The Preview, Pro Wrestling Chaos Present’s Unleashed

By Ciaran James @TheCiaranJames

Yate, 19/8/17

King of Chaos, Triple Threat Championship Match 

Flash Morgan Webster © vs Alex Steele vs Eddie Dennis 

If this match wasn’t big enough already, on 15th August the stakes were raised as Champions Morgan Webster laid down some ground rules for his challengers. Both Alex Steele and Eddie Dennis have come within touching distance of winning the King of Chaos Title this year, Flash has himself looked defeat in the eye on many occasions. The triple threat match has serious ramifications for all 3 competitors, the winner of course claims the championship, the person not involved in the pin or submission can’t challenge for the title for the rest of 2017, but the person who gets pinned or submitted will have to leave Pro Wrestling Chaos for ever. Since this was announced both Eddie and Alex have accepted the terms of the match, this have most definitely made this contest one of the most anticipated of 2017. Alex Steele was robbed of the title earlier this year, only last month Eddie Dennis was foiled by Modern Culture and best friend Alex Steele when he had Flash beaten, but maybe just maybe Morgan Webster has bitten of more than he can chew this time.  

Project Lucha (Shane Strickland, Martin Kirby & El Ligero) vs Mike Bird, Wild Boar & Drew Parker 

Last year Project Lucha took on the Swords of Essex in what was Pro Wrestling Chaos’ match of the year, in 2017 they return once more. This time however the team they are facing is a little more chaotic, brutal and psychotic than last year, consisting of Mike Bird, Wild Boar and Drew Parker there is much to fear heading into this match. For many this is an exhibition match, featuring six amazing athletes this contest is sure to be a highlight of the night, however there is much to prove in this match. For Project Lucha they have a reputation to live up to, plus Martin Kirby & El Ligero fresh off winning the Knights of Chaos Tag Titles will also want to impress. For Bird. Boar % Parker this is a straight up fight, plus a strong showing here for the ICW tag champs should put them in the running for the Chaos Championships in the future. This is one to watch!

Charlie Sterling vs Dick Riley vs Paul London vs Eddie Ryan 

Featuring 3 of the most talented wrestlers in Chaos and a highly talented Amercian, this match could be one of the best of the card. For Eddie Ryan things haven’t been great in 2017, feeling robbed and let down he has been suffering with bad luck as of late, especially as last month he lost clean to Mr. Bananas. A win for either Sterling or Riley could easily propell them into the King of Chaos mix, they are without argument two of the best performers on the roster. Sterling and Riley given the opportunity could mount a decent challenge for the title, for Paul London this is a chance for him to show us what all the buzz is about and to maybe grab a victory in his first visit to Pro Wrestling Chaos. 

6 Man Tag, Steel Cage Match 

Team H8 (Jeckel/Gideon) & Mikey Whiplash vs The Brotherhood (Elijah/Nathan Bane & Joe Mezinger) 

After nearly six months this heated and very personal feud comes to fitting finale, set to take place inside a steel cage this match has Chaos written all over it. Set to start with two men inside the cage then one to enter every two minutes, the action is set to be fast and brutal. For the Brotherhood this is their final chance to make a mark in the promotion, for Team H8 and Mikey Whiplash it’s a chance for revenge against a group that has caused them constant bother since their debut in Pro Wrestling Chaos. I have no further words for this contest, whatever happens the ramifications are sure to stay with us for a very long time.

Big Grizzly’s Open Challenge 

The recently crowned Heir 2 The Throne briefcase holder has issued an open challenge, Big Grizzly it seems is full of confidence after his win, therefore he invited all comers to take him on. There is a range of talent available who could turn up on Saturday, from Jimmy Havoc to Joe Coffey, however one man I would like to see is current Dragon Pro Standout Dean Winter. Whoever it is that answers the challenge is sure to face a confident, nasty big Welsh bastard, but like Flash has Grizz risked his reputation, look what happened last time he faced a mystery opponent…. Pete Dunne walked out.

Brendan White vs Chris Ridgeway 

If there is one man that deserves another opportunity at Pro Wrestling Chaos it’s Brendan White, this man is impressive, after seeing him wrestle at Dragon Pro & Attack Wrestling I am more than certain he has a very bright future. For Chris Ridgeway this is a chance to prove himself in Chaos and to some fans who have yet to see him wrestle. Both are technically sound with Brendan maybe winning when it comes to pure power and strength. Overall, I am looking forward to this competition as it should prove to be a worthy match on this card.

Also announced:

Sheik El Sham & Phillip Michael vs Oliver Sudden & Mr Bananas

An audience with Paul London plus Q&A to follow in the afternoon before the show


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