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By Mike Gordon @WontonRaider

So, it is time for the big dog to reclaim his yard. I will be guest hosting this weeks’ WWE Raw Recap. However, this is going to be a different kind of review because I was there live. This weeks’ Raw emanated from the TD Garden in Boston Massachusetts. This week is already going to get a higher rating, mainly due to me not having to listen to commentary.

The crowd at the Garden was phenomenal. People were amped up at the Garden tonight, and you could just feel it in the air. I have no idea how it came across on TV, but all I saw around me were people enjoying themselves, being loud, drunk, and rowdy – as is Boston tradition.

Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins Opening

Can you not ask for a better opening? Ambrose comes out, and we recap his latest saga with on-again off-again friend, Seth Rollins. Dean asked the rhetorical question of “what in the world is going on with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose”. He then calls Seth to the ring, and then they question each other’s trust. Seth then goes on to say “… I am done playing games” and puts his fist out for the S.H.I.E.L.D. fist bump, and Dean feels as though he was the fool for trusting Seth. Seth then admits that “he can’t even trust himself”. Words were exchanged and Dean Ambrose puts his fist out and Seth stares at his fist and walks away. A frustrated Ambrose then starts to fight with Rollins, then along comes the Raw Tag Team Champions – Sheamus and Cesaro, to kick both Ambrose and Rollins while they are proverbially down. Ambrose and Seth both come to each other’s aid as they get separated, coming together to kick the tushy of Cesaro and Shamus. Ambrose and Rollins then look at each other and finally bump fists. Kurt Angle then announces a match at Summerslam that Cesaro and Sheamus vs. Rollins and Ambrose for the Raw Tag Team Championship.

Nia Jax vs Sasha Banks

Sasha always gets a loud pop in her hometown. The addition of the lifeguard’s chair, which Raw Women’s Champion, Alexa Bliss looked at the action from. Nia manhandled Sasha for the first half of the match. I should point out that the crowd is electric for this entire match, and Sasha started showing signs of a comeback. Nia gives a couple of Samoan Drops, Sasha rolls out of the ring, and mounts her comeback. This culminates in Sasha after attempting once, finally pulls Nia to the middle of the ring, and makes Nia submit.

Big Cass Promo

Big Cass, after gaining massive heat from the crowd, states how big show is going to bring his friend Enzo to the match at Summerslam. Cass rips Enzo to shreds mocking him saying “he is everyone’s funny little guy”. He then talked about how the big show feels threatened because there is another seven-footer, and this is the reason why Enzo will be suspended in the shark cage. So, Enzo can talk all he wants, but can’t interfere with match, and how big Cass is the best big man in the game. Enzo comes out, and introduces the big show, not before ripping Cass to shreds – in only a way Enzo can. After big show and Cass face off, Anderson and gallows comes down to the ring to assist big Cass. They hold the big show down and smashed the cage door against the big shows right hand. Cass raises his hand and it looks like it is all over.

The Miz and Kurt angle / Bray Wyatt Finn Balor

Raw gm Kurt angle is confronted by the intercontinental champion, the Miz accompanied by his Miztourage. Kurt Angle creates a match with Curtis Axel and his son, Jason Jordan later tonight. The hardy boys were interrupted initially, and Kurt Angle had to be called away to break up a fight between Finn Balor and Bray Wyatt.

Angle goes to the parking lot where Finn and bray are fighting, after breaking them up, he sets up a match later in the evening.

Elias and R Truth

Elias comes out to do his regular shtick, only to be interrupted by R Truth. Elias then beats down R-truth before walking away

Tozawa v Neville – Cruiserweight Championship match

Tozawa and Neville fought (yet again) this time with the title on the line. For the most part, it was a great match, as they usually do have. However, most of the crowd (including me) were convinced that Tozawa was going to lose, especially with Summerslam around the corner. Neville goes to hit Tozawa with the red arrow, only to have Tozawa escape and Neville miss him entirely. Tozawa goes to the top rope and hits Neville with his signature Swanton bomb, and becomes the new WWE Cruiserweight Champion.

Big Show / Enzo

Apparently Big Show’s hand is broken after the attack earlier. Enzo told him to not worry about Summerslam, which Show said that he was going to fight still.

Emma / Mickey James

Emma claims she lost unfairly last week, and how she never got her rightful chance at the championship. Emma claims she is the one who started the women’s revolution, which is when Mickey James challenged her to a match.

Bray Wyatt v Finn Balor

I have no idea why they would schedule this fight for tonight, even though they are fighting at Summerslam. The match went in usual bray Wyatt fashion, kind of slow. Although there were some high spots from Finn Balor, the match ultimately ended with bray Wyatt connecting with sister Abigail. Bray wins, but the match doesn’t stop there. Bray continues the beatdown of Finn Balor with another sister Abigail, then bray appears with a bucket, and pours blood all over Finn Balor. Wyatt laughs and exits the ring.

Jason Jordan v The Miz

Jason Jordon got booed loudly tonight. I don’t know if that came across on tv or not? After a short match with the Miz, the Miz’s Miztourage came in and started beating down on Jason Jordan. Right when Jordan was at his lowest, out comes the Hardy Boys to a thunderous applause. The match is then reset to be a six-man tag team match. Jason Jordan took most of the action before hitting the hot tag to matt hardy, after a few moments of back and forth, Jeff hardy hits the Swanton bomb for the win.

Brock Lesner, Samoa Joe, Braun Strowman, Roman Reins.

Kurt Angle is accompanied to the ring by 10 security guards. Paul Heyman, and Brock Lesner are the first to appear. Paul Heyman took most of the promo-load tonight. He gave his usual Paul Heyman promo, stating that if Brock were to lose at Summerslam you should lock the “beast in a cage, hint, hint”. Samoa Joe comes out, says how he is going to be the one to come out on top at Summerslam, Braun Stroman’s music hits. Braun claims he is the last man standing and he will walk out of Summerslam as Universal Champion. Roman Reigns’ music hits, and walks down to the ring, and immediately hits Samoa Joe with a spear, then all hell breaks loose in the ring. Security tried to hold back Braun and Brock, only to get beaten off each guy, they go back and forth before the entire locker room comes out to break up the fight. At this point the crowd was chanting “let them fight, let them fight”, which will happen this Sunday at Summerslam.

Final Thoughts

Overall this was a great Raw. This episode was perfect go-home show for this Sundays’ Pay Per View. The crowd was amazing, and the section I got to sit in was amazing, and full of cool guys having fun. There wasn’t really any negativity that I noticed tonight from the crowd. Usually there is your atypical, cynical wrestling fan banter, but tonight I didn’t witness any of it. I had a great time live, and the crowd was energetic all the way through the night. There were some points that kind of dragged a little bit, but overall, I would give this raw an 8.5/10.

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