment until Dutt gets slammed into the guardrail. Back in the ring, Dutt sends Lee back out and he goes for the first ladder. Trying to get the ladder into the ring Lee gets stopped by a kick from Dutt. Dutt does a beautiful moonsault on the outside onto Lee. Lee pulls a ladder into the ring and tries to set it up. Dutt stops him but Lee sets up the ladder in the corner then slams Dutt on it. Back from commercial, we see Lee hitting Dutt with a ladder. He sets it up in the middle of the ring. As he heads up it Dutt grabs his foot for the save. Lee has total control of the match as Dutt just cannot get up. Lee goes for a table next. He sets it up in the corner and tries to put Dutt through it, but Dutt gets a spinning DDT instead. Dutt sets the table up and puts Lee on top of it. He goes to the top rope, but Lee stops him from putting him through the table. Lee gets another ladder and throws it in the ring. He sets up both ladders and Dutt, puts him on one and then gives him a huge splash but hurts himself in the process. All of a sudden Caleb Konley comes to the ring and puts Dutt through the table. Then Petey Williams returns and gives Konley a destroyer. Lee and Dutt fight up the ladder and Dutt retrieves the title. There is no mistaking it, Dutt is the X Division Champion.

OVE (Dave & Jake Christ) def Zachary Wentz & Jason Cade

Wentz and Jake start the match and Wentz gets a knee right away. Jake tags in Dave and he takes down Wentz. Cade tags in and gets double teamed by OVE. Cade runs away and tags Wentz back in. Jake controls Wentz as he takes him down. Wentz tries to get Jake, but Dave takes him out, then Jake gets the pin. What a great debut for all 4 of these guys but OVE, when they get more tv time, will destroy everyone. All but the length, I was impressed with this match for sure. OVE is here!

We find out that EC3 and Moose are both gonna be in the 20 man gauntlet next week. Also, Eli Drake will be number one, so he has his work cut out for him, trying to get through 19 other men.

Shot for Shot Match

Matt Sydal def Bobby Lashley

Lashley comes to the ring first and on his way he high fives his MMA friends who are at ringside. Sydal enters and the match begins. Sydal keeps Lashley, on his toes at the beginning of the match. Lashley only lets that go for a moment as he takes Sydal down quick. Using his speed Sydal works on Lashley’s legs, trying to wear him down. He gets Lashley to his knees, but Sydal is on his too. A commercial interrupts the action 2 minutes into the match. Back to the ring, Lashley, is beating Sydal on the outside of the apron. He high fives is teammates showing off as Sydal tries to get himself back together. In the ring Lashley throws Sydal around a bit but he can’t get a pin. He gives Steal a spear in the corner folding him like a lawn chair. It looks like Sydal just cannot get back to his feet and Lashley stomps away at him. Lashley walks around Sydal’s limp body as he plans his next move. The crowd gets louder and louder as Sydal tries to come back. He soon hits Lashley with a DDT. Sydal sets up Lashley for a splash, but Lashley climbs up and tries for a quick superplex but Sydal gets a double knee instead. Trying to use his speed, Sydal almost gets a reverse DDT but Lashley power slams him instead. Pin attempt after pin attempt, Sydal keeps kicking out. Lashley goes for a chair, but the ref stops him from using it and Sydal kicks it into Lashley face. Sydal gets a roll up on Lashley and it looks like he’s going to kick out but Sydal steals the win. Lashley’s friends get pissed at the ref and one of them attacks him, but Lashley stops him. Sydal, with the win, will get a shot at Sonjay Dutt’s X Division title.

Before the show leaves the air, we see the first Johnny Mondo package, and we find out that he will be on the show next week.

Destination X, in my eyes, was a success. The whole show was action packed. We saw some new faces and some returning faces. And the biggest, of course, being Jim Cornette. GFW is looking to be amazing in the coming days!

Until Next Week!

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