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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector

It’s Wednesday so that means its time for NXT. I’m gonna sit back and relax and check it out. This is the go home episode before TakeOver Brooklyn Three.

The general manager, William Regal, is in the ring and he calls out the 2 women who will go at it at TakeOver Brooklyn 3 for the NXT women’s title, Ember Moon and the Champion Asuka. Both women come to the ring for the contract signing for that match. Moon speaks first, and she tells everyone that she is going to be the new champion. Asuka yells and screams in Japanese so I have no idea what she said, but she’s ready for TakeOver Brooklyn and she’s going to do her best to keep the title.

Street Profits (Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins) def Lars Sullivan & Chris Silvio

The prophets come out first and get the crowd going. Sullivan and Silvio come out and Sullivan wants to start the match, but Silvio runs in first and he eats the mat quick. Ford goes crazy on the outside as Dawkins takes out Silvio for good. Ford comes in and gives a forearm to Sullivan, but it does not phase him one bit. On the other side of the ring, Dawkins takes Silvio down and Ford gets a frog splash and the 1,2,3. Sullivan loses another match because of his partner. Profits leave and Sullivan stares down Silvio. He gets in the ring, pissed off, grabs Silvio and carries him to the back.

The cameras follow Sullivan as he carries Silvio outside and he throws him in a trash can. He told Regal that he would not attack his partner in the ring so he took him outside and did it.

Ruby Riot def Billie Kay w/Peyton Royce

Kay and Royce come out first and head to the ring. As they show off in the ring, Riot comes out in the heads down the ramp. Kay ducks the first and second tie up attempt but Riot gets her first. Riot makes fun of the duo, and it gets the crowd going. Kay throws a fit, but Riot still keeps control, but only for a moment. A discus forearm from Kay takes Riot down. Kay gives her some kicks in the corner and gets her with an arm submission. Riot struggles but the crowd chants for her and she powers out. Riot gives Kay a dropkick, then sends her to the corner and gets her face first into the second buckle. Riot kicks Royce on the outside then overhead kicks, Kay taking her down for the pin. Royce grabs a mic and tells Riot that she will never be iconic. I beg to differ.

Drew McIntyre vs Roderick Strong

It’s time for tonight’s main event. In this match, if strong wins then he will get another shot at Bobby Roode. Not for the NXT title, just a chance for a fight. Strong comes out first and he looks ready for a fight. He has to be since his opponent tonight is McIntyre. The 2 stare each other down as the bell rings. They tie up and right away, you can see the strength of the McIntyre. Strong gets the first strike with a leg lariat. McIntyre answers with a boot to the stomach of Strong. McIntyre hits the floor and Strong goes right after him. The ref starts his count and the crowd start their chants. The 2 chop and kick each other around the outside until Strong sends McIntyre face first to the floor. Back in the ring, Strong is pounding away on McIntyre. It looks as if Strong will keep control of the match until the end, but never ever count out the toughness of McIntyre. Keeping him on the mat, Strong straps on a submission and McIntyre sucks wind. A huge forearm to Strong gives McIntyre a bit of breathing time. Both men back on their feet, McIntyre comes back with some punches and a reverse, Alabama slam. McIntyre sets up for the claymore but Strong hits a knee instead. We are only 3 days away from McIntyre’s title match and he is taking a beating tonight. Strong gets McIntyre in a tree of woe and as he tries to take him out, the champion Roode interferes. He attacks Strong and McIntyre alike. The match gets thrown out because of Roode. He stands over top of McIntyre and then gets him with a glorious DDT. Roode stands tall with his title over top of his opponent at this Saturday’s TakeOver Brooklyn 3.

This week was looking a bit bland until the main event. The Riot and Kay match wasn’t too bad, but I don’t like Street profits at all. Only three days until TakeOver and that’s all that matters to me.

Until Then!

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